Square Enix Says ‘It’s Okay If You Don’t Play Dragon Quest X Every Day’

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata sat down with Dragon Quest X director Jin Fujisawa, Dragon Quest X producer Yousuke Saito, and also Dragon Quest series creator and game designer Hori Yuuji to discuss Dragon Quest X which is exclusive to Wii, and eventually Wii U. One of the key points of the interview is that the development team understand that people can’t play the game every day, so they’ve accommodated users who can only play once in a while.

Fujisawa said that different from most current casual games which generally give the message of “We want you to play every day,” Dragon Quest X is meant to give the message of “It’s okay even if you don’t play every day.”




    1. Based on the article, he is talking more about how they don’t want a game that you have to play a whole lot or one that would ‘destroy’ your life by playin it too much. Darn you Monster Hunter Tri…


      1. I think the name you are looking for is “Maneki Neko”. :)
        Though it does look like a Wii indeed, because of the blue light.


  1. Of course it doesn’t matter. You’re paying for a subscription. if you buy one of those and don’t play then its only your fault


  2. I’m still going to play this game as much as I can anyways if it comes to the U.S. It will be more convenient for me if I play the Wii U version since I can move around the house and play it instead of being confined to the TV.


  3. “It’s okay… simply because we don’t care about gamers, evidence to the fact that we cancel or simply refuse to make games that gamers want, and instead spend tons of money we don’t have on long, “interactive” hallway games when what we obviously really want to do is make movies and remove gamers from the equation all together.”

    …is what they should have said.


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