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Pwnee Studios: Our Experience Working On Wii U And With Nintendo Has Gone “Pretty Smoothly”


Pwnee Studios, the developer behind upcoming platformer Cloudberry Kingdom, has had a great experience working on Wii U and with Nintendo. In an interview with Warp Zoned, Pwnee Studios’ vice president, TJ Lutz, said he and his team feel that Nintendo is always willing to help them out whenever necessary. Cloudberry Kingdom arrives in the summer on Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

Warp Zoned: You are developing Cloudberry Kingdom for Nintendo’s new platform, as well as Steam, PSN and Xbox Live. We have heard polarised opinions about developing for the Wii U, how have you found programming for the machine?

TJ Lutz: Everybody at Nintendo has been fantastic to work with, and has been very eager to help us out whenever we ran across a problem. Their support group is pretty quick to get back to you, and has very helpful feedback most of the time. I am not the programmer, so I can’t really go into much detail about programming on the Wii U, but most of our difficulty seemed to come from the porting process, since we initially started the project using XNA. Had we started in a language that was accepted across all platforms, I think everything would have gone much more smoothly; I suppose that’s how you learn valuable lessons. In terms of Nintendo itself, the experience has gone pretty smoothly.


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    Nuff said.

  2. Wow never heard of them after they gave out their comments on the Wii U. The game looks very difficult after watching a trailer but I will keep my eyes on this game.

  3. Why did the Warpzone guy say they have heard “Polarized opinions about developing for the Wii U???” Everything, and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING I have heard about developing for the Wii U has been nothing, but praise for the console and Nintendo as a company. I feel like Warpzone pulled that little comment out of their ass. 💋

    1. Me too. Those who are developing for the Wii U say positive things. Those that aren’t, usually just say that their not.

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