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Nintendo Reconfirms That The Wii U Controller Still Isn’t Final

Nintendo reconfirmed to Industry Gamers at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the company still hasn’t finalised the Wii U controller. IGN previously took issue with the fact that the Wii U controller features Circle Pads instead of Analogue Sticks and that the controller features two traditional shoulder buttons instead of Xbox 360 style triggers. It admittedly seems fairly unlikely that Nintendo will change these features, but you never know. We shall see the final Wii U controller design at E3 in Los Angeles in June.

193 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms That The Wii U Controller Still Isn’t Final”

      1. Calum Nicholson-Walker

        I think they meant that the 3DS’ first circle pad went from a plastic one with a color that correlated with the color of the console, to a rubber one universally colored grey.

    1. I agree, but I think the Vita analogue sticks would be perfect for it. And with you o the triggers, controllers need triggers for racing games and fps

  1. Sounds good. I hope to god they get rid of the circle pads and add control sticks similar to the ones on the wii nunchuck but make it clickable. (like on PS3 and 360)

      1. Nintendo fanboy is fanboyish

        I was referring to how the PS3 and 360 have clickable control sticks (L3 and R3)

        If you wanna get technical, the Atari 5200 was the first console with analog sticks. The N64 is known for being the first to have an analog stick because it was the most advanced one.

        Honestly, who cares who the first company is to create something, what really matters is the company that implements the thing the best, which on this subject, is the Xbox360 controller.

              1. Not really. The 360the controller has been proven to be a great standard. Thata where there hasn’t been a redesign in manty years. Where as Nintendo changes their.controller every new gen.

                  1. A different controller every gen? Bad heuristics, is what that’s called. The only reason Nintendo uses a different controller is because they lack want to push an envelope which has already been established.

                    And are you being a grammar Nazi again? Didn’t we have this conversation and you got owned aleeady? Tell to someone that cares.

            1. GCN controller FTW! I loved the little grooves on the controls sticks, very helpful. You sir, have a great taste in controllers, here’s a virtual cookie.

                  1. If the gamecube controller was so great, why was it never ever emulated? Where as the dual shock and xbox controller are emulated all of the time.

                    1. Sony and Microsoft are not innovative or creative that’s why they always use the same controller, and is pretty clear Nintendo did’t use the GameCube controller a second time because Wii uses motion controls mainly.
                      Besides many games on the Wii support GameCube controls which means that in a way they still use it. now GTFO and go to a Sonyfanboy forum we don’t want you here.

                    2. Like I said before, Nintendo isn’t all about using the same shit every time. Look at Sony. Pretty much the same controller for 3 generations. Nintendo actually has the balls to change the way we play video games. It’s about taking risks, buddy. Having the same controller every time will make the console look like the previous, gen after gen after gen after gen…

              1. As long as I can play ssb with my bf on one wii u, i’ll be happy. And fyi jake, I dont own anything sony brand, i dont even think my tv is a sony. But nice try.

                  1. I was assuming you were calling ME a fanboy. Guess not. I dont understand the point of that term, I mean I only play nintendo but that doesn’t mean other games and systems aren’t fun. I think some ppl take gaming too seriously.

    1. i bought a white 3ds :(. Love the color but i don’t want a white wiiu to match it. White WiiUis too standard…Black 3ds is to standard. Stupid dilemma!

    2. I still want translucent Nintendo consoles and portables! Like the N64 and GBC where you could see the hardware inside.

  2. I can’t stand analog sticks. Messes with my gameplay being the fact that they’re clickable inputs. They slide alot too. Triggers I can understand. Maybe Nintendo should invent whole new sticks, that would be something. just an idea though

    1. just like their first analogue.i know that nintendo knows how to create an analogue and how sony and microdick can copy them as always they do

            1. Son, back in the day, that was called a “joystick.” Hardly representative of the far more useful thing nintendo ultimately made.

              1. Thank you! The first comment that actually made sense! I was about to say it’s a flippin’ Joystick, but you rock!

  3. I read that as IGN faulting Nintendo for not copying Playstation’s sticks or Xbox’s triggers.
    I say good on Nintendo for making the sticks better (I prefer the Circle pads being level to the controller, allowing your thumb to rest on the controller’s surface rather than requiring your thumb to reach off the pad for an analogue stick. It works very nicely for the 3DS).
    I just hope that the triggers will still have that digital “click” when they’re pressed in all the way, like the Classic Controller or the Gamecube Controller.

    As for adding 4-tablet support, I think it would drive the system’s cost up too far to give it the horsepower to support 5 HD-screens at the same time (1 TV plus 4 tablets), and nobody would really appreciate that it does.

