Western Animal Crossing: New Leaf Players To Receive Exclusive Feature


Nintendo has revealed an exclusive feature for upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf players in North America and Europe. Via SpotPass, consumers who have access to Western copies of the game will be able to receive Nintendo-created model homes that will appear in the HH Showcase. Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released in June.

In the North American version of the game, model homes created by Nintendo will also appear in the HH Showcase. These homes will be distributed via SpotPass.

In the European version of the game, model homes created by Nintendo will also appear in the HH Showcase. These homes will be distributed via SpotPass.


    1. you’ve obviously NEVER played animal crossing before, the whole fun thing is that you get attached to your town and the characters in it. it feels more then just a game once you get into it.

    2. Did you ever try it? There’s so many things you can do. It’s a life simulation game in which you can fish, decorate your home, go shopping, hunt for valuables, talk to neighbors, run errands, dress up, collect items, go swimming, hang out with friends, and so forth. It’s a very relaxing experience.

      1. Gah! Alba, you’re making me what this game more! I’ll guess I’ll have to pick up the game… later if I have the time.

    3. A lot, actually. You cannot really tell anyone what’s so fun about the game, because it just sounds boring when you hear about it. It is great, though.

    4. If you’re THINKING about playing Animal Crossing, then you’re doing it wrong. #LifeCrossing

        1. I’ve played Animal crossing since the Gamecube idiot. And I don’t need to play Maple story , it was just a joke.

            1. You have so much need of wanting to know the sexual life of people too. Is this a way to select a sexual companion? Hum hum

            2. Let’s not say stupid things Neutron. Anyway you’re just an annoying asshole who is not funny in the slightest. You should be beaten to death by an angry mob .

  1. Animal Crossing is one of THE BEST Nintendo franchises! I’m so glad there bringing it to 3DS because Animal Crossing is meant for a portable system(IMO) and the 3DS can do way more than the DS could ever achieve

  2. Bring on the Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life, and Ni No Kuni. I would buy all three on release days.

    1. Ni No Kuni is not for U (or 3DS)! If you want that game get it on PS3 or import the Japanese DS version.

  3. I’ve never played this franchise, I dont know whats so fun about this game, but im gonna try it this june.

    1. It’s really fun. I think it’s hard to explain, but it’s a relaxing game that you set your own goals for and it’s completely customizeable. It’s really a lot of fun. Definitely try it.

    1. you dont talk to people either, i dont see your point, you sir needs a life outside of your house..

      1. It’s amazing how many people know about my whole life from a few comments I make on the Internet. It’s AMAZING!

        Lol fucking clown. I talk to real people not virtual animals.

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                1. Neutron, sitting on a website based around a company you obviously hate waiting to respond to any Nintendo Fans comment is a better definition of “no life” than playing a video game.

        1. Your comments make you seem like you don’t have a life, that’s why you come to this site to waste your time trolling. The only clown is you.

        2. Well, um have you ever played the game? The game isn’t only about speaking to animals
          ( ര◡ര ) You can’t judge something before you actually experience it. If you HAVE played it however, I’ll bite my tongue, eat my socks and shut up.

      1. PS4’s a little bit more unknown at this point, don’t you think? Yeah, I get the joke that Wii U hasn’t had fantastic sales the past few months, or that people are confused as to what it is, but this joke is trying to hard.

  4. Hey sickr,
    Go to the Japanese website of Pokemon X and Y, it is said that there is going to be a announcement on April 18th!
    More pokemon or what?

  5. I found the exclusive feature kinda underwhelming but never the less i sill can’t wait to get ACNL!

  6. I got the Japan version, What do I get? Better stuff than the european and north america ones?

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