New Super Mario Bros 2 Priced For Nintendo 3DS eShop

New Super Mario Bros 2 will apparently cost you $39.99 if you decide to purchase the game from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. There are a number of ways you can purchase the game. You can either purchase it online, go to your favourite retailer and get a download code, or get it direct from the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $39.99.

177 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros 2 Priced For Nintendo 3DS eShop”

    1. Why would it be cheaper? Most of the time from experience, full retail games online are damn expensive. Mass Effect 3 was about £50, or $90…

      1. Well it should be cheaper 1. Because there’s no box, no inserts no cartridge. 2) because I can’t even get a penny on trade. 3) because Sony sells there’s cheaper online only for Vita!

        1. The biggest reason the price is constant is that retailers would feel threatened by the eShop if it sold games for significantly less. Most companies realize this and so, in order to stay on the retailers’ good sides, keep their digital games the same price.

          The other big idea is that developers get a bigger cut of the money, and with games costing what they do to produce, I’d say that’s a fine philosophy.

        2. I dont understand why it would be more expensive, like with ps3 titles, although theyre more lenient these days, but it still costs money to distribute digitally, plus there will be an added convenience charge. But its all optional, and thats what i like.
          I rarely buy games that i wont play again (unless it was a mistake, looking at you Force Unleashed 2), so i never sell my games.

        3. Sony also sell games on the Vita store at FULL RRP. Last time I checked, FIFA Football (running on FIFA 11 engine) was priced at £44.99, yet can be found in-stores for under £25

      2. Why would it be cheaper??!
        Let’s see…
        No trade.
        Space taken on SD Card.
        No packaging cost.
        You can pay full price if you want, but it’s a fucking waste for me.

        1. Conveniece charge
          Digital Destribution also costs money
          But I agree even 34.99 would be an ideal price for digital games

    2. I had a thought after reading all the comments. What if the 3Ds has a successor that doeant take 3DS cartridges? As long as it takes SD cards I should be able to play my copies of 3DS games on it? If that’s the case, I’ll buy digital. But I miss out on pre-order bonus.. And that’s s downer!

      1. man i wish nintendo can do like if u buy preorder eshop and have a nintendo club then the special pre order bonus will be shipped to u.

      2. You have a point, but this is VERY, unlikely.

        You get 1 point for trying to see the bright side, but I think selling digital downloads at FULL FUCKING price is a shit idea.

    1. NINTENDO need to start accept cards that are outside the USA. I am in Jamaica and cant use my card to buy nothing from the eshop. But amazon accept my card whenever am buying a 3ds game. Please Nintendo do something for your foreign customers.

      Get N or get OUT!!!!

  1. Then what is the point? If you lose your 3DS, you lose your game. So that’s strike one. And now I’d be paying the same prices that I would if I bought it from a retailer? That’s strike two. Nice try, Nintendo.

    1. “If you lose your 3DS, you lose your game.”

      Holy shit, really? If you don’t have the console, you can’t play the game, hmmm… interesting.

        1. I think he was just stating the obvious to the other guy, its like saying i cant play my ps3 games if i loose my ps3.

          But yes, you can redownload games.

        2. you can only re-download if you have the 3DS that you originally downloaded it from. You lose your 3DS, you lose all your downloaded games, because they are tied to your system. annonot no

      1. Nintendo should learn from Apple, if you lose your iOS device sure you can’t play the games but you always can redownload it for free because the purchase is tied to your email account instead of hardware. Is the same is true for 3DS? Because last time I want to reformat my 3DS but then I learned that I won’t be able to redownload all my purchases for free again..

        1. Agreed. If Nintendo did this, I would be A LITTLE less jaded about this.

          Still going to buy retail.

        2. Exactly. Even with iTunes, if you buy something from your account, you have to be logged into that account to play them. So Nintendo could do the same. If you’re not logged into the Nintendo Network account the game was purchased with, you can’t play them. So if they were to make it so you could only be logged into one system (or two, your Wii U and 3DS) with each account, then there’d be no need to worry about people sharing.

          And if you were to lose your system, when you log into your new system, it could simply say, “This account is currently logged in, would you like to deactivate the other system?” You say yes and the account is deactivated on the other system, preventing whoever finds it from playing your games. They’d have the system, but not the games.

    2. Then what is the point? If you lose your cartridge, you lose your game. So that’s strike one. And now if I wanna continue playing the game, I gotta buy it again? That’s strike two. Nice try, Thomas.

      No offense btw. But hey, I’ma buy the physical copy, just because I feel like I got more for the same price, and it’s nice on a library ;)

      But the point of digital, and that’s pretty convenient: you don’t need to carry a gamecard case wherever you go, or plan which games you think you’ll feel like playing when you’re on-the-go. You always have them with you.

