GameStop Conference Leaks 18th November Date For Wii U Accessories

News has leaked from a GameStop conference that the popular retail outlet will be selling accessories for Wii U on November 18th. Although it’s not uncommon for peripherals for a console to launch early, it should be noted that the 18th of November is a Sunday. We should hopefully hear launch information and pricing for Wii U on September 13th.

175 thoughts on “GameStop Conference Leaks 18th November Date For Wii U Accessories”

    1. arent we all . i hope this is untrue. i was hyped for an october release date :(.
      oh well , good things come to those who w8. but i want it now!!!

    1. its near shigeru miyamoto’s 60th birthday. i wouldnt be suprised if they release it on his 60th birthday.
      i think his bday is 17th or 18th .

      1. the USA compared to the whole of europe :/. Europe wins .
        cough amsterdam cough .
        The USA compared to my native England. well thats a close call .

          1. indeed , although England makes up most of the united kingdoms population .
            the UK is underated . it does everything USA does .

  1. would be smarter to come out end of October in time for Tekken, Assassins Creed and Black Ops. Wii U might sell out on first shipment, so 2nd shipment would come intime for Black Friday. plus Burger King may be getting WiiU toys in October

  2. it’s also not uncommon for accessories to come out after the actual console does. but yeah, i think november 18th would be a very good release date.

  3. No more motion plus, no more wireless senor bar, no more classic controller original and pro, just no more accessories Nintendo, just make the best damn required accessories for Wii U so later in the future your fans don’t get pist that you made a better version of it for $20 more

      1. atleast theyre using a tablet instead of the wiimote thats always a plus. It will be intresting to see how they implement all those controllers though. But im just happy theyre going back to traditional controllers.

    1. dont lower our european standards so much buddy. remember , we got the 3ds xl a whole month before USA.
      i want it on virtualy the same day as those pesky Americans!!!!

        1. i hear that rumour. but we will just have to w8 and see.
          i think it just means the first wave of wiiu’s in EU might be slightly below demand .

  4. I never believe what GameStop says. They had so many false release dates when it came to Skyward Sword, for an instance.

  5. Starting to pinpoint that release date just a little more, but each time I hear anything that’s fairly credible about the WiiU’s release date, i get slightly more anxious.

        1. again, your point is? it’s very common for nintendo to release things on a sunday in the US, so discrediting this because “its on a sunday lawl” doesn’t makes any sense.

          1. im afraid you read a lttle too much in to my words.
            i did not discredit anything nor have i tried
            on a sidenote if nintendo wants to keep the release dates as synchronised as possilble it would probably be the 16th of november for europe.

      1. Yeah, because underclocked dev kits are really going to use 3 Wii cores and not an entirely different processor. That makes plenty of sense? Oh wait, no it doesn’t. That is completely stupid and the “underclocked” dev kit excuse is now old and tiring. There is no mention of “underclocked” dev kit here at all. You’re trying to grasp at straws.

        Wii uses an IBM PowerPC processor, Wii U is using 3 of those cores with slightly more cache memory and clock speed. Guess what? PowerPC is 15 years old.

        Wii U is not even current gen specs, it is LAST GEN specs.

        You can put forth any type of damaging controlling post pertaining to the specs, I will crush it. If you wish to participate in a debate that will ultimately embarrass yourself, go right ahead. I’m not pulling punches anymore. I’m going to tell it as it is, and back all of it up.

        1. fifa 13 and sonic racing on wiiu have BETTER graphics than the ps3 and 360. this is CONFIRMED! .
          also the wiiu looks set to have 1.5gb RAM and 32mb Edram .
          that is 3-4 times as much as the 360 . and 6 times as much as the ps3.
          the proesser is power7. that isnt 15 years old , is you tard ???
          gtfo . you are just ridiculous.
          the wiiu is NEXT GEN . it can dual render better graphics than the 360 and ps3 on 2 screens at the same time. how is that so god damn hard for you to understand ????
          just go away and stop embarasing yourself.
          also the GAMEPAD TABLET STYLE CONTROLLER. is very futuristic and a totaly new concept. never before seen on any old shitty console.
          your a child with no brain . and you dont even know what ‘NEXT GEN’ means. go and grow some pubes and fuk off.

