A tipster who wishes to remain anonymous has told Sonic Stadium that Sumo Digital is hard at work creating a sequel to Sega’s competent Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. The game is apparently being developed for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Surprisingly PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions weren’t mentioned by the developer.

“Now working on another title for Sega on 3DS, VITA and WiiU. [The] title we are working on is top secret but the last game we did for them was Sonic And Sega All-Star Racing, so the logical conclusion would be… ”

– Sumo Digital developer speaking to the source



  1. I don’t know if that rumor is true or not, but DAMN!!!!!! Sega have made and epic move in presenting a sequel for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I had played the first demo on PS3 and it was a sleeper hit. Now that Nintendo’s former rival is making Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 2 for the ‘U and 3DS, I simply cannot wait to play that game!!!!!!!


  2. Gotta be honest here, as a launch game, if I have money after Darksiders 2 and Batman both for the Wii U, I’ll probably buy the Wii U edition of S&S Racing 2, just to have a multiplayer online game.

    I would definitely not buy it for the 3DS though. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition provides all the multiplayer online competition I need on that.


    • Lol darksiders II and Arkham City are the only confirmed games I palmier to get. I probably get 1 more multiplex but I know there are gonna be a handful of exclusives and first party titles. I probably get about 6-7 launch titles because I feel strongly that Wii U will have one of the greatest launch Line ups for ever.


  3. tHIS IS GOOD NEWS LOL let sega Tease us with that game as we wait for Mario Kart Wii U And its an exclusive so hell even bigger win for Nintendo


  4. Less Sonic characters and more Sega ones (NiGHTS is a must) and more varied games for courses (racing around a huge space station that’s on fire and collapsing with the Burning Rangers zooming around putting fires out) and this will be awesome. The original, for me, is as good as and in some ways better than Mario Kart Wii.


  5. It was actually a lot of fun, I have it on PS3. There must be some sort of touch-based control scheme if it’s not gonna be on PS3 and XBOX 360, kinda curious about it…. Either way, I’ll probably end up getting it for Vita, it was so much fun. I love collecting trophies, so I’d choose Vita first, but would probably end up getting the Wii U version as well if it was good enough (and if I can manage to get the Wii U).


  6. Also, the game will probably come to PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s just Sumo are only working on the Wii U, 3DS and Vita versions (like Dimps did the 3DS Sonic Generations as opposed to the 360/PS3 Sonic Team-developed versions).


  7. Oh great. -_- Another Mario Kart rip-off. As usual, Sonic the Hedgehog nuts will drool all over this…no matter how bland the characters are, or how unoriginal it is. I think I’ll wait for Mario Kart Wii U, thanks.


  8. Ther are awesome possibilities for Mariokart or Sonic racing on the WiiU.
    Imagine playing 2 vs 2 in Racing or Battle mode. One player controls the cart and everything in front. The other player sits in the back ( Similar to MK double dash) and shoots all kinds off stuff at enemies behind. The player controling the kart does so with the wiimote( wheel?) and the other player uses the controller screen as sort of a backmirror.
    This would be so awesome for battle mode.


  9. I’ll be buying it. I got the first one for Wii and it was a very decent kart racer. Lacked a bit of imagination level-wise considering Segas back catalogue, some levels were rather generic, but it got everything else right. I was totally won over when I unlocked Opa Opa and Alex Kidd! Wasn’t no Mario Kart but definatly glad I got it.


  10. Things like this disgust me. The fact that SEGA can’t/won’t keep Sonic off of Nintendo systems is terrible. Deplorable. Ever since I fell in love with Sonic Adventure 2 for the Gamecube things like this have bothered me to such a high extent. The complete lack of acknowledgement to the greatest and only real video game rivalry is disgusting. Not only should Sonic be legally banned from appearing on a Nintendo system ever, it should be banned that he be in games that are blatant and just about direct rip offs of Mario games. That is LITERALLY SPITTING IN THE FACE OF SONIC AND SEGA WHO NO ONE HERE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ANYWAYS SO IM DONE.


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