Shocking: Nicalis Says ‘The Wii U Is The Most Powerful System Nintendo Has Ever Made’

Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez has nothing but good things to say about Wii U. The development team behind indie classic Cave Story has stated that although the company has yet to fully utilise the Wii U’s power, the Wii U is the most powerful system Nintendo has ever created.

139 thoughts on “Shocking: Nicalis Says ‘The Wii U Is The Most Powerful System Nintendo Has Ever Made’”

        1. Yep, it was the same thing when Nintendo made the Wii that was codenamed Revolution back then.

          1. Whoa, whoa, whoa–watch yourself there, dude. Samurai Jack is awesome. Don’t say something that’s going to embarrass yourself.

        1. of course its the most powerful.which other Nintendo console beat it?it has to be.unless Nintendo made another console that we don’t know of.Nicalis’ Comment is just plain stupid.

  1. WHAT?! More powerful than a 6 year old system that wasn’t even considered powerful when it was released?! GOOD GOD!

    1. Nnintendoh sux da worse compuny eva maed. nao excuse meh while i go watch my little ponee friendship is magic

        1. …you thought he didn’t know it sucked? Trollin’ is part of his name….and he made a brony joke, so… was intentional. Daniel. Also, nice NIntendo system. I should hijack some planes and fly them into it. Who’s with me? Allah akbar.

  2. I don’t know…that NES is pretty hard to beat… ;)

    Of course it’s the most powerful Nintendo system yet. They’re certainly not looking to go backwards in terms of tech :P I do really hope for a strong launch to wash any last bitterness of the 3DS launch out of the media. You can do it, Nintendo! <3

  3. juh huh ber WHAT! This is most unorthidox. I almost droped my monicle in my brandy! A new system more powerful than old ones? What will they think of next. I must light a cigar with a hundred dollar bill.

  4. Well, yeah, anything more powerful than the Wii is certainly going to be more powerful than any of Nintendo’s consoles. *Snickers*

    In a less sarcastic note, they must be pretty happy with it if they’re willing to commit a mild faux pas in describing how powerful it is.

  5. im spanish and in that article it says things like this:

    -it will be powerful enough for the next 5-10 years
    -he dont understand the devs saying is less than ps360 for what he have seen (he has the wii u dev kit ofc)
    -its BY FAR the most powerful nintendo console
    -The graphics wont be a prob, what will matter in the next gen with the 3 machines is how you play and feel the games ( i hope nintendo wins in this aspect lol )

  6. I don’t wanna sound like a hater, since I’m NOT and I love Nintendo and plan to get the Wii U on release, but isn’t that a bit self explanitory? That the next gen console would be better than the previous and all the other previous to them too?

  7. Holy shit… Tyrone just blew what was left of my mind!!! I find it hard to believe its the strongest Nintendo system yet.. If what he is saying is true, then my life is complete *-*
    I give you a standing one handed clap for that one Tyrone!!!! Sorry, it was hard not to be sarcastic about that comment. E3 seems to still be too far away and I’m too impatient waiting for the real stats on the system

      1. If you’re going to troll someone, you might actually want to spell “faggot” correctly. I know you’re just being stupid to get a rise out of people, but you’re actually failing at that in the process. Which just makes you even more sad and pathetic.

        And no, before you ask, I’m not mad. I’m thankful. For people like you. Because you honestly remind me how intelligent and successful I really am in life by comparison :)

  8. People you obviously don’t understand what he’s talking about, in terms of generational power ratio. Where all other tech stood at the Time of release example when GameCube came out its tech was moderately powerful compared to other tech available.

    Same thing with N64 its tech was sligtly behind the times in terms of power.

    The Wii U has the best performance to CURRENT tech. It still may not be the best but its less far behind than any of nintendos other consoles comparativly speaking.

      1. Once again he’s not talking about console power to power ratio, he’s talking about technology power to power ratio. The GAP between current standard tech at the time and the GAP between what tech was in the console at the time of release.

        It’s like saying hypotheticly speaking if #500 series graphics card was best tech available the N64 had #300 series card in it

        What he’s talking about in my own hypothetical reference to explain it is. if #500 series card is the best card the Wii U would have #430 series card.

        So as even though the 64s best offering in specs was supurb its tech gap was still 200 off the best anything could produce.

        The Wii U best offering is only 70 off from what can currently be produced.

        1. There is no true way to numerically understand the True gap in the technology because there is no real starting point for a referance. You would have to be a nuclier physicist to even be able to calculate a theorem.

          This chip is 20% better… that system is 5x better this processor is 2x worse. the statistics have no physical starting point for referance so .5(2x-5y)/.2(4c+3b) y=20%?!?! It’s a calculation with no true answer

  9. We’ll file this under the “No shit, Sherlock” category and move on. In all seriousness, I think this was the most he could say without violating his NDA with Nintendo. They’re gonna make us wait until E3 to get what we want. He also said Nintendo hasn’t tapped the full power of the console yet. Which means there’s more to come. I can’t wait.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  10. If the wii u is powerful why do I have to plug it into a tv instead of playing it portable like ipad and other tablets.FC 3308-5494-1135

    1. Because putting all the internals of the Wii U into each controller would make the controllers cost hundreds of dollars each…

  11. This is a secret to everybody…


    Maybe Nintendo is not going to have the most powerful system of the 8th generation, but is going to have the best.