          1. 1: Nobody is talking about graphics here. And Sega said “maybe a little better” as if they’re unsure. So that’s one bullshit (and irrelevant) counterargument down.
            2: Okay, so why does this matter? 1.5GB isn’t decent by any gaming standard today. Congratulations, they have slightly more ram than 6-7 year old consoles. Give yourself a pat on the back for such a difficult achievement.
            3: There is absolutely no proof that the processor is POWER7. In fact, it’s right in your face in this link. The processor is PowerPC, and that is 15 years old.
            4: LOLWUT? You’re just talking a load of shit you can’t even possibly grasp. “Dual-render???” What the fuck are you even talking about?

            Nintedward lost, anybody else with basic understanding of technology and not just what they can google search and think they know what it means?

            1. Damnn… Sega didn’t say “maybe even better”. Eurogamer lied about that to get some drama going.
              SEGA said the Wii U has more memory.

              1. I’m talking about the game itself, not the console. I haven’t checked out that article since they “updated it”. Doubt there’s anything significant to bother looking either.

            2. i am never going to respond to you ever again . you are the worst thing to ever to happen to gaming .
              well done . your a waste if time. i am 100% certain come the launch of wiiu it will be a lot more powerfull than ps3 and 360 (which is all that matters) and the gamepad will be AWESOME!.
              aswell as all of its new features.

              it will have awesome exclusives which you are going to miss out on . well done. i play other consoles aswell , so i win .
              you are just a loser .

        2. also . ABSOLOUTLY no one publicly knows what the wiiu’s specs are yet.
          so you are ‘stabbing in the dark’ you stupid troll.
          why dont you w8 for the OFFICIAL specs to be released. and then call it last gen once youve found it its a lot more capable than the ps3 and 360.
          god , kill yourself trole.

          1. Actually people do. Just like the same folks who completely leaked the Wii prior to launch. You act as if everything is a total mystery, but not anymore pal. The industry will always have leaks and there is nothing you could say to prove otherwise.

            The Wii U is a lot like early Wii rumors made up by fanboys, claiming it would be as powerful as a 360, and look how that turned out? Total rubbish.

            You guys can’t even grasp basic logic of this. Nintendo WILL go the cheap route.

            Form an argument using the price of components that would lead to a “more powerful machine” that doesn’t go over the speculated price point of $350.

            A decent GPU by today’s standards is already $150-200, more than half the price of this console’s manufacturing costs.
            1.5GB RAM *specifically console RAM* would be about $10-20.
            A decent CPU would be $100.
            The console is obviously using a Blu-ray drive without licenses to play the movies, so that’s about $50-70.
            Then there’s the wireless chip.
            Then there’s the controller, I’d imagine at MINIMUM would be $30-50.
            Then they even have to pay for raw materials, manufacturing costs, shipping, all sorts of taxes.

            That’s going to be a $300-350 console that can wipe the floor with the current machines to you? LOLNOPE.

            Are you stupid? This console is not going to be demonstrating power over the 360/PS3 the RAM will make games look *slightly* better.

            Sorry to say, Wii U is a double overclocked Wii, which is an overclocked Gamecube.

            1. Big institutes do not buy parts for the same prices consumers do. Same as retailers. They make deals and buy the parts a lot cheaper.

              1. Implying I don’t know this.

                Even with their “discount” it is still not going to add up as an affordable console for Nintendo to produce and make a profit with it WHILE being significantly more powerful than what’s available now.

            2. When the official specs are posted somewhere and is actually true, which won’t happen for another couple months.. and the actual hardware IS better than PS360, I want you to post a comment telling MYSELF, ME, NINTENDOUNITED, that the hardware for Wii U is current gen. I freaking DARE YOU. BRING IT ON BIOTCH!

