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The New Pokémon Revealed Last Week Is Indeed A Form Of Mewtwo


Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic has confirmed that the new Mewtwo-like Pokémon, which The Pokémon Company revealed last week, is indeed a new form of Mewtwo. The new form, which remains unnamed, will appear in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y – both of which will be released in October, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Now that you know it’s a form of Mewtwo, what do you think of the new Pokémon?

134 thoughts on “The New Pokémon Revealed Last Week Is Indeed A Form Of Mewtwo”

      1. That’s disappointing. Never liked form transformations especially in legendaries. Why not just make it Mewthree or Mewzero or something

        1. Because they have Mewtwo in high regard and accepting this new pokemon as a new form will affect the way they see Mewtwo.

        2. Not really. A lot of People thought it would be a different Pokémon, in the same way that Mew and Mewtwo are different Pokémon.

    1. A lot of People thought it would be a different Pokémon, in the same way that Mew and Mewtwo are different Pokémon.

      And I find it VERY unlikely that we’re ever going to see a legendary Pokémon evolve. Regardless, they’ve confirmed (which you claimed to be sure of) that this is a form of Mewtwo. As in, not a new Pokémon. So it can’t be an evolution.

      1. i hope that the new form will just switch some stats, like switch speed and sp.atk so it base stats will be 130 sp.atk and 154 speed :3

    1. Some people tought it was an evolution, or even a different Pokemon (Mewthree), so it wasn’t as obvious as you may think.

  1. New ducking Zelda, 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Retro Studios game, Miyamoto new IP, Pitman 3, Bayonetta freaking 2 exclusively to wii u, wonderful 101, watch dogs, ac4, splinter cell: blacklist, rayman legends, wii u party, windwaker remake, banjo threeie (joking) deus ex, game and wario, and more at e3.

    Nuff said.

    1. there really was no doubt about it being a form. it was more like people refused to believe it. people like me. this is such a dissapointment i can’t express it properly..and if i did it would not be a pretty site.

      1. You mean /vp/, the pokemon board, it’s not the entire 4chan, so don’t speak like they’re all… 4channers such as /b/tards.

        I was there actually. It was just a bunch of people saying I TOLD YOU SO and laughing over the tears of anyone didn’t like it.

    2. A lot of People thought it would be a different Pokémon, in the same way that Mew and Mewtwo are different Pokémon.

  2. i think i would have been able to enjoy it more if it was a new pokemon entirely. to me its seems like this form is pointless… i mean, theres no point in having it, mewtwo is already powerful enough. and furthermore, MEWTWO IS AN UNFINISHED CLONE. they cant just throw in a form and say ‘ok done.’ i like the look of it but boy, this form better have a good backstory…

    1. I’m hoping that this mewtwo form has a back story rather than it just being “you can stick a thing on it and it gets different” like the other alternate forms.
      The DNA picture in the Japanese logo might be a hint to this. They were going towards a story with the last one with the whole “is it morally acceptable to do this to pokemon”. rather than “you are 10 go do the league” so if they go the whole way with a deep story it might make up for chespin existing.

      1. DNA…pokemon….yeeeeeaaaahhhh, digimon would like a word with you. wow ripping off dragon ball Z and now digimon….wow pokemon company you are on a roll.

          1. I love digimon and i’m not entirely sure what tamagachi’s are. anyway, get over yourself,and get over the fact that people like digimon over your precious pokemon. Or if you prefer, take it somewhere else.

            1. Tamagochis are what Digimon started as. It was created before Pokemon actually. They’re little… Gadgets in which you take care of a digital creatures, feeding it, cleaning its poop, stuff like that. Eventually your Digimon would evolve. If I’m not mistaken, you could battle with them as well.

              1. Actually, Tamagochis were only inspiration for digimon; Tamagochis were just virtual pets (they were really then in thing where I live back in third grade) in egg-shaped gadgets. They became super popular after they were released, but since they were mostly virtual pets aimed for girls, the company that released them decided to create Digimon, which were supposed to be more “boyish” virtual pets because they could battle and evolve and stuff.

                …I dunno why I just said that. ^ ^U

        1. Contrary to moronic belief, DNA was not created by Digimon, and Digimon does not hold exclusive rights to the term. DNA also does not have anything to do with multiple life forms combining outside of Digimon. Moreover, DNA is only referred to in the dub of Digimon.

