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Peter Molyneux Says Zelda Twilight Princess Is One Of His Top Five Games Of All-Time

Acclaimed video game developer Peter Molyneux has revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is one of his top five favourite games of all-time.  Molyneux thought the well-received Gamecube and Wii title was jaw dropping when he first played it and he also thought the use of the hardware was brilliant. He confessed that he has played though The Legend […]

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Molyneux Says Nintendo Would Fare Better Out Of The Hardware Business

Outspoken game developer Peter Molyneux agrees that Nintendo would fare a lot better if they left the hardware business and just relied purely on quality software. Molyneux doesn’t agree with Shigeru Miyamoto’s opinion that Nintendo must create hardware to cater to the needs of its own development talent. Here’s what Mr Molyneux had to say. “What Miyamoto says defines things in […]

Nintendo 131

Sims Creator Will Wright Names Miyamoto A Developer Hero

Will Wright – the designer behind The Sims, SimCity, and Spore – has named Shigeru Miyamoto as one of his personal developer heroes. Wright praises Miyamoto’s ability to focus a game around the player. This inspiration will be seen in Wright’s latest unannounced project. Wright stated that his development company Syntertainment is focusing on “how we build a game around the […]

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Peter Molyneux Says ‘Wii U Is Good, But Not Great’

Peter Molyneux, formerly of Lionhead and co-founder of 22 Cans, believes that the industry needs the Wii U, but admits that he thinks the device is simply good, but not great. Molyneux says that he finds the device a little confusing as a consumer, due to the fact that you’re looking at two separate screens. Here’s Molyneux thoughts on the device which […]