        3. Every time you say you’re going to “back something up”, you only post sources from people that you and other trolls like you find credible.
          Outdated sources, at that. From people who have no proof whatsoever that they worked directly with the final retail version of the Wii U.
          Anyone can make up a spread sheet of statistics and dole it out then call it legit when the system and its makers have released so very little about it.
          You like spreading negative rumors.
          That’s all you do.
          You’re not a credible source, and neither are your old “reports”.
          But please, do go ahead and try to justify how your hater logic makes the Wii U a system no one wants.
          Justify it until you’re blue in the face and red in the ass.
          We will all simply sit back and laugh at how much fun you’re going to be missing out on simply because you chose to be a hater rather than an open-minded gamer.
          A hater who thinks absolutely everything made by Nintendo sucks simply because it’s Nintendo, then comes on here to waste his pathetic life trolling people who pity him and are going to go against his demands anyways.
          You’re not winning anyone over to your side.
          You’re not discouraging anyone.
          And you certainly aren’t going to make any of us go back on our decision to get a Wii U.
          After all, it’s the one system out there that is GUARANTEED to NEVER have YOU, and other haters like you, in its official community.
          If anything, your trolling is just pushing us further into the decision to get the system, because it gives us a network to play games without people like you annoying the living fuck out of us like you try to do here.

          1. tl;dr, you didn’t do anything to respond to the post. Which I already covered with a logical argument. I’ll be right anyway, so none of your complaining is going to matter.

            1. You need a tldr?
              Fine, half-wit, I’ll post one for you:
              Your outdated sources that only trolls quote for evidence are not convincing anybody here to go back on their decision to get a Wii U.
              Nothing you have said is logical by anything but a Troll’s standards.
              You are wasting your time.
              Fuck. Off.
              Was that simplistic enough, or do I have to drool and slur my speech for it to come in clear?
              Considering that’s how the majority of your posts sound, it would make sense if that’s the quickest way to get through to you.

              1. “outdated sources”.

                So if it’s “outdated”, do explain why the fuck was this just recently posted by yet another user, with the first person to mention this once again state this in June? Did you check that source at all, let alone the THREADS involving it?

                Stop being a fucking idiot, you’re not being witty, or cool at all. You’re being a severely illiterate fuck.

                1. Two months changes a lot, fuck-tard.
                  And even if they were not outdated, they still aren’t credible sources for anyone but yourself, who is wishing the worst upon a company because you think you speak for the core crowd when you’re not even a proper gamer.
                  Stop trying to act like you fucking matter to anyone here.
                  Nothing you say or do is influencing anyone here to not get a Wii U.
                  We’ve seen what it can do, and that was just in demos.
                  It does a fine job in both graphics and power on just those demo units, and the final version is guaranteed to be better.
                  Only an elitist faggot with graphic-whore-level standards would call the Wii U bad based on everything we’ve seen of it thus far.
                  That or a hater.
                  Oh, wait.
                  That’s you.
                  And that’s why your opinion equates to jack shit here.

                    1. You are the mother of all damage control and bullshits, Amir. Your so-called sources are flawed and invalid. It’s no wonder you’ve gotten most of them thumbs down.

                2. If you’re going to bring that argument up, the rumor of the WiiU being 8x more powerful than the 360 shouldn’t be overlooked either. Your logic is beyond flawed. People can post things on news sites whenever they want, even if it’s not news or relevant. They want pageviews. This site does it too.

              1. exactly me to :D. we are the winners here. not this xbox loving troll. the guy has never even played nintendo’s best games , he is just an idiot. sony and microsoft are both putting out great consoles with great games. so is nintendo why is that so hard to understand ???

            1. There is no mention of “Power7″ powering the Wii U in that source, read it twice, ctrl+f’d.

              Therefore, nice try–but no go.

              1. That’s because they don’t word it in such a painfully obvious way. Actually read the article and you’ll see we’re right.

                1. No, there is no evidence anywhere suggesting the Wii U CPU is Power7. “Power” could even mean PowerPC in IMB lingo, therefore, my point still stands until further notice. In fact, there’s a discussion about it going on in gaf right now, nobody is claiming it to be Power7 anymore.