      1. That’s just stupid. If your 3DS slips from your pocket, you lose YOUR ENTIRE LIBRARY. With no way of getting it back. Even if you buy a new 3DS. That’s crap. If I were to lose my 3DS right now, I’d lose ONE game. Plus the eShop stuff. That’s one game I have to re-buy. As for the “you can lose your cartridge” nonsense. If you’re walking around with your entire 3DS library, you deserve to lose your games since you’re obviously a moron.

        And, honestly, this makes a strong argument FOR digital. If Nintendo were to find a way so your purchases are tied to an account, well, then you’d never lose your games. Even if your 3DS is lost. And that’s a plus, IMO. It’d probably make me want to by digital, actually. Because then they could even make them playable on any future handhelds that have no DS game-slot. You’d be able to keep your game forever. Because digital will outlast a cartridge.

        But until they make it account based, not system based, I’m not willing to risk that. Sorry. Which is a shame because, if they did, digital sales would be ideal.

        1. Humm…. that was my point. Nintendo announced 3DS eShop will be account based with the arrival of Wii U (which will also be account based). So, thanks for saying I’m right.

          Oh, and also : I guess you never took the plane, but I’m no moron to want to play more than one game for a 10+ flight.
          So yes, I do carry my gamecard case with me on some occasions, and if I had to lose that case, adios $$$$$.

          Bye, Thomas :)

  2. I was thinking about get digital… but this just turned me over to physical.

    But the good thing is, when this game is no longer in print in five to ten years, people will still be able to buy and download it. That’s what I love about Nintendo’s plans to do both digital and physical.

    1. Nintendo is testing how customers respond to Digital Software Downloads. If Digital does well then they will phase out Retail copies because it will make it way more profitable for them. Less so for the Customers who in the end won’t be able to buy cheaper used copies anymore

    1. Roughly £25 but as games here in the UK are pretty unfairly priced you can expect to pay £35. If you’re lucky.

      1. If you want to talk about unfair prices, come to Australia. The AU$ matches the US$ pretty much 1:1, but games like Twilight Princess here are still about $99, or $79 preowned.

    1. really u did not expect that there will be a cheaper than the other, common be real here, plus keep in mind nintendo does this special deal like discount on the eshop if not noticed from time to time.

  3. Until there is incentive to buying digital, I will continue purchasing in retail wherever I can.

    In ten years when I want to play New Super Mario Bros 2 – is Nintendo going to allow me to “re-download” it? I’m not willing to take that chance and would rather have a physical copy to use.

    1. well there the retail ver, plus nintendo does special deal in eshop if u have not noticed, like discount for a limited time.

  4. As long as the digital version is the same quality as the physical copy, I don’t mind the prices being identical.
    I don’t care THAT much about a box and manual, after all, even though they are nice to have.

    1. I love Nintendo, and will be buying retail, but it’s nice to know someone is stupid enough to support their digital version.

      Thanks for investing in the software-only so they can afford to keep selling me the cartriges.

        1. Seriously, they could knock 15 – 20% off the price to encourage digital download.

          Compensate us for saving them cost in materials to make the case and the CARTRIDGE, which we know costs money as Capcom used as an excuse to charge more for Revelations. (Larger Cart = more material cost.)

          No reason to charge 100% for digital.

          Honesty, I think this will change. Once Nintendo takes a hit in the balls from charging 100% retail, we’ll see a small discount soon enough.
          Nintendo isn’t stupid, they will discount digital software when they notice we are not paying retail cost for it.

  5. Why are people bitching that the download is the same price as the retail? It’s the exact same fucking game on both mediums, so why decrease the price? Just because?

      1. no dude that makes no sense this is nintendo not 3rd party keep in mind everyone knew that it will be the same as retail, same game same price.

  6. I could have sworn they had already said it would cost the same as retail…

    Anyway, I see no incentive to going digital. As well as the cost being the same for something objectively less valuable, 3DS still notably lacks any real online profile; if your 3DS got stolen or lost or something like that, any games you may have downloaded are straight up gone. Unless Nintendo do something abut this soon, selling full retail games like this is a ticking timebomb waiting to go off

    1. thats what im saying but people say these excused that it has to be cheaper than retail. why would nintendo make it expensive only on retail but not keep it the same price.

  7. Is the Wii U three gamecubes ducktaped together that uses an ipad for the controller (to replace the hideous and uncomfortable gamecube controller?)

        1. @stupid and wannabe Analyst, youre a fucking moron and disgrace to successful trolls everywhere on the net PETERIUSS…

  8. What!? It should be CHEAPER. You’re JUST paying for the game. No packaging, no shipping, and no box. I thought I’d get it off the eShop but that ain’t happening now.