          Plus Pokémon’s had explicit references to DNA for ten years, go complain about Deoxys.

          1. Chill bro, just making a joke. We’re all comparing this new form to popular series. So I heard DNA I thought of DNA digivolving. On the deoxys part he’s more of a mutation of a space organism if I remember correctly. The type of DNA concept we’re using doesn’t really apply to deoxys.

          2. yeah and I think in the mansion on cinnabar island when u read the little books about how rocket was trying to clone mew the term dna is used

      2. CoroCoro had a mini manga on its pages too… Can’t find the pics now, but they where posted on Serebii forum I guink. Basically Mewtwo was all beaten up, going back to his cave and stares his clone friends, saying something like “I can’t protect them with my power”.

        I guess he’ll transform with the POWUR OF FRIENDSHIPPPPPPPPP in the movie.

        1. i wouldnt be surprised if that happened… sigh… i remember when the pokemon movies were able to be enjoyed by people older than 5.

  3. No! Just NO!!!!
    It HAS to be a new clone not a form!
    And how can a clone have a form anyway?
    Im done. Just done.

    1. “And how can a clone have a form anyway.”- Well it is entirely possible Mewtwo undergoes more experiments in the new games/movie by either team Rocket or maybe a new team “something.” The experiments they put him through gives him a new form. <Thats my theory. I doubt he just "gained" the form magically one day.. There has to be a reason why all this time Mewtwo has only just got it's new form.

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  5. Well… i do not like it, but what has been done, it has been done, and there is little to no way it will change. So I only hope this thing is a pre evolution and not an evolution. (It just do not look like the next step in the mewtwo evolution)

    1. It’s not an evolution or pre-evolution. It is a new form i.e: Giratina Origin form and Giratina altered form or Shaymin Sky form and Shaymin land form.

    2. It is a FORM! Not an evolution at all. Like Meloetta’s Pirouette FORM or Castform’s weather FORMS. Mewtwo will not evolve at any point of his existance in the Pokemon movies, games, manga, etc. Legendaries don’t evolve. 💋

  6. I think it’s awesome! It makes me realize just how much I miss the original 150 Pokémon. There’s too many Pokémon to keep up with these days.

  7. Can I say that these Pokemon games are called x and y. We do have a fictional place that always “changes” insight of new info. So I was just thinking that legendary Pokemon (or maybe just this one) will be found to have a rare counter part.

    To get to what I’m saying faster….this Mewtwo looks like a female. The “hair” thing….the round thing going around its head. Straight up pointy ears on most animals are female. Then we have the two lumps on the chest. Could be breast? Like dogs…the female Mewtwo mike have more than just one set.

    Now as far as story. New light has come up that the past geneticist….were trying to make the rare and hard to create male form. They knew there was a female but didn’t say anything. It’s the males that are the rare part of the breed and only exist once per Pokemon life.

    idk just a theory that sounds awesome. And it would be a game changer to the POKEMON series just like the creators wanted.

    1. Brilliant. You have my vote.
      I’m surprised you ddn’t get a bunch of comments with a thought like that.

    2. Neither Mew nor Mewtwo have genders. The only legendaries with genders are Lati@s, Heatran, Cresselia, and the Kami trio.

    1. I don’t understand all the hate. It looks cool. I’ll buy the game. There’s no need to make a big fuss out of it.

      1. It’s just GenWunners, they need to take there nostalgia glasses off is all. They can hate for all I care though, I’ll just enjoy what I like :)

        1. oh my, my nostalgia thank you so much from freeing me, oh my. pokemon is awesome, what was i thinking in that all the pokemon look worse and worse every game….. im guessing that the games improved though thats what i hear

  8. Reblogged this on Harley in Wonderland and commented:
    I know that just because something is pink doesn’t make it female but I still wonder. Especially since they’ve introduced pokemon breeding into the game. What if this new pokemon is a female form of mewtwo so that they can breed him? Like some scientist made a female version so that there could be more mewtwos?
    I don’t know. Just my thoughts. ^_^

    1. But Mewtwo is not an perfect clone of Mew. I thought this new Pokemon would be just another attempt of cloning Mew.

  9. at first i was confused, is it mewtwo’s new form or a new form of mewtwo ? but it should have been obvious. extremespeed Genesect : (MEWTWO’S AWAKENING) so obvious right there. And Genesect has some relation to Mewtwo i guess, so mewtwo does something idk i’ll wait for more info.