    1. you ought to w8 . if the wiiu has 1.5gb of RAM. and a 3.0ghz cpu . it is going to look A LOT better than current gen.
      so its hard to port to wiiu . but the wiiu can handle all sorts of textures and everything.
      1.5gb is 6 times the RAM of the ps3.

      1. There is no evidence of a “3.2Ghz” CPU. Stop posting junk, and post credible evidence.

        1.5GB is terrible in any modern product. Some tablets have 2GB ram even.

        I don’t think you understand that these relatively minor “upgrades” over the 6-7 y/o current generation devices is not going to hold its own against looming beasts. What funny is the CPU has already been mentioned to not stand up to the Xenon processor. Hell, even the Tekken developer makes note of that. I don’t know what more you need.

          1. Nah, I’m sure he’s referring to that one source that said “3.2Ghz” CPU, the only other ones claiming what he mentioned are dated rumor articles from 2011 claiming all sorts of nonsense.

            Interestingly 3.2 is exactly what the 360′s Xenon is clocked at. But again, the clock speed is nigh irrelevant if the processor itself just can’t stand up in power.

              1. Wii U isn’t going to “pwn” anything with a 15 year old CPU. It doesn’t even “pwn” the 360, as said by user and Tekken producer.

                1. oh stfu . you dont even know what you are talking about.
                  my disabled cousin knows more about tech specs than you do . you are an embarasment to mankind. i am picturing you now , your 15 you weigh 17 stone , you smell and you have no friends . and all you have is the oldest 360 model which no one cares about because the ps3 has much better games .
                  how close to the truth was i ??? 99% , 100% ??

                  jerk off. it is widely known now that the wiiu can produce significantly better visuals than the previous gen . fifa 13 for 360 and ps3 is trying to max out the graphics of those consoles , until the framerate no longer runs properly.
                  fifa developer matt prior confirmed for the wiiu version he was able to double the resoloution of the crowd so they dont look shitty and add ‘infinite detail’ to the pitch .
                  also fifa 13 for wiiu has to run 2 different images of the game at once from two different angles. one on tv one on gamepad .
                  that is solid proof that the wiiu is pretty fuking powerfull .
                  powerfull enough should i say .
                  nobody cares how much or how powerfull $3k gaming pc’s are . or how much shitty tablets are with no games.

                  do us all a favour and kill yourself if you calnt grasp the simple fact that the wiiu is next gen .

                2. Find absolute proof that this processor is 15 years old and people will believe you. No company is stupid enough to release a console with a processor so old. This is so incredibly unlikely, that it practically discounts itself.

        1. lets w8 and see . you fuking tard.
          the wiiu will DEFINATELY be significantly more powerfull than ps3 and 360. thats all that matters. no one really cares about comparing it to the ps3 or 360. they do their own thing nowadays.
          1.5gb of dedicated console RAM. is massive btw. its 3 times as much as a 360. that isnt a ‘slight’ upgrade. its 3 times as much .
          so stfu , keep your stupid mouth shut and stop reading stupid rumours that fanboys like yourself be spreading.
          the wiiu is next gen . the gamepad controller is groundbreaking new technology . and its a totaly new concet for the world.
          so that is NEXT GEN . and on top of that , it will have better graphics than previous gen and be able to Asymetricaly run two different images at once of the same quality.
          that makes the ps3 and 360 look like old shit .
          now gtfo .
          gaming pc’s are where you will find specs . not console anymore.
          hell dont expect the 720 and ps4 to be that powerfull .
          i doubt they will . i dont really care . you are just a troll fanboy with nothing better to do in life other than specualte about false rumours.
          you pathetic retard. go away .
          is the 3ds last gen ??? it has a lot better graphics than the psp did (about 3 times as good) runs stereoscopic 3d and has awesome features . so the 3ds is NEXT GEN .
          compare 3ds to psp . this is how wiiu will compare to ps3.
          its a lot better in every way .

          1. I’m not reading this, you’re a tape recorder looping yourself over and over again. If 1.5GB is “massive” by any modern gaming standards by you, then you need help.

            Are you perhaps stuck in 2005? Then yeah…that’s massive I guess.

