Lego Zelda Will Be Officially Reviewed By Lego

Michael Inglis, the creator behind the viral Lego Zelda video, has had his dream come one step closer to reality as over 10,000 people have backed his Lego Zelda concept at the official Lego website. Because Inglis has managed to get over 10,000 supporters Lego will have to review the concept and decide if it’s something they would like to do. Of course, they would need to get Nintendo to approve the concept as well.

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137 thoughts on “Lego Zelda Will Be Officially Reviewed By Lego”

        1. Thank you. I can’t believe how many dip shits in this thread complain about it ruining the series.


          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS


          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          There. Hopefully the retards see that before commenting.

        2. Thank you. I can’t believe how many dip shits in this thread complain about it ruining the series.


          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          IT’S JUST THE TOYS


          IT’S JUST THE TOYS

          There. Hopefully the retards see that before commenting.

    1. Huh. Everyone seems very supportive of this. I, for one, do think the idea seems right. Zelda is a legend all on his own. It would be a disgrace to make him part of an overly popular company like Lego.

      1. *do NOT think

        sorry. typo. I was literally trying to change it and click cancel over and over as it was posting.

          1. Zelda is awesome, and he is a fan, I am excited, but Zelda as a Lego could go wrong. It’s not that he isn’t a fan, he just doesn’t want Zelda to have a bad name as a toy. I want a toy, but I don’t blame Jim for being cautious. ( I own ww tp oot mm lttp Loz Loz2 ph st and ss. So I AMA big fan

    2. Knowing Miyamoto…(Miyamoto with both the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, both put away to bring the… ‘Cancelled Hammer’), yes, we can say goodbye to that, Even if Nintendo is in wave to publicity, they will not expose one their flagships(and miyamoto personal child) like that.

    1. WTF is wrong with you people? Humans, I accept you humping dogs, and other animals, rubbing shit all over your bodies while having sex, and other weird stuff that you say would “complete”, but do NOT touch The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo would never approve of this and I’m finally able to understand why they’re so stingy over becoming 3rd party.

  1. It was a very nice video. It must have taken a very long time to make. I really hope the people at LEGO and Nintendo make this a reality. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. STOP saying “leave luck to heaven”
      everyone is laughing at you idiots, it’s not a meme, it’s not a popular saying, it’s not funny

      1. He’s saying the rough translation of the name “nintendo” if you don’t know that then GTFO! Besides it looks cool anyway.

        Leave luck in hell!

      2. “Nin Ten Do” or Japanese for “Leave luck to heaven”. Sigs don’t have to be meme, a popular saying, funny, a song or movie quote or anything. Just a personal signature, thats all.
        Knowing is half the battle.

        1. Thanks for explaining it to him you guys. I wasn’t going to bother, since he didn’t take the time to educate himself before deciding to bash someone over four stupid words.

          1. there’s very few heaters, Man we all love you dude don’t ever stop saying what you do!!

            1. Hey, evil twin. I haven’t been hearing as much from you on the forums these days. What you been up to?

      3. Wii are N-DUB NATION
        favorite quotes from Nintendo,

        now your playing with power
        leave luck to heaven
        wii would like to play.

  2. Zelda is supposed to be meaningful and have a rich storyline that people have loved for years, and they’ll fuck it up in this with cheap-ass laughs like they did in Lego Star Wars.

    1. How does it fuck anything up? You do realise the Zelda that you know and love won’t cease to exist, right? The classic games you grew up on…they’ll always be there, and they’ll always be as good as they were.

      So much needless negativity in the world…

      1. I say a similar thing to people who say about movies that the sequel ruined the entire series… It makes no sense

    2. It’s not a competition to make a LEGO video game. It’s just to get an actual, physical Zelda LEGO set made.

    3. It’s not a competition to make a LEGO video game, it’s to get a physical set of Zelda LEGO made, which I think is a great idea.

          1. No, not really, the only game with a really good story is Wind Waker. Either way they aren’t good storylines to be cherished for years. That’s like saying the Wii’s name to fame is its graphical power. Yes it has decent graphics, but it is blown away by its competition.

            1. You’ve obviously never played Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess or Majora’s Mask. The rest are awesome but as you can tell i’m not bothered to type them all down.