    1. It still costs money to put games on a digital store.
      Also, its possible theres a kind of convenience charge

  9. Im not from america so i dont know, but if this costs the same as buying a physical copy, then fantastic. One of my negative thoughts on digital is that the games, or at least new releases are always overpriced, but if its the same, and hopefully the same with all the WiiU titles, then i’ll be very happy and may buy more games digitally than i currently do, will just need a hard drive (not like a 500gb hardrive for £40 is going to destroy my wallet)

    1. Because there’s the cost of packaging, the cost of the manual and other inserts, the cost of the actual cartridge itself that holds the game, and the fact that the retail price includes a margin added on by the retailer to make a profit from whatever price nintendo sell it to them at. Ofcouse even then it shouldn’t be cheaper, because retailers probably wouldn’t bee too happy about that…and this way Nintendo can squeeze more revenue out of each sale. They’re not really in a comfortable enough position for it to be a good idea to pass the benefits of a lower cost onto us, it’s better at the moment if they give themselves the extra money.

  10. I think itll be cheaper for me, as I dont live in USA, so games are obvioulsy imported and more expensive, so it might be a good option for me

    1. hmmm…. unlike Steam, you gotta pay taxes on the eShop right? I mean…. on every purchase I made on the eShop, there was a damn tax…

  11. I really don’t see why people are getting upset. While I wish it was cheaper at least there are some pros to downloading it digitally. One, this is convenient for people who live far away from game stores etc to where they don’t have to drive far out just to get a game and it saves gas. Also you don’t really have a risk of losing the game as easily either. And for the people who say they lose the game if they lose their 3DS well don’t be so clumsy with your stuff and also Nintendo intends to use Nintendo Network soon for the 3DS and the Wii U. It basically allows you to have a personal account that you can log into on any 3DS system and you can redownload it if you want to. So you can pretty much always have your games if you just log into your account on any system. I know there are some cons like not being able to resell digital games but if you plan on reselling it then don’t buy it digitally.

  12. I think I would only buy a digital copy of a game that I knew would be a sell out kinda game. Like anything they would do a midnight release for or any old game that would be really difficult to locate.

    1. Often theres good deals online too, Steam are pretty famous for that (They sold Skyrim for about $15)
      But also, ive seen and bought alot of packaged deals, where the game has all the DLC, and extra content, like Deus Ex 3, and theyre normally damn cheap too, i saved about £15 one time

  13. What the hell is the Wii u guys? Is it a hedgehog and badger half breed with a screen attached that makes the nes graphics hd?

    1. Get a fucking life.

      And no, it is not a Sonic and badger half breed that makes NES graphics HD, it is a successor to the Wii that’s HD, has two screens, and more.

      Bah, why I am bothering replying, anyways. You are a fucking idiot.

  14. Well it looks like I will buy the actual game…physical. I think that it is
    bullshit that ninty didn’t make the game $10 cheaper. they didn’t have to make any retail copies for it, they didn’t have to print the papers that go inside it, they didn’t have to make anything. The little time they gave, to make this game available for download, is not worth the price. How is the game just as expensive?

    You can’t even share the game with siblings if you dl it. So for my brother to be able to play the game, and me play a different game on my 3ds, it would be impossible. So lets see, a heavy price, for a non-touchable, non-shareable, less-streetpassable game? I’ll go for the one that gives me and my family a way to share it on our own 3ds’s.

    The only redeeming quality is the fact that you can’t lose it. does that justify the cost? No. If someone steals your 3ds and you get a new one then you have to re-buy the game/s. That will be another 40. Least you have a chance of the game not being in ur 3ds when it is stolen.

    I’m looking at this the same way at look at Microsoft and Sony. Don’t make the game downloadable unless it meets with a price lower than that of retail. I seen 5 stores 2 years after gta4 came out, listed as $20. If you buy the game digital it cost you $40. What is that shit? That is for a new game to. If you are gonna make the game nonrefundable then we need to see the return on investment immediately

  15. We’ll… Fuck downloading it.
    Buying the cartridge =
    1.) Trade in of about 30% (ESPECIALLY on a Mario game)
    2.) Save space on my SD card. (more space for movies.)
    3.) I live in the country with limited download data… If I’m paying the same fucking price, I’m buying the cartridge.

  16. Nintendo has always been about profit Be grateful you cheap asses don’t have to pay taxes when u go to a gamestop or walmart. You complain about everything nintendo is doing things right like catering to the hardcore or hiring namco bandai to work on super smash bros. Give em’ a break, go socialize, get laid anything else. There is a reason that after 110 year+ they are still in business and are the leaders in innovation.

    1. I do have to pay taxes dumb-shit.

      What fucking country are you from?