            1. the ps3 does fine with 256mb of RAM doesnt it ???
              it has beautiful graphics.
              1.5gb is 6 times as much .
              thats huge for a dedicated console .
              deal with it .
              yes pc’s have more ram and i think you know why. its because they are pc’s .

              and i am the one stuck in a loop ???
              your a fuking robot troll with no life.
              your worse than a loop .
              you are forum cancer.
              your a joke to gaming , i like and own a ps3 and a 360 and a wii . i dont care if one is more powerfull than the other , the wii has better exlcusves than the 360 does.

              1. The PS3 is almost 6 years old. Try a better, modern, excuse.

                Wii has better exclusives than the 360????


                That’s my reaction to that, my sides are still killing me.

                Learn to spell by the way, you fucking ignoramus.

                1. the ps3 has really awesome exclusives. a bit more and better than wii.
                  the wii has better exlusives than the 360 .
                  smash bros , skyward sword , mario galaxy , metroid prime trilogy , monster hunter etc etc .

                  they are a lot better than just halo,forza that’s it .

                  the ps3 had the largest amount of best exlcusives last gen. i am talking about stellar exlusives. not 8/10 , 9.5/10 . the 360′s best games are all on the ps3. and the ps3 has more. so the 360 is pretty much USELESS.

                  Alan wake ???? who the fuck is alan wake ????
                  nathan drake , ok . but alan wake ???

            2. Wow you are calling him a tape recorder. That is all you ever do. You claim you are not a fanboy but you clearly are .You should stop being a hypocrite and be true to you word.Oh you are asking for proof,well i do not need it since you yourself are the proof.fanboys… what are you going to do about em…

          2. Also the 3DS isn’t significantly better than the PSP either. Not by a long shot, actually.

            That’s an entirely different story though.

            1. well the 3ds has a 400mhz gpu , and 128,b of ram which is 4 times that of the psp . also it runs what it does in 3d.
              so go and kill yourself. i own a psp , it looks horendous compared to the 3ds . the framerate is awful its blury no effect no nothing .
              resident evil revelations looks about 5 times as good as the psp’s graphics. bro .

              1. The PSP has 64mb of ram, do tell me how that’s “4 times the amount”.

                “It looks horrendous compared to the 3DS”.

                It’s funny how God of War looks better than nearly the entire 3DS library then.

                Also, why do you insist on bragging about “new” hardware beating old hardware? We all know Nintendo has not made a “powerful” device since the Gamecube, and even that wasn’t the most powerful thing on the market back then.

                Let’s talk about the Vita specs against the 3DS specs…oh right, it’s a curb stomping in every possible aspect…my bad.

                1. the psp works with 32 mb of ram. the updated psp’s were given 64mb of ram to stop the framerate being so shitty.
                  also i will tell you what is a ‘curb stomping’ the 3ds compared to the vita. the 3ds is a massive success. and the vita is one of the biggest fails so far in console history . the 3ds has tons of great games. the ps vita has 1 , some ports , and some shit games.

                  gtfo . you know nothing about video gaming at all .

                  god of war looks better than what ???? go and play kid icarus and resi rev you stupid prick. they look about 3-4 times better than than the psp . and they are 3d .
                  and have better framerates , etc etc.
                  the psp does not compare to the 3ds. it looks like a horrible version of the ps2. about 80% of the ps2′s graphics. the 3ds is like a 3d xbox 1 or wii .
                  its a lot more powerfull.

                  resi rev is comparable to vita graphics.

                    1. Y U mad Amir? Resident Evil: Revelations is the best looking game for a handheld console. Most of the 3DS games are at around 2GB. But when Capcom develops RE: R, they doubled it to 4GB. Now that’s as maximum it can get. You’re whining right becasuse your PS Vita have already sunk to a whole new low.


                    2. Uncharted: Golden Abyss looks better than RE in every possible aspect.

                      None of your fanboy drivel means anything against facts.

    2. Gee, a random rumour, let me just put it in my piles of hundreds of other rumours for “credible people”.

      And the CPU is not a GPU, it says nothing about its graphical capabilities.