              1. Can I hear an amen! And don’t forget a link to the past as well as some of the other handhelds. And majoras is probably my favorite. My top 3 favorite masks are garo, captains hat, and Bremen mask

    4. You do realize they’re only making LEGO toys, right? No game is or would likely ever be planned. If you don’t want silly jokes, don’t make them when you’re playing with them.

  3. No…it’s foolish to accept. Lego Zelda…I love Zelda dearly but not worth it. It’s makin fun of a great series.

    1. Um you do know nintendo gave rights to another company in the early 1990s to develope a zelda game. And they did one was called “zelda: faces of evil” and is reviewed as the worst videogame ever made. Well one of. If a crap game like that dosent destroy the series then a lego series will do fine.

      1. They did the same thing for the Oracle series on gameboy, and they were ok. On another note, Im not sure about this idea. No personal feelings good or bad on this on.

        1. It wasn’t the same, Nintendo was trying to move away from cartriges to CD’s so they made a deal with philips, the plans fell through because of nintendo so philips had the right to use nintendos Zelda in 3 games, Nintendo had nothing to do with it other than owning zelda. With capcom though, they over look the whole development process, and published it. 2 completly different things.

  4. ewww that’s ugly you compleatly made link ugly idk who made legos in to game but all of there games sucked i watch the previews of it and all of them look so ugly legos sholud stay the same not turn it to a ugly ass video game

    1. Wow you look retarded right now.

      This has nothing to do with Lego Games, it’s just Legos. Like, toys.

  5. Whoa.. omg. what??!?! this wud like amazing, i think… i dunno, people seem to have mixed comments about this, i probs do too…. i mean, we already have some side Zelda games so whats one more? If people say it’s gunna make it into a joke… well what about other Zelda spinoffs, and I’m not gunna name any names since I havn’t played most of them…

    1. this has nothing to do with making a lego video game -.-
      just the toys
      get your ears cleaned people

  6. I feel like this would be a mockery to the Zelda franchise and would probably not be in Nintendo’s best choice. But then again, they did create Paper Mario, so maybe anything goes.

    1. Yeah! How dare Nintendo make a great game and series like they did with Paper Mario?! The bastards!!

      1. I used to play Zelda with my lego as a child… I wish this existed when I was a kid and is a much buy for me even now!

  7. This post thus completes my childhood. Just as long as they: a) don’t make a video game and b) make a Spirit Temple set.

  8. HELL YEAH, A Zelda Lego set would be amazing, and I would be all for a Lego Zelda Videogame, too, if it isn’t developed by Nintendo thus not delaying other Zelda titles. Great news!

  9. Haven’t played with Legos in years. I’m not sure if I would actually get it, but it would sure be cool.

  10. I would totally buy Lego sets with Zelda. Also don’t worry about the actual Zelda games because Nintendo would still make them. Obviously if Lego made a Zelda game it would exist outside the actual time line of Zelda and also would not slow the progress of real Zelda games because it’s not like Nintendo would make them. With all that said I don’t think they would make one because usually Lego games are adaptations of movies. It wouldn’t make sense to make a Lego game of a game. Would they make their own Zelda story or make Lego OoT? Both seem like poor choices.

  11. This sounds awesome! I hope Nintendo approves the Lego Set. But as everyone else is saying, please don’t take making a game out of it into consideration.

  12. Here’s hoping it’ll be approved by both Lego and Nintendo, we need more Nintendo themed Lego sets out there!

    However, it’s not something I’d buy for various reasons.

  13. Are they talking about the game or the lego toys?Either way I’d buy both but wont expect a Zelda Lego game.

  14. Well… LEGO is one of the biggest/richest toy companies in the world. Pretty sure Nintendo will take this seriously. I’m not saying it will be made or not. But they will take it seriously.

  15. I love Legos and I love Zelda. But, in the same sense I love fruit and I love cake and, the combination of those two things is a cluster-fuck of awefulness. Get my point?

  16. The most that would come out of this be a Lego The Legend Of Zelda set of toys Nintendo wouldn’t actually let one of their best franchises over like that. plus lego games are based of movies and shows not other games. Also lego people don’t talk and a majority of the LoZ games need text and and dialoge or else the objective isn’t clear.

