New Super Mario Bros 2 Coin Collecting ‘Isn’t A Gimmick’

Matt Ryan from Nintendo of Canada has told Mario Hat that the coin collecting aspect of New Super Mario Bros 2 isn’t the gimmick that a few publications have made it out to be. Ryan says that it’s like hitting the jackpot in a casino, and will result in plenty more 1up’s – which ultimately makes the game a lot easier for inexperienced players.

“It’s not the same with a gimmick. It’s not a ‘gimmick,’ it’s the jackpot. That’s what it is, no doubt; you are collecting coins like crazy in that game. It’s insane how many coins you’re going to collect; the amount of 1UPs you’re going to get are going to help you, yes, but it’s like hitting the jackpot because there’s coins everywhere. And Gold Mario is able to throw gold fireballs, which allow you to gold everything else.

“There’s basically every single opportunity to get coins that you could possibly think of, and you want to get them all.”

138 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros 2 Coin Collecting ‘Isn’t A Gimmick’”

    1. that would be nice in a mario game that’s not mario kart or any other franchise, just a plain mario game.

    1. Is there a reason to bother getting coins aside from lives? Are some stages only accessible if you’ve collected so many coins or what?

  1. I find this to be actually bad.
    In the NSMB Wii, I got 99 lives before world 3. All NSMB games are just to easy. I would rather have some challenge than 99 lives and 99999 extra that didn’t count.

      1. No, he has a point. Playing Super Mario 3D Land, my lives always went up without exploits. If you have more than 300 lives in a game without using exploits, it’s just too easy.

        1. and i had the max lives in that game by the time i was done with it

          sure as hell wasn’t by world 3 though, as i didn’t exploit the game

          which is that i was talking about

    1. Wario isn’t in it, the cover is photoshopped. The coins he’s holding are a different colour to the others and that pose is taken straight from another game.

      1. Also the question mark blok he’s standing on is the same size as him. That block isn’t in the background as it’s the same size as the one infront of Luigi with the gold flower on it. So either the gold flower is huge, or Wario is tiny. Clearly fake.

        1. I work at gamestop and i have a buddy of mine that works at nintendo world here in ny and that is the actual factual box art for NSMB 2. deff not fake

  2. They should make it so you won’t get a life every 100 coins then, make it like every 500 or something,

    1. yeah. hell, coins shouldn’t give lives at all. I’m pretty sure nobody wants another easy as fuck nsmb game.

      1. Without giving lives, coins become pointless. It isn’t like the NES days where actions were worth points and games kept score.

  3. Oh yes it is.

    They’re using the coins exactly like they would use any other gimmick. “Oh, look at this new cool feature! Coins everywhere! On the cover, coin fireballs, coins on the box, we’ll even make the box gold like a coin! And he’s a pre-order bonus, it’s a coin!!!” THAT IS WHAT A GIMMICK IS. Exactly what a gimmick is.

    And, you know what, I don’t want an easy game. I don’t want unlimited lives. I want a challenge.

    1. Zzzz seriously, does any care? Is Mario Galaxy a gimmick because its in space? You collect coins, so what, its called GAMEPLAY CHANGES. You probably have no idea what they are though

      1. Its a gimmick because its not changing the core aspects of the game as galaxy did but only multiplying something that has been in the game ever since the first with the reasoning that we are going to make this piss easy for everyone and then we can appeal to the mass market if the coins did something completely new and the extra lives system was moved up from 100 coins to 1000 coins then it wouldn’t be a gimmick in the e3 trailer the person playing the demo got more than 5 lives in fewer than 5 minutes and that just seems to easy to me and after the incredibly easy SM3DL I will not buy this game.

        I’m not trolling i have been playing Nintendo systems almost all of my live i just want to share my views about this game

          1. What I like about it is that we can develop strategies to beat EVERY SINGLE STAGE. Yes yes, i like that kind of challenge. It’s like Pikmin 1 trying to do a speed-run.

            About NSMW2: Oh this stage.. Hmm, should I get these coins here, jump there, hit the switch and rush back to get the coins on the top, or should I just go forward get the coins that pooped there and finish the game? Which method will make me more profitable? Should I go for my current coins and finish early to get the additional bonus time converted in coins, or take those extra 10 seconds to get that bunch of coins?

