Warner Bros Says They Believe In Wii U


Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment president Martin Tremblay says that the company is a believer in Wii U. Tremblay admitted that the console has had a slow start, but he believes that the software shown at this year’s E3 should help sales pick up as we approach the holiday season. Tremblay said that he hopes sales of the platform increase and that the success of the platform is vital for the industry.

“We’re a believer on the Wii U. Honestly, we hope everybody’s going to work out. It’s just good for the industry.”

“I think the console has been off to a slow start, but I think they’re going to fix the problem. I don’t think it’s a problem, but it’s more about the content. And I think they showed tons of new content [at E3] that will re-energize the platform.”

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      1. The Deathstroke DLC should have been free and part of the game, down with Day One DLC!!! Booooo

      2. Yeah the love it so much the skimped on outr dlc =/ drop kicks… i do like there lego games though ^_^

      1. You do realize that batman was a overpriced port and assassin creed was a port after it was release a few days before launch.

        1. Thats what i was saying no wanted to get ac3 for wii u because people wanted on ps3 and xbox360 and batman was released a 2 years ago then a port came pricing at 59.99. And how is my logic flawed when i’m point that out

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  1. I can not wait to be honest. They just need advertise it more and show people that it is completely different to a Wii but uses all the stuff a Wii would as well as being a completely new console so you don’t feel left out. Some people would sell their Wii and put it towards the console making it even cheaper than it already is

    1. I wished I knew what happened to the marketing team that advertised the Wii. They need to come back and do the same thing for the Wii U.

  2. Yeah , Wiiu will be fine :) Especially when bigger games start hitting , people WILL buy it. Everybody in the west has a smartphone now so why is the 3DS and its software selling so well ? Because the same reason that will eventually make the WIiu sell , games.

      1. I feel bad for THQ. Going through my boxes of old games, I couldn’t believe how many of them had the THQ logo on them. They made SO many games. Back when I used to love WWE games, THQ was one of my favorite third-party companies. I never saw their demise coming.

        1. The only way I see WB going down like THQ is if they do something so extraordinary, so monumentally stupid, so horrendous it puts the Xbox One to shame.

          And I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.

  3. Ah , one of our finest allies alongside with Ubisoft and sega , may the holy N be with you .

      1. Don’t you want to feel the aura of the holy N’s sacred games that have defined the gaming universe ever since the dawn of Nintendo?…

        The legend of Supreme Commander Miyamoto shall live for all eternity within the guidance of darkness, as darkness is the only truth in this nothingness that is left after the light fades away forever…

  4. Welcome the believers, but don’t punish the nonbelievers; they’ll come around. There was a time when no one but a few dedicated Ambassadors believed in the 3DS, after all.

  5. Ubisoft, Warner Bros. SEGA, PlatinumGames. Nintendo are starting to rack up the third-party support now.
    But one thing Warner Bros. when is Scribblenauts Unlimited going to be released in Europe?

  6. Nothing Nintendo showed at E3 interests me. So I have 0 faith in the Wii U getting the games I want to play.

  7. Lol then why aren’t they bringing Dying Light to the Wii U? And where’s the death stroke preorder DLC for Wii U? Lol really great support there warner bros. Ubisoft is also shafting the Wii U as well, South Park stick Of truth, The Crew and The Divion has no Wii U release. Nintendo simply are too arrogant to care for 3rd party support. Nintendo can’t even deliver on one of their prime promises for the Wii U, fucking pathetic.

    1. Actually South Park was already in development b4 Ubisoft took over publishing it. THQ was not publishing for a Wii U version. That actually wasn’t on Ubisoft, as the game was near complete when they started publishing it.

  8. Wow. I wasn’t planning on buying the new Scribblenauts game at launch, but I may just have to realign my shopping list because of this. :)

  9. Lol they’re making this into a Peter Pan story, as if the Wii U will magically come to life if third party developers all keep on saying “I do believe in the Wii U, I do I do I do” it’s up to the big N to revive the Wii U with good first party, something that they’re on the case with

  10. Arkham Asylum for Wii U? After October it’ll be the only Arkham game NOT on the console.

  11. typical nintendo fanboy….. last week, i hate fucking warner bros they are shit and we dont need them!!!!!! now, all hail fucking warner bros!!!!!!

      1. no its just what the retarded nintendo fanboys do. like this, hate zelda MM ( 10 years later) zelda MM is one of the best games ever and might even be better than zelda OOT!!!!!!

        1. Majora’s Mask was always better than Ocarina of Time.
          I’ve been waiting for everyone else to catch on…

  12. the wiiu games shown at e3 were nothing we didn’t already know about & there was nothing we hadn’t seen before either.

  13. They’re not exactly helping. Gimped versions of Injustice, and lacking support Batman is not confidence.

  14. I wonder if assholes like Ness will ever state the reason they frequent our forums so much? Dumb asses dont even understand how idiotic they are trolling this site lol… but I guess they are used to being morons.

  15. Warner Bros knows that this show of loyalty won’t be forgotten by the fans. Trying to get in the car after it starts to take off is… foolish. Get in beforehand and you avoid the blood and stitches!…

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