Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Rep Says Wii U Can Support More Than One Wii U Controller

Will we be able to use more than one Wii U tablet controller on the Wii U? That’s something Nintendo has so far failed to clarify. Thankfully one of the writers for the Examiner recently got the chance to ask a Nintendo representative exactly that question.

“Let me correct something that is a misconception. We said that the Wii U system will come with one Wii U controller, but we haven’t said that you can only use one Wii U controller. The fact is that if the developer makes a game or an experience that uses more than one, then anything is possible.”

48 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Rep Says Wii U Can Support More Than One Wii U Controller”

  1. now why cant they just clarify wether will be able to use more than one wiiU controller with their games, like in the iteration of smash and mario kart? I have people over when we play melee or brawl and it would suck if having that small little screen to share with the other three players controller with their games, like in the iteration of smash and mario kart? I have people over when we play melee or brawl and it would suck if having that small little screen to share with the other three players

        1. By the Way Sickr. This was announced at IGN few days after E3. It’s good to see clarifies and stuff, but i like you to know that is not “new” for us that WiiU were able to support more than one.

          However, I love your site =D

          Keep the good work. Here’s the article, by the way, dated June 14, 2011

          1. I posted that exact article on June 14th :-)


            My issue is one Nintendo representative says one thing and another says something else. It would be great if they just came out and said ‘Wii U will support four Wii U tablet controllers at launch’.

            Even Miyamoto doesn’t seem to know…

            “They were particularly unclear about whether the console would support more than one of their tablet-like controllers; Mr. Miyamoto said no, but Reggie said yes (to me in a meeting),” said Pachter. “Obviously, they intend to ship the console with only one of these controllers, so it is unlikely that anyone will develop games that require two, but they were not clear whether the capability exists.”

          2. The news itself may not be new, but the article is. A site called would be negligent if it didn’t report on such “editorials”. This site doesn’t revolve around one person’s perspective or knowledge of what happened to Nintendo “today”. An individual who didn’t know this would be responsible for digging up that information in older posts. Not everyone is as dedicated to Nintendo news as some people.

    1. This is a developer issues. The hd4000 use the infinity tech that let’s you use like 6 monitors and up. This is a total different driver setup though. Plus this would eat up your frame buffer if it gets out of control. Two to four is the max. Yet if nintendo used the Sony networked wifi thing which is slower then you could have 64 or more 3ds or even ds hooked up. That would have huge lag issues though. Sickr the tech still isn’t locked down yet so lots could change.

  2. I would hesitate to call this truly NEXT gen if multiplayer requires using old Wii controllers. The tablet controller IS the Wii U experience, why would they undermine that by only letting one or two (out of four) people use the tablet controller?

    1. What about last generation? Two people wouldn’t get an experience at all since they wouldn’t even have a controller. At least you’re not forced to buy extras for multiplayer like with the Wii. If you only had two controllers then you were out of luck. This generation you can buy an extra NinTablet and use the two WiiMotes you already have. Sure, two people don’t get the same experience, but at least they get to play unlike the previous generation.

      1. Nintendo is actually basing new gameplay around that asymmetric controller theory. A person with the Wii U controller will have a different gameplay experience that the individuals playing with the Wii remote plus on the same game. I suppose each side will have their own advantages.

    2. Let me introduce you to Sony, who used the same controller look and button layout for three home consoles (out of three) so far. With your logic, then the PS1, PS2, and PS3 weren’t truly from different generations.

    3. Playstation controllers have changed little over the years. Who cares if we still use Wiimotes in some cases. We might have to use classic controller pro’s as well. Look at the bright side you won’t have to buy all new crap for this new system. You really wanna buy more then one of those controllers? You know they’ll retail for like 100 bucks.

    4. Maybe next-gen now isn’t about newness, but about a fusion of old and new, or a reinterpretation of the old into the new.


  4. The problem is that you only get 1 wii tablet per console, and nintendo already said that they will not be sold without the console. So it forces you to buy multiple consoles if you have multiple peoplein your household, that or use the wii remotes. Which defeats the purpose of the console.

    1. This was said by a rep that probably knew little to nothing a couple months ago. It might’ve been true at the time, but that’s not the case anymore. He also said that developers will only make games that support only one controller…obviously not true. Nothing has been confirmed, so we’ll see.

      1. out there*

        there shows location, as in “out there” or “over there”, remember it by noticing the “here” which also relates to location.

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      1. Nintendo them selfs said that they are developing games for 1 controller and right now the wii u can support one controller. Then afterwards they said the u pad can support multiple controllers so no. no excuse.

    1. If I were to guess, I would say around 60 to 130 US dollars.
      That’s my broad estimate. (I have no clue)
      I hope Nintendo won’t make it too expensive though.

  5. The reason this is new is that this implies that remotes will probably be sold seperately if 3rd parties are going to make it compatible with more than 1 Wii U mote. I hope so!

  6. This is the way I see it; the console can support multiple tablet controllers but they aren’t making any games to support them yet. Maybe it’s because of the pricepoint on them. I could see them running $100, easy. If the contoller costs more than the game you want to play it with, would you buy one. Since Wii controllers are everywhere you could get one on the cheap.

    If a developer wants to use multiple controllers, nintendo isn’t going to stop them.

  7. i like this. i like how if a friend has a wii u they could bring there controller over and just use it at the same time on my wii u as i do. OSSIM

  8. Good! Glad you can also use the Wii controllers on the Wii-U. VERY smart and green of you Nintendo. Will save me lots of money and have lots of fun with my 4 Wii controllers

  9. The controller does look sexy. It looks like a Wacom Cintiq pen tablet for graphic design, though the Wii U’s controller is smaller. The one other difference is that the Cintiq costs $999 the cheapest one just for the tablet. That’s why I think $400 for this system wouldn’t be a bad move.

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