Nintendo Network To Rival Xbox Live And PSN?

Take this information with a pinch of salt but according to Nintendo Enthusiast the Nintendo Network will bring new features that haven’t been used before by Nintendo and the network itself will be a rival to Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network.

“A source that wished to remain anonymous has told us that Nintendo will launch a website accessible from any web browser that will handle configuration of your Nintendo Network account for use on the Wii U or 3DS. He also stated that Nintendo Network will include many new features that haven’t been used before by Nintendo. According to his accounts: Nintendo Network = Sony PSN = Xbox Live.”

Thanks to Christian for the Nintendo Network image

121 thoughts on “Nintendo Network To Rival Xbox Live And PSN?”

          1. That’s not simply not true.

            There was a rumor that Valve and EA were competing for rights to Nintendo’s online store. Which would mean either Steam or Origin.

            Nintendo Network sounds like Nintendo went with their own proprietary thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Steam were included as well (similar to Steam on the PS3).

            Origin would be a terrible business decision for Nintendo because it simply does not have very many games. Steam has thousands of games, millions of users, and valve is awesome.

            1. Why not have BOTH Steam and Origin? It could be an app for the Wii U, and you can voice chat with those people and watch the games they play.

            2. EA working with Nintendo wouldn’t mean “including” Origin, and same goes with Valve and Steam. Either company handling Nintendo’s online store makes literally no sense whatsoever.

            3. I also remember the earliest word being that Nintendo merely got outside help to develop a proprietary network that could easily implement 3rd-Party structures like Steam and Origin.

              Hopefully this resulted in Nintendo walking that fine line where they make it easy enough for these services to use Nintendo Network but they still have enough of their own unified structure.

  1. I ain’t gonna be a fanboy, as I ain’t one, but they are bold claims. Then again, it’s Nintendo, and they’ve innovated so many times.

    1. I’d be surprised if it weren’t true. Nintendo knows that they’ve been behind-the-times with online.

      They need to offer something on an equal level to Live and PSN, or people will simply skip their console.

      I know I would. I am a huge Nintendo fan, but their failure in the online market space has been a huge disappointment.

      1. Even if the online doesn’t end up as big as we hope, I will still buy the console to play any of the awesome Nintendo games to come out for it.

          1. Nintendo has already tried to get in some decent online features with the 3ds like the ability to join a friend’s game from the friend list. Also notice how there isn’t the blue “nintendo wifi connection” logo on the mario kart 7 box, nor is there one on the 3ds box like there was on the ds lite box

        1. you guys say friend codeS but there’s really only one friend code for the 3ds and its the console’s

          which is EXACTLY like an account besides the fact that you cant change it

      1. Yes, and no. What if we decide to change our profile name? And by then, there will be a limitation to how many usernames there could be. If you can set a non-changeable username and have a changeable display name, that would be perfect.

        1. Friend codes are that think about it the friend code doesn’t change but u can change your username whenever you want.

    1. It has been confirmed…..SO MANY F**KING TIMES…… SO F**KING LONG AGO….that the FRIEND CODES ARE GONE….


  2. I swear if Nintendo are working with Origin, we are all screwed, please pick Valve, apparently they were willing to help. Although if we get Origin more support on BF and FIFA? Valve we would get Valve games, that would be awesome!

    1. Origin and Steam are simply cloud marketplaces, not online infrastructures. Nintendo Network is obviously a proprietary service like Live and PSN.

      I’d predict that both Origin and Steam will be available to use, along with whatever service Nintendo offers, like the eShop

    1. not sure if i understand your statement. people are still buying nintendo as much as ever, just with more 3DS and less Wii, since it’s almost dead. despite the Wii’s decline in sales, the 3DS is still doing amazingly! it’s flying off the shelves as if the vita didn’t even exist!

      1. That’s because the Vita isn’t out of Japan yet. The 3DS barely has any competition until the Vita goes worldwide, you never know, it could sell much better here in North America than it does in Japan.

