Nintendo Says We Won’t Sell Wii U At A Loss

Nintendo designer Katsuya Eguchi has explained that Nintendo won’t be selling Wii U at a loss when it launches later this year. Eguchi fully expects the machine to be profitable from day one, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

“We would like to avoid taking a loss on the hardware, so we are gonna be seriously considering how it is priced”

114 thoughts on “Nintendo Says We Won’t Sell Wii U At A Loss”

      1. No, I’m just saying I don’t know what to say on the matter, is it good, is it bad, does it mean the system is weaker or strong.

        Learn to read

        1. It means nothing about the system at all you, idiot. If we knew this AND the price of the consoles, we could THEN roughly deduce the power of the console.

          Not selling at a loss doesn’t mean anything on it’s own, other than its going to cost more than Microsoft or Sony would sell it for.

          I like how you make the guy who commented to the original comment to be an idiot when you’re the moron who’s all, “durr, I dunno if Nintendo making a profit on the Wii U means its weak or strong, herp derp derp.”

        2. P.S. If you don’t know what to say, why are you posting a comment? Proof that you speak (or type, in this case) without thinking.

          P.S. Nintendo not selling the console at a loss is obviously a bad thing, for you, because that means it costs more money than it would it they sold it at a bit of a loss like the other guys do.

          I’m still amazed at how utterly stupid your posts are. Honestly.

          1. eat penis. sorry excuses of douches. eat dick. choke on the cum. gargle that shit; dont spit it out. i hate illiterate sons a bitches. PS4 FTWWWWWWWW~!!!!!! sony fanboy 4 lyfe

        1. No, it means you’ll pay more. Period. Selling at a loss or breaking even = cheaper than selling it at profit. Always. Period. The end.

          You’re an idiot too. God, this site is full of them.

          1. …That’s not true at all. Nintendo has always gone with the Gilette method of sales; make the razor itself affordable, then profit off the blades. They’re gonna charge the Wii U somewhere between $250-$400 ($300-$350 being more likely) and have games be $50-$60. But people will see it as affordable and buy more. If Nintendo made it $600 and two people bought it, they’re selling less than if they priced it at $300 and 10 people bought it.

    1. Some of my friends think so already, so they’ll wait the WiiU to fail at sales first, then Nintendo will lower the price and then they’ll buy it……………
      WOW! I don’t think that’s a good idea, but many people think this way.

    1. wallet use pay day attack on the wii u…
      *throws shopping bag*
      wii u was bought…

  1. I don’t really want Nintendo to be rich because of their pricetag on Wii U. The price need to be reasonable…

  2. Nintendo, you now have the hardware we’ve all wanted for years, but it is till ALL about the software and always will be.

    Franchises not touched on in this years E3:
    Star Fox
    F Zero

    Just realised I could name a load more but i’m not going to, Nintendo really needs to take a look back at its other franchises other than Mario. Don’t get me wrong I love Mario but I would like to see a new F Zero game that may be on both 3DS and WiiU that interact with each other in some way, Same with Star Fox and maybe even for some of Nintendo less known Franchises.

      1. Announcing one is more than reasonable. Mario doesn’t count because it’s a fucking Wii clone 2d, and Pikimin isn’t a flagship title; it’s not nearly as popular as Mario, Metroid, Zelda, or Star Fox. One of those should have been shown or announced. They dropped the ball there, BIG time.

        1. According to my sources, starfox wasn’t very popular until the 3ds port came, and if Nintendo were to announce a starfox game, they would have started development at least a year ago, which starfox 3ds isn’t. So they wouldn’t have known if it was a flagship title then

            1. Yes he does, he’s saying they wouldn’t start making Starfon on Wii U until they see good sales of Starfox 64 3DS so it wouldn’t be ready to show in this state if they started working on it a year or so ago.

      1. Launch window is launch month + 4 months. Thats through until about March or April of 2013, just going on expected console launch date. None of those franchises have been announced for that timeframe.

        “Soon”? I highly fucking doubt that, unless your definition of soon is “about 6 to 9 months”.

        1. Wahhhh Someones got a penis in his butt Wahhhh and besides Pikmin IS a flagship game. It’s original and there’s a good fan base for that franchise including me.

    1. Traditional theory is that selling at a loss shows confidence in selling potential of software (which obviously requires good hardware sales).

      Selling at a profit typically ensures you cover your ass in case it doesn’t pan out as good as expected (not bombing, but lackluster in comparison to projections).

      So… no.

  3. They don’t want to sell at a loss but they can’t have a ps3 lounge so I’m not really sure what the price will be.

  4. I’m still kinda baffled at why Nintendo chose to sell the 3DS at a loss. I mean, could they not have just sold it at cost? Last August, instead of dropping the 3DS price from $250 down to $170 why not just drop it down to the cost value? Whatever that amount is exactly. If the cost value was say $200 then that is still a good price to buy it at and if they still did that whole Ambassador thing too. If only there was a AAA First-Party game scheduled for release between September and November (when Super Mario 3D Land launched) then Nintendo might have been able to start the chain in sales and maintain that cost price through-out.

    1. They saw the vita as a threat, and righfully so, I’m not saying the 3DS is bad, but if both the 3DS and Vita were at 250 at a store, and I was a graphics whore, (like the majority of gamers) the 3DS still wouldn’t be in my collection.

    2. I vaguely remember reading an article that said the $170 price tag had somehing to do with the iPod. I believe the price of the iPod had dropped to $200 and nintendo didn’t want their handheld being sold at the same price. It also might have had something to do with the vita. They might have thought that $50 might not have been enough of an incentive for someone to choose a 3ds over the vita.

