Cloudberry Kingdom 3DS Version Is A Possibility, But Unconfirmed

cloudberry_kingdom_jumpPwnee Studios – the developers for Cloudberry Kingdom – revealed earlier this year that there could be a chance for a 3DS port of the game. Meant for an original release on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U last November as well as Steam, Cloudberry Kingdom struck a delay along the way and is due for release sometime this summer on the Wii U. The title is a beautiful, action-packed platformer, and Pwnee Studios vice president TJ Lutz had suggested a 3DS port may be a possibility.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a 3DS version had been confirmed by the developer, however, it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. Pwnee Studios was quick  on the ball to rectify this issue though, and has said that a 3DS version is still being looked into, but it is currently unconfirmed.

“Regarding the news about the 3DS being confirmed, I guess I’m getting pretty good at giving out misleading information.  We haven’t confirmed anything regarding the 3DS, but we are definitely looking into it to see how possible it all is. That rumor popped up and spread really quickly though. It’s really a good thing that so many people seem to be excited about the possibility.  That’s definitely something huge for us to keep in mind while we’re feeling out the idea.” – TJ Lutz, Pwnee Studios VP


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