Assassins Creed 3 For Wii U Set In The American Revolution?

CVG is reporting that the next instalment of the Assassins Creed franchise, which is set to appear on Wii U, will take place in the American Revolution. According to CVG’s source the game will be announced before March 31st. Assassins Creed players have been drip-fed hints by Ubisoft with all indications pointing towards an American setting. Excited?

99 thoughts on “Assassins Creed 3 For Wii U Set In The American Revolution?”

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  1. Ubisoft has actually also been hinting towards China. The Assassin’s Creed Encyclopedia has a full article of a Chinese female assassin which has yet to appear in any AC related media. The Encyclopedia does not list anything regarding the American Revolution as far as I remember.

    1. My thoughts exactly go to the colonial parts of cities today and the buildings aren’t that big. Everything else your lucky are even 2 story lol.

        1. that won’t stop them sony fans troll about the 360 and 360 fans troll about the ps3 and they almost got the same power and games

  2. I am more than excited!!!!! Assassin’s Creed 3… only for the Wii U?!!!!!! Now THIS is a must have game. I don’t care if Jesper Kyd, Hans Zimmer, or Lorne Balfe compose the musc, this gage BETTER be at launch!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Um, question, what about the parkour the this downhill series is known for? The last I checked 18th century America wasn’t filled with tall buildings and cathedrals to run around on. If I can’t do a retarded swan dive off of a cathedral to stab a guy in the head and walk away I’m not playing it. The only thing that could save any new game from this series is the lack of a certain lead character that ruined the last three that were made.

  4. Another one?? DOn’t we have enough AC for now. Give it a rest Ubisoft so people will want it more. AC is just like Cod. Release AC every other 4 years and in the mean time, make a new IP >.>

  5. I don’t like this. I’ve been waiting forever to have Assassin’s Creed on a main nintendo console so that I can play the full game for once rather than just a piece on someone else’s system. And now they’re making it in colonial America? There’s like nothing there to climb on and make it awesome. It’s all shitty towns and forests and stuff. Italy was pretty much the best location they could have had in my opinion and they’ve already done that. I think they should make the next game in ancient China.

  6. I think high profile action games will overshadow lower profile games on Wii U like No More Heroes or Madworld which kind of makes me sad. But I am looking forward to this.

  7. Sounds like a welcome change of pace to me. Think about it. Instead of big Italian cities, you could climb and jump through huge, sparsely populated American forests, dropping in on an unsuspecting Redcoat camp. Sneak through the cotton fields of plantations and free slaves, getting them to join you. You could even witness full-on open field clashes between the Patriots and the Redcoats. Or you could wander throughout Boston Harbor, jumping from ship to ship. Throw in some legendary American Revolution heroes (and villians), some legendary battles, and a brand-new hero and fighting system and you’ve got a truly AAA launch game on your hands.

      1. I second that on your concept. Maybe you should send an email to Ubisoft in creating that concept for the U (I wish the big N change their name to the Nintendo U-nity).

  8. Assassin’s Creed 3 is meant to be the climax of Desmonds story and the build up for the previous games – I don’t want them to jump to another time zone; I want to see the conclusion of present day. This could be the downfall of the series as I know lots of people who have stuck through with the series with a promise of most of the story getting tied up in the 2012 release – and if it doesn’t they probably won’t continue with the game.

    I love these games, but they really need to settle the present day and not spring us on another timeline/character story.

  9. Just thought about it… shouldn’t the Wii U just be called the U? I mean, going from the Nintendo Wii to the Nintendo U makes more sense than going from the Nintendo Wii to the Nintendo Wii U. It really does just sound like a small upgrade or attachment to the Wii. Regardless, off-topic too, I can’t wait for this system.

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