        1. Vita doesn’t matter really people that want it want it and people that want a 3ds want a 3ds. I doubt people are only buying the 3ds cause they have no other choice. Just like there’s tons of people simply waiting for that Vita launch date. Me I have my 3ds and ill pick up my vita also :-) I guess I’m just greedy.

  3. I heard both EA and Steam were courting Nintendo for online. Personally id rather have steam but if EA gets it I doubt it’ll be completely free. I also thought it was good that nintendo did wait to implement online sure (maybe) it waited a bit too long but at least now they can see and hopefully make it better or as equal as the others. I have no problems without having 4 controllers for play I hardly use my 4 wiimotes and ps3/move controllers. That was a huge waste of money. My biggest wish is it came with coupon or a discount to buy a new 3DS with the added circle pad, because we all know a new model is coming soon. I thought I read somewhere that they wanted the 3DS to be the extra controllers

  4. They need to have accounts like PSN and XBL. They’re MUCH easier to manage than friend codes. It serves the same purpose anyways, linking together friends.

    I hope they’re planning a sort of achievement/trophy system, I love playing the games further than I normally would for trophies on PS3, so it’d definitely add a bit more life to the games for those of us who like those things.

    They could really work on this and make the 3DS and Wii U great with an awesome network. The Vita and PS3 have great interfaces for friends online, Nintendo needs to implement such things in the 3DS and Wii U to make online even better. Cos, quite frankly, online for those two systems suck right now…. I love being able to see when my friends get online and what games they’re playing, makes it MUCH easier to connect and play with them.

      1. The have to do something Nintendo relater IF they actually go this route….
        Coins could work…
        Statues like in SSFIV for 3DS but with Nintendo characters would be better. ala Smash Bros.

        1. I quit playing Pokemon after my dog chewed up my Diamond version. I had every Pokemon except Totodile, his evolutions, and the Sinnoh event Pokemon. I was extremely pissed.

    1. “Nintendo needs to implement such things in the 3DS and Wii U to make online even better. Cos, quite frankly, online for those two systems suck right now…” Yeah, online for the Wii U sucks doesn’t it! *rolls eyes*

    1. I have a feeling that the Nintendo Network will be 100% free like the PlayStation Network. Not only that, I would like to see N2 to have both EA’s Origin and Valve’s Steam in order to make ends meet. To me, it would be a win-win-win situation.

  5. so NN=XBL=PSN? well that seems nice for nintendo fans.

    also, inb4 sony drones/microsofties commenting about the Wii U “not being a next-gen console” because of this

  6. Whether this is true or not, they have improved their online offering. Mario Kart 7 has a nice community system that can be improved on, yet it’s still really smooth. Kid Icarus Uprising’s multiplayer looks more than just a traditional shooter with items that can affect the battle much like Smash Bros.

    Also, instead of doing day one DLC for pre-orders, NoA is giving away 3D Classics Kid Icarus for pre-ordering Uprising. It says it’s only for select stores, but gamestop is part of this, and they will give you a download code when you purchase the game. Even if the game is later available for purchase, you get it for free for pre-ordering and buying another game. We shall see.

    1. Yes we will see. Oh, and they should allow you sync you club nintendo account to the system(which they will) for downloadable games,dlc and bonus content all bought with play coins. The wiiU’s online could be something special. I really hope they don’t screw this up.

        1. Next thursday is the investor meeting, i’d bet the date of update will announced there, along with nintendo network info. I’m praying that new wiiU info will be released.

  7. I really hope this is true; it’ll be a good step forward for Nintendo in the online gaming arena. Honestly though, it can’t hurt to offer up that online experience for those gamers that want it.

  8. i would enjoy a nintendo network, but they would have to guard their user information very well because i don’t want to see it get hacked and go down for a month like sony did with the gum-and-paper-clip security that they had on the PSN

  9. I have no doubts the online service will be good. I’m hoping they allow support for both Origin and Steam, that would get some more purchases. It’d be interesting to see an achievements system integrated with Club Nintendo.

