Get A Nintendo 3DS XL For £79.99 If You Trade In Original

UK retail outlet GAME has confirmed that it will be offering a trade in deal for the Nintendo 3DS XL which is due for release in the UK on Saturday. For those of you willing to part with your original Nintendo 3DS you can pick up the larger model for £79.99. Is anyone looking to trade in their existing console for the Nintendo 3DS XL?

117 thoughts on “Get A Nintendo 3DS XL For £79.99 If You Trade In Original”

    1. You can keep the SD card that has all the games and saves in it BTW. All you do is put it in the new 3DSXL and you’re good to go.

      1. You are wrong. You must do a system transfer before you can use your old SD card in the new 2DS. Or it won’t work.

    2. some people have asked in the GAME shops here in spain, and they say that you can transfer the games in the shop when you trade the 3DS, but you need to bring an smartphone and use its 3g/wifi connection

    3. some stores are letting you take home the console full price then bring back you old console and you get the trade in value back!

    4. It doesn’t work that way. You have to do a system transfer from your old 3ds to the new one or the new 3ds won’t read any of the games. You can ask them at the store if they’ll allow you to do a system transfer before trading it in, I know gamestop in the US is allowing that.

      1. Yes I asked Gamestop too and they said yes, and I asked them if they have internet there and they said you don’t need it for a system transfer, but I researched it and turns out that you must have internet access in order to do a transfer,

      1. I think you still need to use the System Transfer. Yes you have the data on the SD card but you can’t use them on a new 3DS if you don’t perform the System Transfer.

      2. Idiot why are you giving out bad advice?

        Stop being so fucking dumb and do some research before giving out advice.

  1. If there’s some way to transfer all saves and files, then sure. I don’t like having to buy stuff again or playing games from scratch after putting so much effort into them already.

    1. Why is it so hard to understand that it saves them to the SD card? All you do is copy and paste whatever is in your 3DS sd card and transfer it to another one.

      1. It’s not that simple.
        You have to do a system transfer of you cannot use the games saved on the SD card.

        Stop telling people it’s that simple, they are going to have an SD card full of games they can’t play! D:

        1. Is it that hard to have everything saved to an SD card and then do a system transfer at a store? I mean, it’s like people don’t know what Google is for.

    1. when you do the system transfer from your old 3ds you put the sd card from that one into the new one so you will be fine!

  2. I carry my 3DS everywhere (As Nintendo intended)
    My pockets are not big enough for the XL version, so I will pass for now. I like the original design. :)

    As for everyone else, I would recommend bringing a smartphone with hotspot capability, or a jetpavk

    1. I don’t like the original design since it leaves lines on the top screen. That enough is a good enough reason to change to a bigger screen. I think the 3D will be more prominent and apps that stream video will definitely become a more prominent feature of the 3DS. The only thing I’m worried about is the sound. I just wish it could be a little bit louder, especially for music. I hook up my headphones and the sound is good, just not loud. It does sound loud while blasting it in a car however.

      1. How do you know that the XL wont leave scratch marks on your screen?

        Are the hinges fixed on the XL or will they be as shit as on the original 3DS?

        1. There are two rubber stoppers on the top part that stops it from touching. Just look at a picture of it. And I think there will be three fixed positions for the hinges.

      2. i think the sound is fine, but no hurt in making it louder. the problems i had with the original were the scratch lines on the top screen, how the top screen magnetizes dust, and the bad photo quality

  3. I carry my 3DS everywhere (As Nintendo intended)
    My pockets are not big enough for the XL version, so I will pass for now. I like the original design. :)

    As for everyone else, I would recommend bringing a smartphone with hotspot capability, or a jetpack (mobile wifi card) to transfer your system in-store after you make the trade. EVERYTHING (mostly) will be cloned onto your XL.

  4. I hope there’s a trade deal like this for the u.s but Need that cpp for kid Icarus, kh and re:revelaitons tho =/ it’s gna b a tough decision

  5. Think about jaggies on that 4.8 screen haha c’mon they are wisable on normal 3DS and yet on this XL It’s gonna gonna be fantastic

        1. The screen is not pixelated, People who have tried it thinks it is better than the originals… so what are you talking about

          1. Hey dumbass noob read carefully …If you stretch 3.5 inch to 4.8 and resolution is the same,how that image is gonna look like??…..Can’t believe how dumb you are….

            1. Seems to me like you haven’t seen the XL in person (which I have and can say it looks fantastic). Now… Whooos the Dumbass,? (I case you don’t know its you.)