    1. Dude, first off, it would be a set of actual LEGOs, not a game. Second, even if was a game, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series of games seem to be fine without dialogue, and they’re movies. Third, why wouldn’t nintendo let this happen. They’ve had plenty of toys about Mario and Zelda before

      1. Dude, first off, thats exactly what I JUST sad. Second, good luck trying to figure out what the next objective is by playing a game of charades, and side-quests would make that even more difficult.

        1. The Star Wars and Indiana Jones games seem to be doing fine without dialogue. If they were making a LEGO Zelda, they wouldn’t be making a zelda styled game, it would be more like the already established LEGO series. Also, if you already assumed that it would just be a LEGO set, why complain about what a game would be like. Also, for one who just yelled at me to think, you might want to do some of that yourself. Nintendo has let their very popular characters be on merchandise plenty of times, why wouldn’t they let the incredibly successful LEGO series use their characters. Why would the LEGO series be
          constrained to just movie? Also, Jesus Christ dude, don’t get so angry over a comment, chill bro.

          1. Nothing in my comment made it sound like I was angry. And all the other Lego games are linear levels like a side-scroller so no dialogue is required unlike the Zelda traditional running-around-a-huge-map kind of style. They would be better off make there own Zelda mock-up. I’m keeping it short, I try not to write an essay to bag on a personal opinion.

            1. Haha jeez dude, your such a sarcastic Jerk! I love it! But I dunno, that THINK! at the end sounded pretttyyy annngrrryyy! Also to talk about the discussion, I doubt they would make a full Zelda game, I think it would be more like a traditional Zelda game.

  17. Seriously, do this. The LEGO games are extremely popular and fun to play, it would be a shame NOT to make this real.

  18. Reading the comments here, you’d think LEGO making Zelda sets were equal to Ubisoft making Rabbids games. Heck, this is the kind of reaction I’d expect people to make over Rabbids LEGO sets.

    Really, some people are just SO afraid to have fun. It’s just gotta be the Adult Link segment of Ocarina in Skyrim, doesn’t it? “Epic” isn’t everything, and I’m glad Nintendo gets that.

    !nevaeh ot kcul evaeL

  19. Why the hell do people think this is for a GAME? It’s for a SET. You know, those plastic things apparently not many people here played as kids. Seriously? Haha at least READ the source before assuming. Would they seriously make a video game for every concept that gets 10,000 votes? Think a little, people haha

  20. Apperantly people have a hard time reading so let me clarify. They are not going to make a Lego videogame like the idiana jones or batman videogames. It’s just going to be Lego Zelda toys that they are going to make. Nothing more nothing less.

  21. I think this will become ‘Too Good for last’, don’t cry until the end(when a PR employee make send a memo that…Nintendo is not interested in those pursits), Miyamoto is pretty Jealous when is Zelda related(even more than with mario) and those thing will not pleased him.

    And i’m not a fan of lego anyway, but looks pretty nice.

  22. An I the only one who thinks this would be cool IMO either as a set or game if Nintendo oversaw the project

  23. I would say that if Lego and Nintendo would do these, they would be more like collectibles not like toys. And I think that Nintendo wouldn’t be that stupid to make a Lego Zelda game that would totally ruin the reputation of the legendary game series.

  24. you…idiots, this is NOT a Zelda Lego Video game, it’s a Zelda Lego set pieces!, think for once you and read the article, You dumb shits!

  25. Not quite sure why some folks are against these possible sets… Zelda merchandise in the US is nearly impossible to find and this may help Nintendo realize fans want it in some form. I’m a little tired of importing all the good Zelda stuff they get in Japan.

  26. omg thank god this is not a game i would have a heart attack and I’m 10 so if they make lego Zelda toys i will buy them first day if they make a game witch Nintendo isn’t stupid an of to do it will ruin Zelda

    1. Please tell me you’ve actually played the originals…for NES, SNES, N64 and GBColor. You shouldn’t complain about it if you’ve only played it on the Wii and 3Ds.

  27. I love how people think Lego Zelda will ruin the series when they are in fact, just Legos. Not a game, but a child’s play thing. The only way Nintendo would approve of an actual Lego Zelda Video game is if Nintendo did the entire thing and Lego just got the credit for the Lego aspect of it, not the storyline, plot, or characters, etc. Lego will only get their name on it for simply being a design concept provided by Lego for Nintendo. I’m pretty sure there are about a million people who customize their own Lego sets to be Zelda related. This isn’t something new but it will awesome if it actually gets approved.

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