    Remember that with the Wii U they are focusing on a SINGLE player core console, with ONLINE for multiplayer. This way, everyone will have their own TV-and-tablet combo to look at in multi, not just a tablet with a shared TV.

        1. Well, he’s right, technically. Nintendo invented the analogue stick for the ’64.
          Sony copied it for their playstation 1 and 2, there’s no denying that.
          I’m just glad that Nintendo took the high road, and instead of copying the copy, they further researched and developed analogue controls to develop the Circle Pad.

        1. Since when was it ever said the controller is HD? If it turns out to be true, buying a second controller would cost an even larger shitload of money. I doubt Nintendo would do that.

  4. Add triggers, clickable analogs instead of circle pads, a better D-pad (Classic-controller-like), and please, change Home, + and – buttons positions, there’s not way to press them while playing on it’s current position. Then we talk, Nintendo.

    1. troll we don’t need triggers as in R3 and L3 we see no use of it.
      Circle Pads are better than Analogs. Nothing need to be change
      about the D-Pad.

      Why should all company offers the same experience.

      1. i’m not a troll only because our opinions are diferent. I don’t have to have the same opinion of anyone else.
        I was saying what I believe that could be changed for better controls, this is a discussion, arguments are welcome.

    2. “change Home, + and – buttons positions, there’s not way to press them while playing on it’s current position.”

      Actually, that’s a VERY good thing. Given the additional buttons on the controller the – and + won’t as necessary as in the wiimote, and you will never press the home button by accident.

      1. Oh man, the number of times I’ve accidentally hit the 360/ps button! get those system buttons out of the way of the action! I know why they call them the “suck-buttons” now!

    3. NO magi cookie for this comment buddy.

      – First of all, WHY THE FEKK does this console need clickable analogs? Yes, it would be a nice feature, but WHY would it EVER need them? Seriously, the playstation consoles didn’t even need them. I’ve played my playstation 2 for all this time, and I only found out last year that the sticks were clickable. Because I never needed them. (But that’s just me.)

      – I’m sorry dude, but complaining about the d-pad, no matter what the complaint is, just makes you look stupid.

      – OH GAAHHHDD how many times have I accidentally hit the home button on the wii…. Dude, those are system buttons. They’re SUPPOSED to be out of the way.

      1. I’m not complaining about anything. I’m just saying what I would like to be changed on the controller. I know very well the way a touch screen can open a new world to the gameplay using less buttons.

        I would buy WiiU the way it is now. I’m really happy to see how things never get ”perfect” for Nintendo, and they are always working for the best.

        and OK! let the WiiU home button out of the way, I remember now how many times I’ve pressed ”home” buttons on Wii and 360 unintentionally =P

    4. The controller won’t need clickable analogs. You can fit shitloads of “buttons” and commands in the touch screen.

    1. I’d like to see they 360 style triggers with the GCN click when you get all the way down with it. I never really enjoyed the feel of the GCN triggers. But that could just be me.

      1. But thats the thing though. There is no proof

        People claim and worry about specific things they have no proof of. The only thing I’d change about the pads is having a hexagon shaped space for the pads like the nunchuk and game cube controller. analog triggers are a MUST though.

      2. I understand what you mean, dude, but I personally think the circle pad on the 3DS works just as good as an analogue stick. People who have handled the Wii U controller have said that those are even better.

        I was watching one of the gameplay videos from CES, and while the person showing off the Wii U was playing with the circle pads, underneath they sort of look like short analogues…if that makes sense. There was an opening under the circle pad that seemed to allow for more range.

        Because I suck at explaining things, here is a short video of what I mean. Check out the circle pad on the left at around 8 or 9 seconds in.

      3. ……you’re kidding me right? You’re F**KING KIDDING me. THAT’S your reason? THAT… your…..reason? What…..the HELL is you’re definition of “DEEP” control?

    1. I agree, I like the circle pads, and its better for the wii u, imagine holding the wii u controller, itrs cinda big, and using the anolog would be kinda hard to hold it with ur thumbs up in the air, with the cirle pads, you can have a better grip and controll over the tablet.

  5. Personally, I’m not a fan of clickable analog sticks. Don’t know what game I was playing on PS3 but R3 was reload so when I would try to aim, the character would reload just as I was about to take a shot.

    But I’m sure they did make some changes but nothing drastic, since E3 was the first time they could get feedback from people outside of the company.

    1. I think your controller had some kind of problem. I play Dark Souls, which you have to click R3 fast to aim lock/unlock on enemies and it work very well. The only issues I have with Dualshock 3 is the R2 e L2 buttons, they are much sensitive, you barely touch them and they trigger the action! (unintentionally)

  6. r3 and l3 are only for games like Call of Duty to knife I see no use of it. I have a PS3 I don’t remember one time I had to press it. I even don’t remember on PS1 or 2 doing it.