            Sharing my records will friends and people over the internet will be fun. Watching on YouTube how they did it will be even more fun. :)

          2. Sorry, I accidentally made my post as a reply to yours. I wanted it to be a reply to the topic itself. Peace out!

              1. i gotta be honest, I don’t want a piss-easy. I still remember the Super Mario bros 3 days when 2D Mario was challenging.

          3. It’s not even close to ‘entirely different’. It’s exactly the same but with more coins. Total gimmick. Not impressed.

            1. Oh shut up, its different, it doesnt matter what level of different it is, its better the the WiiU version, that literally is the same game, im not even buying it, but id buy the 3DS one, it sounds look. “Collect 1 million coins”, what not to like about that?! Thats geniunely a new idea, using an object we always see in Mario as a main gameplay feature.
              Gimmick is a stupid word anyway, its mainly just used by fanboys and haters who dont think Nintendo are doing anything new. “oh the Wii is a gimmick”, no, i controlled a sword with one to one motion, and it made the gameplay incredible, fuck no is it a gimmick.

              1. The game still doesn’t offer challenge. in fact, giving me OVER 9000 1-ups in ever level will make this game way too easy for me to fully enjoy it. i am getting f-ing tried of New Super Mario bros, I just want a game designed after Super Mario World with the flying cape and all.

          4. but it’s part of a mode not vital to the main game closing it off to a small part of gameplay if it was restircted to only the coin rush then i would whole heartedly support it but as the coins are in the whole of the game then it makes the game easier forcing long time Mario fans to have little challenge in the game now if the game was incredibly difficult (e.g. donkey Kong country) then the lives system would not be a problem because you would be losing lives almost as fast as you got them.

            My main point would have to be that in the main game the coins are a gimmick to get people lots of lives so that the game is much easier

      1. You’re gonna tell me that Nintendo doesn’t do gimmicks? They’ve done nothing but for the last generation.

          1. Gimmicks are what developers use in lieu of innovation.
            That’s why they are bad and by extension, why we -act- like they’re bad.

            1. When they dont have innovation? Oh, sorry Thomas Edison, sorry they cant come up with something that totally turns gaming upside down with every game. Seriously, shut the fuck up, you just sound pretencious. Its a new feature, a new way to play the game, “gimmick” or not, its cool.

  4. But it is a gimmick. Its something special specifically to this game, they’re making a big deal out of it, hell, even the pre order bonus is a coin. It is a gimmick. Nothing wrong with that, but it is.

    Ah whatever. The only thing that could really make me consider buying it would be online co-op, but that doesn’t seem likely.

  5. Putting Wario on that boxart made me think to myself, “They could get away with this if it were a Wario Land game, seeing as that fits in with not only with his character, but potentially the game’s plot.”

    Then it struck me – forget New Super Mario Bros., they need to make a new Wario Land game on 3DS.

    1. And it needs to be like Wario Land 3, not those stupid “run back to the start” type Wario Land games. Seriously, Nintendo, why mess with what wasn’t broken?

  6. they really should have up the challenge by not making the 100 coins equals a 1-up. that million coins prize better not be lame when some nerd accomplishes it in an hour.

    1. I think its a cool idea to get 1 million coins. Lets face it though, did you ever not have over 99 lives on a mario game after an hour?

      1. Ya mean newer Mario games. The older ones it was much more difficult to get 99 lives in unless you did a lives trick, hell it wasn’t possible to keep track in Mario 1 and 2Jp

            1. In SMW it’s easy to get extra lives. I’ve gotten up to 999 in the GBA version. TOP SECRET AREA FTW!!!!!!!!!! XD

                1. I was kind of joking, but yeah, SMW was REALLY hard to beat. I did every level, all alternate exits, and all Yoshi Coins. Took a hell of a lot longer than it did to beat SM3DL. Says a lot about current Mario games.

      2. no. I don’t play those games to hunt for lives. I play them to beat them as fast as I can. with this million coins gimmick the replayability is going to be really high for this game.

  7. Perhaps they giving so many lives because the game is hard so the lives will basically be a soft cusion to fall on so you dont feel like a failure when u get game over & make you wanna keep trying thats maybe what they trying to pull but who knows

  8. isn’t there the gold rush mode? i think they said you only have one life in that, so that could add some challenge. anyway, it sounds as though this game is going to be about getting a high score, not just beating it.
    as for all the lives, a lot of platformers nowadays could do without them. after all, many of them save after every stage…that kind of makes lives a little pointless.