    1. If your crying about $300 – $400 then I think you need to have deep pockets Wahhhh (Oh hey I could give you a hand and tell you many ways to make that easily

      1. Yeah I’m buying 2 and a shit load of games spending at least a 1,000. if you can’t come up with 300 dollar in 6 months get a better job

      2. I think a lot of people are prepared to shell out $300 – $400 for a console, but have been disappointed with the console itself. A LOT of people don’t see why they should even bother.

  5. Well, I (amazingly) do *NOT* want to pay $300 for a new game system. I don’t care how fancy it is; most people can’t afford that these days, and if it’s not priced cheap enough, people just won’t buy it – no matter how much they want to.

    1. That’s better than 15 years ago when a new system usually had a starting cost from $400 to $700. You should probably be thankful these days when new consoles sell for $300-$400 brand new. Don’t worry, within a few 5-6 years, the price of the system will go down to about $100, just like the Wii is now. By then, they just might announce the Wii U2 and THAT will be around $300. The cycle just keeps going on.

    2. Dude that’s only $50 more than Wii’s launch. That IS cheap compared to $400 – $600 for the Xbox and PS3. Unless your a Hypocrite and already bought one of them at that price but wanna complain about $300. Talking about most can’t afford and won’t buy it, you must be talking about yourself. Majority of us already have way more saved for WiiU

    3. Yes, but 30 million people have bought a $500 (at least) device that is severely underpowered compared to a $399 net book and can’t even handle that kind of work even if it is as simple as Word. So you shut that big mouth of yours and stop embarrassing yourself fool. Biggest retard

    4. I assume most of these people above are either kids without jobs or responsibility, liars, people who do not know the state of the world economy, or very coincidentally the two percent of the world’s population with money to spend frivolously on anything they desire.

      You sir, are right. Most people today are very wary of how they spend their money. The economy is in a complete reversal from where it was when the current generation launched.

      Even just the past few years ago when I worked in games retail, everyday people would come in and tell me how they wanted to purchase a PS3 or XBox 360 but many times went for a Wii or used system because it was the cheaper alternative.

      I think if the Wii U isn’t priced accordingly, it may also run into those troubles.

      But then again, this is Nintendo – and like Apple, they have a die-hard following of people who would sell their kidneys, children, house, and souls to throw money into their corporate pockets.

      1. First and foremost of course there’s gonna be that one person like you who comes and calls everyone a kid. Everyone knows the state of the economy but that does’nt mean ppl can’t make a measly $300. There’s millions of ppl still doing fine. So before you just blurt out “oh there kids with no jobs and gets money handed to them” I suggest you do research. I happen to be in my 20s and in the military reserves thank you.

        1. Troll much? Didn’t read beyond the second line did you? I pointed that out.

          I can afford it as well. I own every console, handheld, a high-end gaming PC now and plan on getting the Wii U as well.

          I acknowledged there were those who can purchase it without a problem. But everyone replying to the guy was being disrespectful to his situation saying that he should get a job or shut up because he can not afford to just spend hundreds of bucks without a thought.

          So maybe you should stop and think about what you say first before you say it.

  6. A lot of room for Nintendo to make profit even if they do sell the console at a loss. Their online system does “everything and more” then current online systems so even if their online is free, purchasable points/credit to spend towards games, dlc and special items and such. Nintendo characters have recognizable costumes and I can see this as high unlockables or paid for content for your miis.

    The controllers NFC can also act like the skylanders concept, biggest thing can do is to release Pokemon collectibles for either a full fledged WiiU game or app, they are at what 400+ plus Pokemon? Even released a generation a time at say $10-15(aus), they have moved on from a money tree to a money laser printer.

  7. This sounds like it cost $300-$350 price range. I’m hoping so at least. I think Nintendo will hit the right mark with this. We also need to see value on the software side.The online service must also be free. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. If you ask me, 300 or 400€ is nothing for a system on which I can play games for many, many years.

    I mean, seriously, graphic card for a shitty PC costs that much or even more.

  9. As long as the Wii U is priced between $299.99 and $399.99. No matter what, I’m buying that system! The Nintendo Wii U has the best technology for a game console and can do many things and more.

    Together Wii U

      1. Believe it or not, it is, A LOT of people are trophy and achivement whores, but this only concludes that you don’t own an Xbox, Ps3, or just donve have them online.

  10. I’m a little skeptical on that. True they have a number of great third party games on launch, but most people who are interested with that game have it for other systems. There aren’t that many great original launch titles, so I don’t see a seriously profitable period until they announce some A+ titles.

      1. If it was on wii, then yes, I doubt it’ll touch the number of NSMBwii, call me skeptical but nintendo is trying to please the casual crowed with a more expensive console. the reason apple gets away with it is because its because its a phone.

  11. nintendo is just saying ” we will price it just the way it has to be reasonably priced “…. it not like they are so greedy like apple. Nintendo need to survive! video games is their only business…

  12. Graphics have minor improvements.
    The gpu is just 1 time stronger so 270$ is a good price if above that it will be to expensive.

    1. Your such a retard. There’s video chat, NFC, Mic, cameras, Touch screen, streaming, and plenty of other features. Talking graphics only, Go read a book and get more educated

  13. Hopefully its not $400. I don’t think they’ve convinced near enough people that the system is even worth that much. Oh well, at least it wont be $600 lol

  14. As long as it’s between $300-$400, I am getting it at launch. I am glad they are learning from the 3DS mishap; they shouldn’t continue selling systems as losses.

    To anyone wanting this system, but think it will be expensive, NOW is the time to start saving up. We all have plenty of time until this system launches, which will be later this year, maybe. So use your time wisely and do not just talk or complain about it. This is your chance to get it early.

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