    1. Didn’t the GTA 3 games use it for the missions involving poilce cars, etc? I only remember because the first time I really played PS2, I was playing GTA 3 and I got an ambulance. It said to press R3(or maybe L3) for missions and I was looking everywhere on the controller for that. :-) Found it later by accident when I felt a click.

          1. you mean that logo? It was kinda the reason I posted it because I heard It was going to be on the wii u but there was this rumor that nintendo told developers to not officially announce any new wii U titles and ports till a certain time. Plus I didn’t see it on this site. But If it is that old My Bad!

  7. Would you guys stop it with the analog shit? The atari didn’t have analog it had A joystick which is different then an analog & saying that sony stole analog is stupid. Do you expect them to just go on with they’re games with only a D-Pad? At least they redisigned it so that it would be a bit different. Selfish fanboys are selfish

  8. My favorite traditional controller is the One of the gamecube. The wiimote with nunchuck is cool but i hate the Wii classical controller and the 3ds circle pad. I hope that Nintendo will proof their ability of making good controllers at the Wii u! Its been a long Time ago i saw a good digipad by the way… The snes’s was great.

  9. i hope they will sell the controller where you can bye one with circle pads of have the option to buy one with joysticks(yes i know its analog but saying joystick sounds so much cooler)

  10. Nintendo said the circle pads will be slightly elevated on the Wii-U to get that classic analogue feel that people are trying to complain so much about, sheesh…

    1. I’m posting this a second time. What you say makes sense…just look at the video..maybe I’m looking too much into this. :p

      “I was watching one of the gameplay videos from CES, and while the person showing off the Wii U was playing with the circle pads, underneath they sort of look like short analogues…if that makes sense. There was an opening under the circle pad that seemed to allow for more range.

      Because I suck at explaining things, here is a short video of what I mean. Check out the circle pad on the left at around 8 or 9 seconds in.”

  11. Ok, I want color-coded buttons just like the SNES, the N64, and the gamecube. A lot of third party developers use quick time events, so you need to be able to distinguish the buttons from one another. I know the placement of buttons, but when it happens fast, I have trouble pressing the right button. The Mercenaries 3D comes to mind.

    1. coloured buttons would be nice, but if we were to change the buttons, I’d like to see the transparant white buttons you see on the Wiimote A button, but with a set of LEDs underneath that will make it light up in any colour.

  12. The more operations the better. The controller would look strange with analog sticks, to be honest. I’ve never had the chance to hold it yet, but I’m fairly certain having to reach for a stick would be cumbersome. The downside to circle pads are the fact that you cannot click them. That in itself takes away to possible actions in a video game. What made xbox and playstation games more complex/diverse was a more complex controller. I really desire a less simplified future for Nintendo.

  13. I’m fine with the Circle Pads. I think they need something GC-esque for the triggers, just to add more gameplay options like Sunshine.

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  15. The circle pads are good as they are, so your thumbs don’t have to reach up, given that the controller is flat, they just look a bit tall and small, i’d rather them be like the 3DS and be a bit flatter. The home, + and – buttons should be moved and the D pad should be bigger. Clicking analog doesn’t bother me because it’s only really used for FPSs which I don’t play, though triggers would be good too. I can put up with these things, since they’re all pretty minor, the only thing that bothers me is that the headphone port is on the top, so the cable is going to be draping over the screen. It should be moved to the bottom. Also, does anyone know how this thing charges yet?

  16. Two things: Anologue buttons and multi-touch screen… They would be (probably ARE) stupid, not including that…

    1. The problem with a multi touch screen is you don’t get the precision you get with a single-touch + capacitive screen like the DS and 3DS. You can’t draw your own avatar for online games, you can’t write notes like in SwapNote.

      Capacitive multi-touch is great for maps and navigation on your phone, but it’s just not precise enough for pixel-perfect gaming like resistive+stylus.

    2. I don’t see how multi-touch would be that much better. What is it gonna do that is essential? Pinch? Touch multiple points? You can get around those by using buttons along with using a touch screen and motion sensing.
      When people are playing with their DS/3DS, how many times do they say “I wish this had multi-touch?”

      Sure, Nintendo should include it (resistive multi), but it’s not a big deal if they don’t.

