Cloudberry Kingdom Arrives August 1st On Wii U


Although it was previously thought to be releasing on Nintendo’s console toward the end of July, Cloudberry Kingdom will in fact be hitting Wii U next month. Developer Pwnee Studios today announced – via Twitter – that the platformer will arrive in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U on Thursday, August 1st. The developer has confirmed that the game will first launch on PlayStation 3 on July 30th, followed by Steam and Xbox 360 on the 31st of this month.


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  1. I find it funny how Nintendo has advertised this the most out of the bug three and yet it comes out last on wii u

      1. Don’t think to much into it. Nintendo just likes to update there eshop on Thursdays at best.

    1. (Majority of) eShop games always release on Thursdays.. following typical schedule of releases. Oh boy, 2 days makes a huge difference.

      1. Interesting. I just watched the trailer and to me it just looks like a jumble of bad graphics on a screen. As for the difficulty it looks as though if you only keep moving forward it basically plays itself. Also, this form of generic, artificial difficulty doesn’t do it for me, anyone can add a bunch of random objects to thier game. This is not a game I could consider purchasing.

  2. what happend to the MS policy where games have to come out first or on the same date as other consoles for it to in the XBOX??

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