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Wii U 14

Check Out Cloudberry Kingdom’s Latest “Impossible Gameplay” Trailer

A new trailer for Ubisoft’s platformer Cloudberry Kingdom has just launched, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Duly called the “impossible gameplay” trailer, Cloudberry Kingdom is making you work your fingers to the bone with its crazy challenges. The trailer also introduces Bob and his friends, giving you the ability to take on the madness in multiplayer mode. From developers […]

3DS 8

Cloudberry Kingdom Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

It has been confirmed that a Nintendo 3DS version of Pwnee Studios’ upcoming platform game, Cloudberry Kingdom, is being developed. The game, which features procedurally generated levels, is set to release as a downloadable title for a number of platforms, including Wii U, later this summer; however, there’s currently no word on whether the Nintendo 3DS version will arrive.

Wii U 39

Cloudberry Kingdom – Brand-New Trailer

The colorful, action-packed platformer, Cloudberry Kingdom, from indie developer Pwnee Studios releases for Wii U this November. The game features continuous levels and multiplayer for up to four people. Cloudberry Kingdom will be a downloadable title from the Nintendo eShop.