  12. most powerful system has ever made by now i think (all current generation console)
    just saying powerfull is not enough, we need more details about “powerful”
    bah, just wait for E3 for real news

  13. hahaha Sickr’s such a troll, “Shocking: Nicalis Says ‘The Wii U Is The Most Powerful System Nintendo Has Ever Made’”

  14. i don’t like that a couple of the developers are saying the wiiU is weaker then the 360 or the ps3 cause developers have said many times that the 3ds can do what the 360, capcom got resident evil 5 running on the system but didn’t want to just port it over so they made revelations instead, the WiiU will be a beast and i bet you all the money in the world ps4 and 720 are going to follow along, the only difference is if Nintendo cant get another tablet to work you can bet your sweet ass Sony or Microsoft are gonna do everything they can to make that happen.

    what do you guys think

    1. The 3DS can’t do XBOX graphics, sorry. You misinterpreted that article/quote. What they meant was that try successfully had the game running in 3DS without having to re-work the code. That doesn’t mean the game runs exactly as it would on an XBOX360. It wouldn’t have nearly as many shaders, nearly as many lighting effects, and most of all, would NOT be running at the same resolution (which for XBOX360 and PS3 games is 720p upscaled to 1080p).

      It would likely run at standard 3DS resolution, with far less lighting sources and shaders. All they meant was that it used tr same poly count and textures. That’s not as impressive considering a huge chunk of the power of consoles do these days is lighting and shaders; polygon counts almost don’t even matter anymore. They don’t have to increase hardly at all at this point. Devs are more interested in reducing tearing, pop-ins, adding more light sources, lighting effects, dynamic scene lighting and particle effects, shadows, AI, movement of clothing, facial features and body motion, hair effects, environment behaviour (i.e. realistic foliage than moves realistically and is dynamically effected by character collision and other environmental changes such as wind), et cetera. That’s a lot of code to process and a lot of power needed to crunch that data in real time.

  15. Can anything be more exciting this year than Nintendo’s E3 conference? And with the likelihood that Sony and Microsoft won’t talk about new consoles much, Nintendo is going to steal the show for the 3rd year in a row!

  16. Lol, why is this shocking? If it’s only 1% more powerfull than Wii, it’s the most powerful Nintendo console ever. As simple as that.

  17. According Tyrone U Wii is “All too far the most powerful console in the history of Nintendo” , and sure you can be on the market, competing hard, ” for 5 or 10 years ” .

    This statement from the original article makes me happy :D

  18. What a useless piece of news, the WII U is the most powerful Nintendo system to date…. Is anyone actually expecting it to be less powerful than past or current generations. Can we get something interesting to read instead ??

    1. Use ur brain! He is clearly saying as far as current available high end tech goes Nintendo has made their most powerful system when compared to what was available when they made N64 and Gamecube!! meaning when Nintendo made the N64 and the Gamecube the gap between the highest available tech and those respectable system was bigger!! So in other words Pound for Pound the Wii u is Nintendo most powerful System!!

  19. I think this guy is forgetting about the NES. :P There was an expansion for it availible briefly called the “Epic Notch-Top Epic Rad Totally Awesome Incredibly Named Mega Epic Notch-Top graphics booster of Super Yearly Super Totally Epic Matrix” that allowed it to run with a resolution of up to 8192p in height, but no one saw the point with the resolution of TVs back then being too low, so no games were ever made for it, just demos. On top of that, no one really cared about graphics back then.

    (This isn’t actually real BTW)

  20. I think they mean In terms of generation outta all the consoles the super Nintendo had been the most powerful of that gen by a long shot due to everything in it and I think his guy means the same about the wii. U

  21. wow no crap the only way this article is worth reading is if they mean how many times more powerful than the previous generation, besides that i just wasted 2 minutes of my life. :/

  22. Use ur brain! He is clearly saying as far as current available high end tech goes Nintendo has made their most powerful system when compared to what was available when they made N64 and Gamecube!! meaning when Nintendo made the N64 and the Gamecube the gap between the highest available tech and those respectable system was bigger!! So in other words Pound for Pound the Wii u is Nintendo most powerful System!! U people so blind you don’t know good new when u see/read it. SMG

    1. Though I want to point out the flaw in your logic, I’m too busy with anticipation over the goodness that would ensue from E3, as a result of reading your comment. So I’m just going to go along with this.

      Somehow, when this Tyrone fellow says it’s the most powerful console Nintendo ever made, I just know that the Wii U is certainly going to be a beast of a console, and it’s going to have a very good showing at E3. I really want to see these games.

  23. But what if at the last minute Nintendo trolls us all and sends out the Wii U only capable of 8-bit graphics like the NES. Haha! But being the sucker I am I would still probably buy it so the joke would be on me.

  24. he means that all the next gen will be about the same power because he said that it will be able to compete so he must know other next gen specs. by most powerful nintendo console he means at the time of release the power that it has.

    all up he is saying that the wii u is very powerful and will compete with next gen

  25. He didnt say only that, he missed the by far maybe for the translation but it says, wii u its BY FAR the most powerful console nintendo ever made

  26. NES’ motto was “NOW YOU’RE PLAYING WITH POWER!” I wonder if the Wii U will exceed the great ancient power of the NES…

  27. Seems fairly obvious considering that every other Nintendo system to date has been more powerful than the last one by some degree, and the Wii U is obviously going to be the most powerful system by Nintendo to date just because it has HD and similar power to/more power than the PS3/Xbox 360.

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