New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS eShop $39.99 Price Tag Removed

Nintendo has removed the $39.99 price listing for New Super Mario Bros 2 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Whether this means that they priced the game at the wrong price point remains to be seen. Would you pay $39.99 for a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros 2, or would you just purchase it cheaper online?

108 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS eShop $39.99 Price Tag Removed”

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                    1. How about you all stfu, cheaper price point for download is good for everyone.
                      Maybe not retail or nintendo, but not like it’s costing them billions! they are selling a copy and past download job to each person.

              1. Typical American? I doubt you’ve even been to America with that statement xD you’re country must be an amazing place

          1. I am married and living off one income. Sadly I cannot get every game I want. But am I a bad person for trading games with people on craigslist to save a few bucks? I think that there should be a little discount if u purchase it online because they are saving money, so why shouldn’t us as the consumer get to save some money aswell. U can’t resell a digital copy which lowers the value of the digital download. The only benefit to downloading a digital copy is that u don’t have to wait outside for a midnight launch. I think nintendo will have discounts once they see that only 5% of people are buying digital copies

    1. Have you lost your mind? That is too expensive for a DIGITAL download when there is no costs involved with books, box, box art etc etc etc…

          1. Funny how I actually have a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 yet I like all of them, so how can I be a fanboy when I’m just pointing out that most games on PSN are more expensive than this price for NSMB2.

            1. Wow you are getting ripped off, psn games on the states are at least $5 cheaper, and for PS+ user, their like $15 cheaper.

            2. yeh sure you do. Easy to say i HAVE ALL 3 CONSOLES HERP DERP

              Dont be ashamed to be a fanboy. I am too! Join me… the better side of gaming

  1. People are saying that they removed the price to cover the mistakes they did in the brazilian eShop.
    First they put a price tag too cheap to be true, then they removed it and said the brazilian price will be revealed later, then they said latin america wont receive it through eShop and finally they remove the north american price tag.


  2. For full retail games, I will ALWAYS buy the physical if it is the same price. It’s just more options, I can sell or trade the game once I’m done. Which is why, I think, pricing them the same would be a “trial” on Nintendo’s part to see how it affects demand.

    The question Nintendo is trying to answer: are most people like me, or do they overvalue the simplicity of having everything downloaded.

  3. Would you get Club Nintendo Stars/Points/Coins if you purchased the digital download version through the Nintendo eShop?

      1. No, it will automatically go to your account. If you purchase digital games (like Bomb Monkey), it automatically sends the registration and post play automatically. So I would assume it would be the same for full fledged games.

      1. This is a FULL RETAIL TITLE. In other words, NSMB2 would be much bigger in size than your run-of-the-mill VC or DSiWare title. So I bet it would take much longer than five minutes. I know on my 3DS it takes its sweet time when it downloads games and demos.

        1. Get a fast net connection then. They come cheap nowadays. 20 quid monthly here which is around 25 dollars if your a Yankee

          1. I personally have a high-speed wireless connection, but with the way my house is I can only get awesome signal on my 3DS in only certain parts of it. Oh, Yankee and proud. ;)

            1. Proud of your president lieing to you about not going to war? ;)

              on topic: Just leave your ds on download in those certian parts :P

  4. $39.99, either way. It doesn’t matter, you’re still paying for the same game. One is a just a physical cartridge while the other is digital and always linked to your account. Either way, you’re still getting the game itself. While I would most likely stick with buying physical copies for 3DS, I don’t see why paying the same price for a digital version of the exact same game is such a problem.

          1. Nintendo does keep track of your account though. How else would they be able to restore everything you purchased in case if your 3DS is stolen and a police report is provided?

    1. PSN and XBL charge the same as retail.. :/ Actually the prices rarely go down even if the retail copy goes down….. so maybe if nintendo does to the digital copy cheaper it would send a message that it’s ok.. Because they don’t have to put as much money into a digital release as they would a physical copy. to me it seems kind of greedy to pay the same when you don’t get the same content.. if Nintendo was smart they would want to make it cheaper because it would be a big incentive for people to but it. Plus the added benifit of the digital copy not being able to be resold.