    1. Well thats a good thing, because Kid Buu is freaking awesome looking!! Buu is like the best DBZ character. 💋

      1. Glad to see someone else thinking the comparison to kid buu is a good thing. They share the same concept. smaller form but much more powerful then the previous bigger forms. Although I’m disappointed that it isn’t an entirely new mew I’m actually more ok with it after typing this…still mad though >_>.

    1. He seems to be remembering his time in the tank he was born in. Not a new one. I could be wrong though. I’m more interested in that cocoon.

  10. i love nintendo
    i love pokemon
    but i hate this

    i’ve always considered mewtwo/mew the perfect pokemon, now there’s a new mewtwo form?
    so it can evolve? seriously!?
    mewtwo is already perfect, just leave it be

    i really really hate this whole idea, would like to punch the person who came up with this shit

    1. Well, first of all Mewtwo is NOT the perfect Pokemon. It isn’t even the strongest in the game or anime. Arceus is the God Pokemon with the highest base stats. So if any Pokemon is close to being “perfect” it would be Arceus. 💋

      1. and second, He doesnt EVOLVE he has a new FORM!!!! like Meloetta, Keldeo and Giratina< They all have different forms as well. 💋

          1. Okay, well what if for me my perfect Pokemon was Rhydon?- BUT NO, they gave it an evolve form(Rhiperior)… So now I’m going to bash and hate on the Pokemon company. Sounds stupid right? Well thats how everyone sounds when they complain about the new Mewtwo form.

  11. all of you bitching need to calm the fuck down!

    It’s just a form like giratina, shaymin, deoxys, kyurem
    or the uknown..

    The original mewtwo is still there, you have the option to get the new form but you’re not forced to use it unless you want to beat the shit out of arceus with no effort from mewtwos new form.
    Stop whining, it’s not a new pokemon…

    What would you have prefered, a new mewthree that would made the original mewtwo his bitch?
    The original mewtwo going super saiyan tail buu form?

    MEWTWO IS THE MOST POWERFUL POKEMON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!1331;//^##’&&EFSFS

    Giovanni would be been proud.

    1. Also it’s not an evolution!

      a form Is different as it can always turn back to it’s original form look. Think hulk, zelda shiek, tiny mario mushroom or fire flower mario.

      1. Exactly!!^ Personally I love it and want to use it, but people don’t have to use it if they don’t friggen want to!! 💋


    1. You don’t have to use the form. STFU. I played Pokemon since the origional and I love this new form. 💋

  13. I hope this thing seriously has it’s own storyline. And not a minor one like Heatran did, and I’m not asking for a major one like Giratina in Platinum, but just make it worth playing, because I know that X and Y will be worth playing

    1. I find it easy to believe because it is such an AWESOME idea!!! <And this is coming from someone who STARTED gaming the Pokemon franchise with Blue version. Ive played each sequel as well. Silver, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire(my favorite I restarted it like 500 times), Diamond, Pearl, White and Black. I love each one! Pokemon is the greatest franchise ever!!!

  14. The issue is since the ‘god’ pokemon appeared, mewtwo has been thrown by the wayside, no longer the most powerful pokemon as we all love him for being. Lets face it, how would he fare against a pokemon that can control time, or that allowed mew to exist in the first place? (Im talking about arceus). This new form allows mewtwo to be what we remember, the most powerful pokemon of all. If this thing can compete with the god pokemon, ill be happy. Itll mean he has returned to be what he is supposed to be, the best once again.

  15. Aww, I was hoping it was Mewthree, but oh well. :P I just hope there’s a good story behind this form, one that gives a good reason why it even exists and why it took four generations of Pokemon for this new form to be discovered. With a great story, it would totally be awesome.

  16. it could’ve been cool…they could’ve made it into one of the other clones mentioned in the diaries…..but no…-.-

  17. I say it’s a fusion of Mew and Mewtwo. The video trailer shows it attacking with several moves of special types, possibly outlining Mew’s preserved ability to learn every move (although might not be the case with this new Pokémon), while retaining most of Mewtwo’s physical traits and stats.

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