      1. “Random rumor” on credible sites. Yeah because console specs have never leaked prior to launch before!

        Stop playing this card, please. It’s tiring, every rumor that seems negative to you guys isn’t “credible”, yet every positive one is. Like it or not, information is going to leak, and the signs are obvious. My cost argument alone will ensure I’m correct at the end of the day.

        Deal with it.

        1. Any site is credible is you choose to believe it, but every site is not credible, of you choose to believe it. All in all, the word RUMOUR, basically means, someone said it, and its true and not true, believe what you want. But you’ll put that news up your arse, and pleasure your hater mentality, because you WISH to believe it.
          Honestly, it could be true, but i could be a fake. With the tons of other rumours, that dont match up together, its absolutely pointless saying “THAT IS THE WIIU SPECS, I KNOW GRAPHICS HURHUR LAST GEN TECH”.
          Because you pull rumours and making them fact. You already got destroyed when one of your rumours got outed as fake, when you paraded around saying it was the truth.

          Rumour is a rumour.

          1. Like I said before. Cost argument. I’ll be right at the end of the day so it doesn’t matter what you try to pull up.

            Nintendo is taking no losses on hardware and this is speculated to be launched at $300-350. There is absolutely no logical way that the console is going to be doing anything significantly better than what’s on the market now. In fact they will be negligible.

            Wii U to the 360 will probably be what Wii was to the original Xbox, inferior in CPU, but slightly better in GPU. That’s the most realistic scenario.

            1. “cost arguement”

              Shut up you mong. You already said the ps3 was pricey solely because of the blu-ray, they wouldnt of taken a loss on it if it just had an optical drive and 25GB disks. “But the cost”. WiiU is a pure gaming console. No DVD, no Blu-ray, no other crap attached to it, then theres no HDD, its not got a Cell processor so that’ll keep the cost down. Its literally, a GPU, a CPU, optical drive, and some fans. Thats going to save a pretty penny. And besides, do you work at Nintendo? No? The how do you KNOW that Nintendo wont sell it at a loss?

              You’re feeding on lies and bullshit, shitting them out, and feeding on them again. Nothing you say is credible, its just twisted rumours, that you lace with inconsitant “facts” and link to current but mostly dated and outed RUMOURS.

              1. Sony lost hundreds on the PS3, I think the manufacturing costs alone were $1000. And yes, that was blu-ray. Which has since deteriorated in price, but you’re too stupid to figure that out.

                No blu-ray? That is definitely a Blu-ray drive, they will very likely reverse engineer the discs and write them differently just like they did with the Wii discs, which were basically DVD discs. There’s a reason why homebrew can enable DVD playback on Wii’s without the need for physical mods.

                The rest is just a load of junk that you’re trying to obscure the truth with. MS also lost quite the amount of money on 360s at launch as well. The 360 itself was on par with modern gaming GPUs. The Xenos is based on Radeon X1800/1900, which back then was among the best cards.

                Oh and finally:

                Try again silly Nintendrone. :)

                1. It’s funny how TheDragon always tries to outsmart me. I got the sources, I got the PC gamer knowledge, you got the “outdated sources, oh do you work there??” strawman arguments every idiot tries to use when they can’t form an actual one.

                  1. Wow.Pc Gamer Knowledge. Idiot ,why don┬Ęt you do something smart for the first time ever ,and not come to this site.You are not smart,you come to a nintendo site bagging on anything nintendo.Smart people would just ignore the things they donnot like while you are just trolling.Idiot go to pc

                2. Thatsdoesnt mean a thing, either way, alot of money os beingsaved in the WiiU’s production, and it wont needto beas pricey as everythingelse was, commonsense. And the bluraycost goingdownmeans nothing, it was in the ps3, it made it pricey, its “apparently” in the WiiU but its cheap now, so the WiiU production is still cheaper. Everythingelse is not junk, its the barebone facts.

                  And 360 was outdatedprobably half a year after it was released, like all consoles conparedto PC’s. And fair enoughonthe link, but a $300-350 consoleis still a pretty heftyprice,if it is the price,bucount in all the money saved from the production, and even the link you posted about the CPU, if it does the job, and it goingto bethat cheap to produce, then more koney saved.