  5. I still need a full eShop account to want to buy digital. I’m just not doing it. It’s hard enough buying the eShop games without having an account, but now they want me to buy an actual, full game? I’m not spending $40 on one game without there being a website that I can go to, log-in, and see EVERYTHING I purchase digitally. Nintendo wants to go there but once again they’re doing things half-ass. Do it right or don’t bother.

  6. That’s the price they were planning though. Might have something to do with other countries stores converting the price automatically, while Nintendo isn’t even sure they’ll make the digital offers available there

  7. I’m on the fence when it comes to this type of stuff, I like downloading games but at the same time I like to buy the retail games. I don’t care how I get it, just as long as the price is better digitally than the physical copy of the game.

  8. Yes!! Excelent price! 40 bucks for download ia great, imagine guys that here in Argentina a retail game cost 70 us dollars.

    For us is GREAT!

  9. Off Topic: Hello there everyone.. just wanted to ask about Level 5’s Fantasy Life? Any news? That’s the game I’m very much interested in.

    the game appears to me as:

    Harvest Moon – Rune Factory

    Animal Crossing – Fantasy Life

  10. $40 is WAY too much. in fact even if it’s $20 i still won’t download it. i want a physical copy i can play on both my 3ds and 3dsxl. i also want copies to send to my nephews and neices as gifts (as they don’t have the mental prowess to handle the downloading side of things at their age – and neither do the clueless parents). there are so many reasons why a physical copy is better. i can lend it to a friend for a week or two and get it back. i can do this for the rest of my life. if i hate the game, i am also able to list it on an auction site, or trade it in at my nearest games store.

    1. i also want to add it to my impressive and beautiful collection. i can’t imagine a memory card big enough to handle all future games in digital form.

  11. I wouldn’t really understand why they’d sell it for the same price digital. You’re not getting the box, cartridge, manuel, etc. If Ninty wants to make something that has been going on for years a huge deal, they might want to lower the price of the digital release a little bit. But oh well

    1. Pssh I don’t think this game is worth $40 to begin with. Its the exact same game but with the raccoon suit and pointless coins

  12. honestly im not to excited for this game, i’d rather save my $$$ for Kingdom hearts 3D, Heros of ruin, and pokemon black and white 2.

    1. heros of ruin is a very short game. Its pretty dissapointed for a hack and slash dungeon type game. Overpriced for such little content

        1. Normally, I disagree with Nintendo hate, but I agree with this. NSMB as a series is the same game over and over. You played one and you played them allPlus, unlike 3D Marios, they get boring and repetitive.

          1. Id say true, but this one looks really cool. Isnt the game basically about collecting 1 million coins? Thats awesome, coins do fuck all in Mario these day, especially in Galaxy, its just star bits

            1. I’d actually say the opposite. I think U actually looks decent with varied worlds like the Van Gogh one and cool power-ups like Baby Yoshi. I think 2 looks like a rehash with the same levels and music as the old one. Also, if it involves coins so much, why not make it a Wario game? just my opinion though

              1. Frankly I’m more exited fore NSMBU than this one. this one seems very similar to NSMBDS in level designs. I think nintendo should’ve made a 3D Mario game for the Wii U, but I can’t wait for NSMBU.

          2. thats not true cuz the president of nintendo announced that when NSMB2 was released they would make new levels that you could get off of internet.

  13. 39.99$ seems way too high for a rehashed NSMB game. Plus, why are the digital versions as much as the store versions? Can’t they give us a discount since we’re not getting anything physical (the game, case, and booklet?) I’m getting the most bang for my buck, so if I do get this game (prolly) I will get the in store version.

    1. Its not rehashed. Call of Duty games are rehashed not a Mario game where the last in the series came out SIX years ago. You’re dumb.

      1. If by six years ago, you mean a little over two, then yes they are six years apart. They are very rehashed. No new gimmicks at all, the exact same soundtrack, no new worlds (the desert world is world 2 AGAIN), no new graphics or styles, its just not creative. Where’s my online mode? where are my new level tropes? Where are the creative ideas and gimmicks? Where’s the new music? Where’s different attributes for different characters, and where’s the challenge. And hey, at least COD doesn’t release two games that are the exact same in the same year.

        Also, don’t try to tell me Mario doesn’t rehash. When COD releases 35 games in the span of a generation excluding remakes and ports, come talk to me.

  14. $39.99 for a digital copy of course not i would rather buy the physical copy compare to the over price digital

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