EA May Be Nominated “Worst Company in America” But Molyneux Says “EA Is Not An Evil Empire”

Fable creator Peter Molyneux says that despite EA once again being nominated for “Worst Company in America“, the company has done a great deal” for the video game industry.

“EA is not an evil empire. They’re a company that have done a great deal for this industry. [But] when corporates buy companies, several things change.”

“When EA bought Bullfrog, they just wanted to make it nicer. They moved us to a nice office, where we couldn’t shoot each other [with BB guns] in the corridors,” Molyneux said. “We had an HR department because that was a nice proper professional thing to do. And that changes the flavor of the company.”

“When any company is acquired, it’s gonna change the company,” Molyneux added. “Sometimes, that change can possibly make the company better. Lots of times it can make it worse.”


    1. This guy is such a fucking attention whore. A NASTY bitch!!! You duurrrrtay!!!.. let the media open up you gap and plundge balls deep into your soul!!! Dirty bird

      1. I’m pretty sure I don’t care what they are, they are Electrons that must be disposed off at once…

      2. Or mabe they’re people that just have a different point of view that you should respect…?

      3. I don’t respect those who fools their customers…

      4. Then you don’t have to. But please stop the act. It makes me sick to see fellow Nintendo fans acting in such ways. Especially those who are older than me

      5. dont bother mate most of the people on this site are morons, just play your games and ignore them

      6. Yeah I got that. But I want to know other peoples opinions on this stuff, inverse is kinda full Of kids and other internet sites are just as bad

      7. Who the in the holy N are you?…

        I’m not even talking to you?…

      8. blah blah blah, empire this, blah blah blah, nintendomination that, blah blah blah, i dont own a wii u

  1. They’re so full of shit its unbelievable that they convince themselves that everything bad about EA is untrue when its all black&white to everyone.

    Keep spinning the BS EA. Were still casting your ass back to the shitters for the 3rd year in a row. Douces you assclowns.

  2. What? I dont understand how EA would be “nominated” for worst company in america…. Im sure theres tons of others, that are so bad… we’ve never heard of them. I mean — how does one of the top companies in the world get nominated to be the worst? I dont understand

    1. People confuse “worst company in America” with “company that pisses me off to my face.”

      The worst companies in America do things from behind the scenes, so most people don’t know who they are.

      1. All oil companies should be nominated and win several awards on it…

    2. Technically, Time Warner Cable and Comcast, both nominated for said worst company in America award, are several times worse over than EA, what with their attempts to RUIN THE INTERNET FOR EVERYONE.
      EA should win the award for worst gaming company for sure though. Not worst company period however.
      I appreciate Activision’s games and support. They do it without a lot of fanfare, as compared to Ubisoft.

    3. I think this is more about worst customer service for a company, rather than the evilest company ever. Its on the same bracket side as Koch industries, a company that tries to buy elections and break up unions so it can change employee safety and regulation laws in the US (among other things), which seems way worse.

  3. I respect Molyneux’s opinion, but i beg to differ on this standpoint. Back in ’87, EA made a deal with Bethesda to publish their sequel to Gridiron!, and guess what EA did: they not only broke the deal by NOT publishing that game, but they outright stole its physics code and used it in John Madden Football. Just because EA did things to improve on the videogames industry doesn’t make them less evil.

    1. Remember back in 2004 when Crunch times or rush at the end of a games development cycle to get it out by the release date was pretty rare. EA had all kinds of lawsuits from employee and there was a little bit of news on it. Now Crunches like that are the norm.

  4. EA made Sega be a software only company when they didn’t support the dreamcast

    Now they doing the same thing to the BABY company Nintendo and their bsby toy WiiK U

    Wii U The new dreamcast lol

  5. I hope he dies soon he is utter shit for the industry fuck him old ass fuck and fuck ubi and ea bunch of rehash sports and boring ass 3rd person games over and over and over again lack of creativity and imagination and color choppy blocky laggy broken dlc per order exclusive unlock day 1 dlc map pack military guns bombs planes tanks grenades rpgs radars boringly ugly trash.

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