                  But i still think you havent got something into your head. REALpeople, DO. NO. CARE. ABOUTGRAPHICS. Its a gimmick.oh, this game looks nice, yeah but it plays like shit. Imbuying a WiiU forits software, bot forits specs

                  1. The problem with your argument, is that you try to speak for the core market. Trust me, the core market -does- care about seeing leaps in console performance. The Wii offered little magical gameplay in the end, and ultimately the better software is on the other consoles, only a crazy person will deny that.

                    I buy new consoles that can show me they’ll last without gathering dust under my bed about a year orso later. Nintendo is doing the exact same mistake that unfortunately you posters will buy into a second time.

                    Fool me once, Nintendo. Fool me once.

                    1. No.
                      No, no, and no.
                      Don’t you EVEN fucking talk like you’re worthy of speaking for the fucking core market, because you are NOT.
                      You’re an elitist, a troll, and a graphics whore who subscribes to the “master race” talk while spewing about specs.
                      The true core market does not look for the flashiest, shiniest thing out there.
                      We’re not brain-dead raccoons like you.
                      We accept a game for what it is, for how good it is, regardless of what system it is on or what specs the system runs off of.
                      You do not.
                      You are not a core gamer, you’re a FUCKING TROLL.
                      Quit trying to step out from under your bridge until you’ve cleared up the green skin you’re sporting, kid.

                    2. No, FUCK YOU. I don’t know you, first time responding to you, and even I find you to be fucking pathetic, Aeolus.
                      If anyone’s a casual, it’s YOU.
                      “Ohhh, look at the specs and how pretty they make everything spaaaarkle!”
                      You’re using the biggest gimmick of this generation as your reasoning to say that a system you can only speculate about is going to suck, not sell, and never get a single worthwhile game.
                      You’re a casual with a pretty object obsession and a lot of mommy’s money.
                      What’s worse is that your mind-set is elitist trash.
                      You’re not a core gamer.
                      You don’t even know what a core game IS, unless it’s already been pointed out by someone else FOR you.
                      You need to shut the FUCK up until you’ve stopped acting like a star-struck casual raccoon who jacks off to shiny, expensive parts.
                      Fucking visual-casual faggot.

                  1. You’re losing the war, Ban TheUNation for being a emo-raging 5 year old! … alis Aeolus. You need to put away your freaking mask for once and just accept it. Wii U’s RAM is three times what the PS3 had and Nintendo’s new console is the only system that uses asymmetrical gameplay.

                3. “The 360 itself was on par with modern gaming GPUs.”

                  No it was not. It was outdated as soon as it was released, like all consoles. It’s clear you are not a PC gamer if you think the 360 or any console was comparable to PCs at the time.

                  1. Yes it was, and neither can you prove otherwise. Prove that the Xenos was “outdated” upon release. Oh and by the way, a random $400+ card that was out of reach for most gamers at the time isn’t going to be putting anything “out of date”. Don’t try to talk PCs around me, idiot.

              2. Like I said earlier my friend; he only posts things he finds credible and twists them around as if they’re supposed to be reasons enough to go back on the purchase.
                It sounds like he’s lacking in friends on whatever systems he plays and is trying to go around turning people to his views so that he can get more people on his near-zero friends lists.XD

    3. That post is months old from someone who was already very mistaken about he GPU. Quit grasping at straws. Everyone will know without question what’s inside the WiiU in a few months, be patient.

  6. It has been predicted that November 18th will be the release date for a while, but I’m still hoping for a late October release. I can’t wait. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. It’s nearly impossible for the wii u not to be more powerful than the consoles of today with 2006 era tech with the technology from 2012 that the wii u will be running. Why do people want to have nintendo fail so much? If you don’t like nintendo that’s fine, but I don’t go around wishing microsoft and sony doom. If you like a certain brand that’s great, that’s why there are options.