      PS, Just because Nintendo has been around for a century, doesn’t mean they never made a bad decision. They fuck up sometimes, and this is one of those times. (Unless it’s the developers responsible trying to pull in a little more cash.

  17. I got something that some of you might want to know on the GAME UK website they are selling the retail version for £29.99

  18. By the way, Nintendo will NOT let you re-download the game if you lose your DS, or if it is stolen.

    Yippee ki-yay Mother-Fuckers. Keep defending digital downloads @ RETAIL price if you’re stupid enough.

    1. Nintendo still need to say how exactly Nintendo Network is going to work. They’re probably going to launch it together with NSMB:2. It’s kinda obvious it’ll have an account system, like Live and the PSN, so you can link your games to your account.

      1. Granted – You are talking about the possibility Nintendo will change their policy.

        If this happens, I won’t be as Jaded, but even so, 100% retail value is rediculous.

    2. actually they will. my ambassador 3ds was stolen, and i bought a newer one, and i had nintendo transfer all my ambassador games to my 3ds. i faxed them a copy of the police report i filed when my original 3ds was stolen and they needed that as proof to back up my claim. that and the fact that it was connected to my club nintendo account, so when you log in all my ambassador games show up. key element you need to have if your 3ds is stolen is a POLICE REPORT of the incident. give that to nintendo, and they will gladly transfer all of your stuff over.

  19. Well, going to physical, then.

    Also, if you’re bitching about losing NSMB2 and your 3DS, well, wait until Nintendo Network.

  20. based on personal experience so far.. i already lost my 3ds once with all my downloaded games from the eshop on there…. GUESS WHAT.. bought a new one logged in to my account and BAM.. REDOWNLOADED everything… AGAIN

    1. False. If you lose your DS, or it is stolen, you cannot re- download.

      You’re either lying, or Nintendo made an wxception for you.

      Call Nintendo. Ask them yourself. I had the exact OPPOSITE experience.

      1. He may have re-downloaded everything BUT not without having had to pay for it again, unless he only downloaded free stuff.

      1. Ok let this be easily explained: 1: your complaining to nintendo about a digital game on one page, do you think your opinion changes this? 2: For people complaining about the manual, every game has a digital one. 3: This is Nintendo’s fault. Ever since their beginning they gave very great game’s and game systems. You complaining over 5-10$ over a digital copy, your being ungrateful for how much this company has given. If you dislike the digital copy, DON’T BUY IT. You have your choice. You don’t have to complain for something so small. -.-

  21. at least give a small saving. if its the same price then id rather walk into a shop and pick up a physical copy that has a value.

  22. if the game has a high replay value and is addictive, i’ll download it. it’s nice to have those quick games to play that you dont have to take out the card that is already in your system just to play that one game really quick and carry around a bunch of 3ds cards

  23. I just want to buy a physical card game, and save it to my SD car for ease of access. This can easily be done, and they better do it!

    You hear me Nintendo!

    Pro’s and con’s

    Retailer, The Pro’s of hardcopy
    Can be traded in for value, or sold.
    Can let others borrow.
    Can get Pre-Order Bonus collector Items.
    Can have Instruction manual booklet of the game with in game art.
    Can have the Box to showcase collection on shelf, with box art.
    Can have High or low Value of games in the future,can go up or down.
    Can have a cheaper price than digital.
    Can be found used, and at a cheaper value.

    Digital, the pro’s and con’s of Digital copy.
    Won’t get lost, unless you lose your system.
    Never swap games around, unless memory full.
    Games will not break on you.
    More portable.
    More expensive?
    No Pre-order bonus items?
    Can’t trade in for credit,cash, value.
    Price of game will always remain the same online stores, unless discounted.
    Slow internet means slow download of games.
    Save files created to take up more space on your system.

  25. actually its cheaper buying it from the eshop because you dont have to worry about taxes from buying it from retail.

  26. I think a lot of people here are thinking just a tad bit too much. Digital copy=convenience. Retail copy=OOO, MANUALS! Screw you’re preference of retail copy. Digital alllllll theeeee wayyyyyyyyyyy. No respond please, couldn’t give less of a crap about opinions/additional information.

    1. respond… your going to be bored with it. that or when ever you go to sell it, you better hope they will buy it for more than what just a 3DS is worth cause of the games on it. Retail = trade for different games

  27. Wow so the basic difference between a digital or phsyical copy is wether or not you gte off your ass or not to buy it

  28. personally i would rather get the retail version but i live far away from stores that sell games. so, (cant believe im saying this) im gonna have to go w/ digital copy

  29. so let me get this straight. i can order this from amazon for $39.96 and get the retail copy, or I can go into the eShop and pay $39.99 for a file that I download? Not exactly how this is supposed to work nintendo.

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