              1. “”You again dumbass.Go smash that dumb head of yours of some nice brick wall,unbelievable.You cant be older than 12 just cant. Dsi vs DsiXl noob just go and look,just go away from this site,just go..””

  6. i cant wait for the 3DS Xl comes out also thank you MyNintendonews for giving us the best nintendo news i also run a website

  7. you would have to be a fucking idiot to pay an extra £80 on top of the original money you spent, especially if you got a release date one. then a buy a mother fuckin charger too, fuck you.

  8. I have asked GAME in Guildford, Surrey, England and they have said they will do a system transfer in store and they also said they were released friday.

  9. I paid £200 for an original 3DS and there is nothing wrong with it.

    WHY THE FUCK would i give it away and pay another £80 for the same console with bigger screens ?


      1. Too true. The 3DS’s pixels aren’t as shape as the original 3DS because the screen is bigger. So since Nintendo was stupid enough not improve the res on the screens, both aren’t going to look as sharp and as clear as the original 3DS. Then you won’t get a charger, and you will lose trade-in value if you trade your old 3DS but don’t give in the AC charger; defeating the purpose in either way since this means one thing: YOU HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER ONE.

        So you’ve wasted money on another system of the same thing that’s pretty much a downgrade in looks and graphics, something that won’t fit your cases (you forgot it probably won’t fit your pocket or case, so you need that too), and to add on, you’ll deal with problems if you brought an extra battery or circle pad for the old 3DS. In the end, you spent 200 dollars on a 3DS, AGAIN.

        Cheers from New York City.

        1. How do you know what the screen looks like, have you seen it in person…? Didn’t Think Soo. People who have actually played it says it looks much better than the original.

          1. You again dumbass.Go smash that dumb head of yours of some nice brick wall,unbelievable.You cant be older than 12 just cant. Dsi vs DsiXl noob just go and look,just go away from this site,just go..

  10. Everybody wants a 3DS XL …

    I wonder how much they will cry when they find a fault in the launch batch of consoles?

    Self-scratching screens?
    Faulty hinges?

    All launch consoles have hidden faults, and i bet there will be tears before bedtime for early XL buyers.

    1. Self Scratching Screens are fixed. (two rubber stoppers on the top)
      Faulty Hinges fixed. (there are three main positions and they are very tight)

      1. You are 100% retard,thats it done.”Faulty Hinges” what are you blabbing about?? hahah and Dsi XL didn’t have three tight positions?And every 3ds has scratching problem?As i said you are sadly one little retard who don’t have brain capacity to understand certain things…

        1. We have 2 3DS systems and they both have the screen scratching issues. You are the retard here who doesn’t understand shit. go fool others with your perceived brain power, moron.

          1. What are you talking imbecile? how little you know…go look at white,purple 3ds,bumpers are 1mm higher than release console,so don’t try to be smart imbecile!

  11. played with one at the shop & its miles better than the original 3ds,it made it look like it was a bad idea to make the original 3ds in the 1st place.

  12. woops, forum fail

    1\ they let you take both systems home and give you £100 refund when you return 3DS
    2\ they let you do the same but instead of refunding you, give you £100 game credit, which as you know could be useless in a few months if they go bust again.

    1. You do realise that the old original 3DS you trade-in will be sent back to Nintendo and reconditioned ….

      Nintendo will re-sell your old 3DS as a new console, effectively selling the same console twice.

      Very good business sense on Nintendo’s part.
      Whilst the consumer pays-out money to upgrade to an XL model, Nintendo makes twice as much money on your old 3DS console at very little cost to themselves.

  13. The problem is that you usually have to trade it in TOWARDS the new system at that point to get the price they’re offering. I have the Zelda 3DS, so I wanna keep it! But my boyfriend might trade his standard black one towards the new one. I still have a blue one that I don’t use, so I’ll just use that to trade in. I’m sure I can ask them to let me transfer his system to the new one before they keep it. I don’t think they’ll be that much of a dick about it, I’ll just have to stay at GameStop for a while.

    1. And you need to have internet access there to be able to do a system transfer. Our GameStop for example doesn’t have internet available.

  14. Guys who can help me i don’t know what to do i got a 3DS and i don’t like parting with things and it also has a power case witch i don’t know what to do with it if i trade in my 3DS so someome help me please.

  15. hi there
    i am looking on getting the new professor layton game the only thing is ive got the old dsi xl how much would i get for that so i could get the new 3ds xl with the game without paying any extra if you could let me no that would be great

    many thanx
    marie wells

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