      1. Did you see the presentation of the Wii U at E3? There was this scene were two people were playing reversi or whatever game that was (with the black and white balls).. I instantly thought: This thing HAS to have multi-touch! They showed a 2 player game on one tablet.. How could it not have it… (imagine something like pong or air-hockey on the tablet). When they announced that this thing is single touch I couldn’t believe it. Nintendo can’t afford to have less functinality than other consoles no more.. PS Vita has multi-touch, PS3 and XBox 360 have analogue triggers. Developers don’t like to cut down their titles just because a hardware manufacturer decides they have to have less buttons like the others. Look at the 3DS.. You can’t have “less” for a long time… Those second circle pad will be included in an overhauled version of the 3DS…

        1. >Implying we get a redesigned 3DS.
          If anything the circle pad pro add on already has it and has 4 shoulder buttons making it the first handheld with 4 shoulder buttons.
          Why would i play hokey in the Utablet (that’s how i call it as of now lol) when i can play other games I mean its a freaking console and has buttons.

        2. ” (imagine something like pong or air-hockey on the tablet).”

          It wouldn’t need to be multitouch.

          Actually you gave me an idea! Replace having your fingers in the way by touching the screen, instead use The analog sliders. Its PERFECT!

          in fact you could do all sorts of mini 2player games because of the touch screen buttons! You could even have a mini arcade on just one controller! The screen could be split in half and one player will control with the slide pad and a, b, y, x while the other will control with the other slide pad and the D-pad

          Either way multitouch is not needed

          1. Are you serious? How in the world would something like pong or air hockey be with single touch? Click whenever the “ball” is there? I’m talking about permantly moving your fingers over the tablet on both sides… Even if it is not needed for some two player games, imagine your friend keep asking you to lift your finger of the tablet so he can make his move… Multiplayer means multitouch… period! They teased it at E3, no they have to deliver….

            1. You missed the “analog slider” part. Move sliders/pads to hit the ball but I think the point was there are work-arounds for multi-touch.
              And what i was saying was multi-touch is nice but not that important for gaming. Ask yourself would multiplayer games on a single 6in screen be a big deal? I think not.
              At E3, they were playing a board game, take turns on the touch screen. I believe Ninty was just show casing what was possible, but not necessarily something that must/will be made.
              But yes the controller needs to be improved, triggers and analog sticks.

          1. Just saying…. They have to be careful… In the near future the combination of PS3 and PS Vita could make the Wii U completly obselete, even before it is on the market. Not that Sony can make up for our beloved Nintendo titles, but were else is is the unique selling point of the Wii U Controller, if it has less capabilities than the PS Vita? Sure the PS Vita will not be implemented in the gameplay of most games, and the Wii U Controller will always be supported in one way or another, but right now all Nintendo has, is a slightly more powerful console… and PS 4 and Xbox 720 will smash that last advantage. However, I am not worried that the Wii U will not sell and I myself have to have every Nintendo console. I’m just sick and tired of Nintendo always doing less. like they’re just doing what is absolutly nescessary to succeed on the market. Third party support of AAA-titles will stagnate and lots of shovel ware will be produced, with a few diamonds in between. And all of that to premium prices. Since the N64 that was the way every nintendo homeconsole…

  17. I’m confused as to WHY Circle Pads and shoulder buttons are so unacceptable. The 3DS’s Circle Pad feels really smooth and great, and it doesn’t really function any different than an analog stick.

    With the shoulder buttons, I’m not quite one to judge because I don’t play FPS games, so they might be “better” for them or something, but if they do function exactly the same as shoulder buttons do…

    What the heck is wrong with Nintendo coming up with their own, unique style of control for the Wii U?

  18. Yeah that’s why I ain’t worried since E3 will show the final Wii-U product, updating the controller and possibly the system by adding Blu-ray player and other stuff

  19. If the controller continues to not feature analog in the backside buttons, it will cost Nintendo the 3rd-party racing market. I’m not a frequent player of those kinds of games, especially the simulation ones, but I’d hate to see Nintendo lose out on that market.

  20. there isnt anything wrong with the design of the WII U controller
    and i for one amd glad it doesnt have those crappy 360 style triggers

    The further away from the 360 the design is the better

    the only problem i have with the WII U is



    I cant wait for the Wii U

  21. Love my 3DS but no fan of the slider. i find it gives me thumb ache quite fast, but i guess thats true for both hand on the 3DS. So not a fan of the 4 buttons in a diamond shape either. I’d be happy if they cloned the gamecube controller style. At the end of the day though, I think as long as 3rd party devs are happy and the controller options dont put them off releasing a game on WiiU as rival consoles, thats all that counts.

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  23. There is no “best controller.” It’s relative to the person. However, I personally prefer the XBOX 350 controller for the triggers and the stick placement/feeling.

    That’s all anyone can say: “I prefer [insert preference here]”. Anything else is just bollocks.

  24. I don’t like the circle pads. The circle pad for the 3DS makes it very difficult to have precise movements, as in Ocarina of Time, it’s a little difficult to run straight without leaning a bit to the left or right.

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