  10. If i remember correctly EA and other developers said that Nintendo Network (back then nintendo’s online system) could do everything PSN and XBL can and more.

  11. I dont wanna be down on Nintendo I’ve followed them since 1989, but it sounds like something they’re are bound to cock-up. I dont think they have the heart for it, they dont seem to want to give into what players want and generally expect. I think Nintendo regard online as a headwreckI dont think they even do enough to warrant much of an online presence. As much as I love them, its not like they are churning out many games, never mind ones that are or could be online. They are erractically commited to Wiiware and the eshop too. Maybe Nintendo still has much to reveal but the fact work has hardly begun on smash bros makes me wonder otherwise.If they dont make that game into an esport it will be a teatament to how little potential they see in their games online, Smash Bros screams ‘e-sport’ and ‘cash cow’

    1. Dude EA and other developers literally said that NN could do everything PSN and XBL can and more. And they said it even before we knew the name of the online system. Now GTFO, after reading your entire comment it is clear you are either a Sonyfanboy, Xbot or just a plain hater that thinks that by writing a comment like this will sound intelligent.

    2. I dont.. I don’t… Understand… Your baseless and immediate hate of the possibilty of nintendos online is just fucking my mind right now. Have you tried the eshop/swapnote? If nintendo keeps going in the way they are, i don’t see them “cocking it up”(whatever that means). And what does smash bros. not being in development have to do with anything? Sakurai finished kid icarus just this week! He doesn’t even have a team prepared to start working on smash bros.! It still has zero relevance to nintendos online plan.

      1. I agree. Also, I think nintendo is doing a great job on 3DS online features. It’s easy to get connected all the time, there’s a lot of potential there.

        ”I love that Nintendo is fully embracing connectivity. It’s so easy to jump into an online game and not only play with your friends, but chat with them as well. In Heroes of Ruin, you can even play games with “strangers”, complete with voice chat if the parental settings on your console allow it. There are no difficult hoops to jump through or crazy restrictions. Nintendo did an outstanding job with the 3DS, and Heroes of Ruin is going to be THE game to get to show off the connectivity options of the system.” – TIM SCHWALK – n-Space Senior Producer.

    1. Let’s look at how much gigabytes a decent 3DS game has first before we say anything big like that. (The 3DS’s SD card holds 2 gigs of memory, systems itself holds 1000 megabytes, I think.)

      1. Your forgetting about the amount of data is on a 3ds cart. I think your talking about downloadable 3ds titles, while nintendo&sony fan was talking about full 3ds titles. It would come down to download filesize and storage amoumts(i believe the wiiU will come with 16gigs of interal flash memory). How would that look? The 3ds has its pixel count split in two, wouldn’t that mean the blown up image look different even if only on the comtroller and terrible on a tv? I think reconfiguring the 3ds game to work on a tv and stream the bottom screen to a controller is too big of an job with too small of a reward. They might be able to do it later this gen though.(I’m not 100% sure of any of this)

          1. 2 gig with a class 10 32 gig >.>

            Also, I did this to watch anime on my 3ds, it is possible, just needs a few encoding tricks :3

  12. YAY! friend codes are finally going to die. I hope Nintendo chooses steam as a service for their online because it will definitely open doors with Valve software.

  13. This would be a risk, but what if (for their trophy system), they grant expendable coins from meeting certain requirements. Coins to spend in their shop online. Although its just novelty items, it could boost the play time and be an incentive for more people to play more games.

      1. well yes. Thats what I meant. Like the coins you get for registering games that you can spend on novelty items (and maybe game and watch collections).

  14. This is probably the whole PC 3DS connectivity that they were thinking of implementing a while back, but haven’t as of yet when it was rumored to come out when the demo rumors were going around.

  15. you guys know that ea has awesome servers right? and ea helping nintendo means theyre telling them how to support the online. which doesnt mean that theyre putting origin on it in the slitest

  16. Nintendo Network =/= PSN =/= Xbox live…

    Nintendo Network > PSN =/ xbox live…

    PSN+xboxlive=peepee poopoo

    get your maths strait

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