    1. I have no idea mate. Seriously, the act as though Nintendo is in control of the rest of the industry. I hate Microsoft, i think theyre a disgusting company, and i hope the next box is the last system they produce, and everyone who has their wallets raped by them charging for nothing, deserves it. Do i go on an xbox blog site? No. Why? Because i have a fucking life, and i couldnt give a shit what Microsoft does, everythig they do just makes me shake my head anyway so why would i give a damn.
      Im not buying a WiiU for specs, i look at the software and think, “why would i want to miss out on that?”. I look at the controller and think, “my mind explodes from the ideas of ways that can be used in a game”.

      Software is more important than the hardware. Just look at the 3DS, its DESTROYING the Vita. The Vita is more powerful, no doubt. Its probably got some good online features to as well as the cross play. But its games suck, and it has maybe 2 worth while titles.

      1. 3DS is not “destroying” the Vita in software, pal.

        “2 worthwhile titles”.

        Obvious Nintendo fanboy is obvious.

            1. I think software easily sells the system. People arent buying the Vita because of what i could do.

              Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, NSMB2, Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, those titles alone are better than any game on the Vita, im sure people have their own to add to it, and on top of that, we have Paper Mario, Luigis Mansion 2, Castlevania, another Zelda game without a doubt, Kirby without a doubt, maybe Donkey Kong, Metroid definitely. There an actually install base with the 3DS, BEFORE it was even out, and in top of that, theres games already out and coming soon. The Vita, is good piece of hardware, but nothing more

              1. Ports, rehashes, and few truly must have titles. The price is probably the only reason the Vita isn’t getting anywhere. Because at this point with what was shown, only an idiot says “nothing interests me”. Or a Nintendo fanboy.

                Besides, you don’t even own a Vita, so why do I bother discussing it with you.

                1. None of those games are ports? Moron. And you can call it a regash,but ill gladlycall Golden Abyss, COD, Assasins Creed, MvC a rehash.the only systemsthatsit portsa rehashes is the Vita

                  1. OoT and Starfox are the very textbook definition of ports.

                    ACIII is a title built from the ground up, so nice try. U:GA? That’s funny, I don’t recall playing something similar on my PS3. CoD? CoD actually looks nothing like the console versions.

                    MVC isn’t even a “rehash”, if it’s literally the same thing as the consoles.

                    See, I’m wasting my time on you. You’re a deluded Nintentwit. Back to enjoying P4:G on my REGION FREE handheld.

                    1. starfox and zelda for 3ds are remakes not ports.
                      mgshd and rayman for ps vita are ports.

                      the 3ds has tons of amazing games.
                      the vita has 1 . uncharted . would you like to mention anything else worth while without naming A= a shit game B = a port C = a shit game.

                2. That isn’t true. I’m mainly a Nintendo fan, but I had a decent library of PS1 and PS2 games, including Sly, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter etc. I intend to get a PS3 some time after the Wii U too, but I can genuinely say that nothing on the Vita interests me. I’ve never been one for CoD, as for LBP, I get my 2D Platforming from Mario. I couldn’t get into AC after the first very dull one, and nothing else appeals much either. Admittedly I’ve never tried Uncharted though.

        1. The 3DS has more core titles selling for it than the Vita does.
          Not that you would understand this since you are incapable of identifying a core title on anything that isn’t a shiny spec monster.
          Obvious PC fan-shit is obvious.

          1. No it doesn’t.

            Name these core games. Hint: “Mario” is not a core game.

            KI/RE aren’t enough either, so I’ll be waiting.

            1. You’re talking about Hardcore – alternatively known as the over-glorification of blood and good, or absence of colour. Core games are games that stick to the core elements of a game.

            2. You’ve just proven my former point: You couldn’t spot a core game if it walked up and dick-slapped you with its warp-pipe-sized wang.
              Just shut the fuck up.
              You’re an embarrassment to all core gamers and are not worthy to speak for the demographic.

    2. Nobody said it won’t be more powerful though, they’re pointing out that it won’t be SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful.

      The Wii is more powerful than the original Xbox in some areas, is it a significant improvement? Nope.

  8. i swear on amazon they wrote tht they wrote batman s realease date on wii u is december 31 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go and see and new super mario bros.u also

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