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Pokedex 3D Is Getting Major Update On August 31st In North America

Nintendo has revealed that Pokedex 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will be receiving a major update on August 31st in North America This new update will unlock all the Pokemon that are generally only unlocked using special AR markers, including Coballion, Terrakion, Victini, Virizion, Reshiram, and Zekrom. The application will also unlock every Pokemon that the player hasn’t yet obtained. This is thought to be the final update for the application.



    1. Personally – if I had to choose – I’d rather have a Wii U version.
      Of course a version on both 3DS and Wii U would be fantastic, but I think the asymmetric gameplay of the Wii U (having the gamepad as a camera and the TV as your eyes, and being able to rotate both independently) would be more of use than the 3D of the 3DS.
      I’d like the combination with the Pokédex3D though.


      1. The idea with it being on 3DS is that instead of just snapping pictures of pokemon in their natural environment, use the 3D camera to catch pictures of pokemon in yours, much like the was AR cards help some games to interact with the world. Granted, the pokemon wouldn’t be everywhere, but if you could fill the pokedex by playing real world, real time Pokemon Snap with the 3DS, wouldn’t that be interesting?


      2. Imho; no – I wouldn’t like that personally. I think Pokémon games should be in a Pokémon environment.
        However: that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a creative idea that makes good use out of the 3DS features, or that other people couldn’t like it though :P.


      3. I’d prefer in-game stuff. They could use the gyro sensor to allow you to move around on-screen. The circle pad to zoom the camera. The buttons to throw things. And the “L” and “R” to shoot. It’d actually work pretty well on the 3DS.


      4. Yes, but those options are also possible on the Wii U Gamepad, so they don’t give extra reason for a 3DS release.


    1. Not to brag but i already have all the Pokemon on this app. Not much of an update for me but i guess its owsm for thos that couldnt succeed in getting them all. :D


    1. i know this is pretty useless. pokedex ‘3d pro’ has every single pokemon data pre installed on it. better than 150 on the old pokedex app.
      useless news…………


      1. but it has 650 pokemon models with all the details and mini games built in .
        it will be $5 . thats basically a free steal. perfect to go with pokemon BW2 for DS .


      2. I would agree, if they could get it to run like the web browser, not having to shut the game off to use it.

        Oh wait, it’s a DS game, we’ve got to shut it off anyways. :/

        I’m not trying to be negative, but I wish the Pokedex Pro was pro-active enough to multi-task like the bowser so we wouldn’t have to shut off future 3DS pokemon games to use the Pokedex.

        Now THAT, would be very useful.


      3. i understand your problem there buddy :).
        i suppose you have to memorize which was the pokemon in question and use the app whilst you are not using the ds game.


  1. At least Nintendo is giving something to those who don’t avidly play Pokemon, and just want to enjoy the free version.
    Unlocking all the Pokemon in the free version may tempt some of the free-app users to upgrade someday.


  2. useless or not, it had to be done. and it must not have been too time consuming to make such an update. would be nice if the pokedex 3d pro was free…

    impressive lego sculptures btw


  3. Hey! That’s pretty soon! I kinda want Pokedex pro though, idk why it costs money though, it’s kinda stupid in my opinion, unless there are new features, It’s the same game that was originally free, except, with more pokemon….right? forgive me if i’m wrong.


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