  9. It took me to get to world 2 to have the 99 lives limit on Mario Galaxy…i dont think good player of Mario have a problem with more lives, isnt not Donkey Kong Country or Rayman Origins

  10. come on nintendo, i love you and all, and i will buy your game cause i’ve been craving for a 2d mario game for a while… but the coins are a gimmick, and you’re making your games too easy, 3D land was amazing, super fun, but i dont even know how the game over screen looks like, i would really love a challenge, and a warioland game :B

    1. btw, i really hate you ‘person that photoshopped the box art’ i actually googled it to see if wario really was there xD

  11. Most of you can clearly tell, but it is obvious that Wario is fake on there. He has no shadow when everything else does. Just trying to clear the air with the few people getting confused, but I would love a side scrolling Mario with Wario. The coin thing is a nice idea. There’s not too much to add to a classic Mario and I am just glad something is new.

  12. “and will result in plenty more 1up’s” We don’t need more of this! They might as well give us infinite lives and take out the game over screen.

    1. I….actually wouldn’t have a problem with that. Lives are dumb anyway. They were something used back in the arcade days to eat up more quarters. Now they’re used to send you back an arbitrary part of the level that you just got through. They really need to pull an Origins where the game could be difficult, but not stupidly frustrating. It would actually allow Ninty to make their games harder because they could make the level design more challenging without worrying about newcomers constantly getting game overs.

        1. Seriously, the Livid Dead level..ughghhhhhhh, im so glad lives were taken out. Im not actually sure what harder, Origins or DKC Returns

  13. The Galaxy games made me mad. Every time you save and reload, your lives are at 5 again. Wtf? Why even waste time finding secrets and exploring to find every last 1up and coin when it’ll be gone when you reload? Like “oh there is a 1up over there but it takes exact timing and effort… which will be irrelevant tomorrow. It makes the object to get a star as fast as possible because there is no reason to really explore.

    1. That pissed me off too. Until i realised i didnt need them. Except for Luigi’s fucking purple coins level in 1, and THAT level in 2…the master course or whatever its called

  14. It is bad. The coin thing is overtaking the whole game. It shouldn’t all be revolving around coins. Even the decorations are gonna be coins! Its to obsessive,i’m signing up nintendo for therapy.

  15. Sorry, Matt Ryan, but by it’s very definition a “gimmick” is an aspect used to sell an idea or product. This is not inherantly bad, as it can also be defined as “an ingenious device/mechanic.” Whether it’s empty or not comes down to the people behind the idea/product.

    Where said gimmick falls flat can be summed up by a line from Futurama’s The Scary Door: “A casino where I’m always winning? That’s boring.” Sure a thrill can be gotten in recieving those hard-to-get coins, but the audience with the patience to “get them all” is more limited than the audience for NSMB Wii or Wii U. Too, the core audience could have been sold on the idea of getting less lives, making the game harder, but based on this statement it doesn’t sound like this game will have such a feature, even as an option.

  16. So… Does Nintendo think that coins are the reason we’ve been buying Mario games all this time? That we ascribe some kind of value to them? ……Really? “Jackpot”? I…. Don’t even.

  17. TIME TO MAKE A TOP 12 Reason Nintendo sucks lists:
    1.Force feeding gimmicks while lying
    2.Fantards defending lying company intrest over their own…………….

    1. Well you got to 2 and they were both bullshit.
      Seriously, i wouldnt mind if people came on here and hated, as long as they gave a vaild point, but everyone just act like theyve got brain damage from microsoft skull fucking them too much

  18. What I like about it is that we can develop strategies to beat EVERY SINGLE STAGE. Yes yes, i like that kind of challenge. It’s like Pikmin 1 trying to do a speed-run.

    About NSMW2: Oh this stage.. Hmm, should I get these coins here, jump there, hit the switch and rush back to get the coins on the top, or should I just go forward get the coins that pooped there and finish the game? Which method will make me more profitable? Should I go for my current coins and finish early to get the additional bonus time converted in coins, or take those extra 10 seconds to get that bunch of coins?

    Sharing my records will friends and people over the internet will be fun. Watching on YouTube how they did it will be even more fun. :)

  19. @flintwood how will it be good? Better yet give me several . reasons this game will differ from the others besides graphics? Heck I can collect coins in smb 3 :). We can play this game with all their ips except pikmin…nintendos the ogs of cod stagnants

    1. “i can collect coins in smb3″

      I even gave Black Ops 2 a chance (yes, really), i liked what they were saying. Come E3, nope, still boring shit. If you know NOTHING about the game, shut your fucking trap, open your god damn eyes, pull your hands and head out of your ass, and go on the internet and LOOK. AT. THE. GAME. FUCK!!

  20. If its not a gimmick than please telk me how this will add anything new to the gaming experiance besides making it retardly easy to win since getting 1ups will be a breeze smh I can collect coins in smb for nes smh ya about sales.gimmicks and graphics.

  21. @random gaymer you can do that with anygame smh youd think the novelty would wear off but then again youd need a brain ti figure it out

    1. The difference here is that there’s much more coins AND WAYS to get coins, and this game tracks the amount of coins you got for every stage based around that design. It looks promising,

  22. Even though you can get a more challening gaming experiance playing smb 3 on nes im buying this cuz of the graphics and because i like collecting junk

  23. @random gamer bitch please! So the next game thats not a gimmick will have you collecting clocks to increase you time. Smh even microsoft has more respect for their ips atleast they offer a challenge

    1. Except that the goal of any Mario game is to finish the stages getting the most that we can in a shorter amount of time (not longer as you proposed) for “scores”. Now they have added a mechanic that tracks it and items that make the stages brimming with coins, is it the end of the world? At any rate, it changes a bit how the game feels, and that is anything but bad from my point of view.

      If you looked at the New Super Mario Bros franchise you would know that each game has its own unique mechanics and power-ups that distinguishes itself from the others. Making it note worthy to the point you will experience a subtle different feel even for each game.

      Nintendo is doing it for the people who likes this franchise and this kind of game, anyway. They will always make different types of Mario games, because it sells. Mario is a charismatic character and it helps Nintendo to appeal to a broader audience. Mario has done it all, just didn’t participate in violent type of games. But he starred pretty much in a wild collection of different genres. Which is not bad. Back in the SNES era, I swear to you but I have heard one guy saying that Nintendo is milking off the “Mario Brand” and they are putting him on everything, and that putting him to race on Karts was a bad idea. Tsk tsk, surely collecting the highest amount of coins for a leaderboards score is also a bad idea and “milking off” the franchise. Oh well, I guess there will always be skeptical people in the world.

      Worry not if all you want is the next 3D platform Mario platformer. Nintendo will obviously make it for the Wii U and make it as innovative and meaningful as Galaxy was for the Wii.

    1. It’s photo shopped. His coins are the wrong colour, he’s the same size as the block he’s standing on and the pose is ripped off from another game.

    2. Yeah, I had my hopes up until I found out that is the promo image of him for Mario Party 8. :( Someone just dropped it in on photoshop.

  24. @random actualky the old games kept count of how many coins you get. But thats like saying holding two guns in halo 2 made it freash and new…nope it lack any creativity it had left. Anyways id like a 2-3d mixture like mario land 3d

    1. What? I beat Super Mario World like 2 years ago for the 10th time and I complete 100% NSMB Wii and they simply didn’t tell me how many normal coins I have collected nor it told me if I had any stage record on it.

  25. @random gamer what i meant is it had a 99 lives count. Besides there was that infinite one up trick by jumping turtles shells that was more than enough. I just cant see how collecting coins is fun? Tell you what I will honestly buy it and see for myself

  26. I do not know why people call this game a gimmick. It is like every other Mario game. You run you jump you collect coins but now you have to collect more coins than you did before. For me it is just the same.
    I am getting this. August come already.

  27. of course its a gimmick ..they just use MORE coins as an excuse to make it different from the wii u mario game …if it didnt have more coins then they would be the same game …

  28. ”Don’t worry guys, it’s not just a gimmick: we’re just making a game that 5 year olds will find easy”.

  29. I just…. don’t get this coin mania thing. Collecting coins? Yay, sounds great… Gimmick or not, I’m pretty sceptical to NSMB 2

  30. I think this is a good way to go with it, along with the optional super guide/hint stuff. It basically allows you to choose how challenging you want to be, to a certain degree. Your little brother/sister can use them if they really need to, and more in-depth gamers who want a challenge can just skip it all. I do, however, think that Nintendo still needs to raise the difficulty a bit for most of their games – even without any help, things are often getting a little on the easy side (in my opinion).

  31. Another easy NSMB game, They are fun, but not challenging. I’ve loved Mario for almost 13 years, since I was three. Super Mario World was my first ever game. And since I like a challenge, and NSMB being easy, this is why I play SMW hacks.

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