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Activision Tries To Justify Angry Birds Trilogy’s Steep Price

Angry Birds Trilogy, published by Activision, will launch in physical form on September 25th. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will cost $39.99, and the Nintendo 3DS version will cost $29.99. For the sake of comparison, Angry Birds is a free download for Android users, and the (three) titles included in the trilogy cost $0.99 each on the App Store.

According to Activision, Angry Birds Trilogy is a fully-remade game with 19 new levels, updated graphics, cut scenes, animations, surround sound support, and 3D support. The package doesn’t include, however, all the Angry Birds titles to date.

79 thoughts on “Activision Tries To Justify Angry Birds Trilogy’s Steep Price”

    1. People who actually accept that is a game that is meant as a time waster and costs a dollar and don’t think it can even be compared to games on consoles and dedicated handhelds.

    2. i hate the game. its lifeless and pathetic. its barely even a real game.
      i supposed this game will not hurt the 3ds’s sales. and will probably shift a few units. maybe the 3d is nice on the 3ds version. who knows and who gives a turd

        1. That would have been the ideal option. Unfortunately because actually physically shipping the product costs more, they can use that as an excuse to charge more for it… even though it could’ve just been a $5 download for ALL the games *facepalm* But of course, it’s Activision so I’m not surprised

    1. I had to check my calender to make sure April isn’t approaching, what a joke :””’).
      I hope the day this game will be released will be one of the darker ones in the financial history of Activision, this can not be justified.

  1. this is why game apps should stay on smartphones/tablets. it needs to be kept away from actual gaming devices for actual gamers anyway

    1. Well jow about the digital price fir new super mario 2? Or metal gear 3d vs the vitas price or cave story or cod and so on.

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      1. new super mario bros 2 , is a full game , with good replay value and feautures and 3d graphics .
        snake eater has been graphically overhauled from the ps2 version , looks much better is in beautiful 3d and has a a ton of 3ds exclusive features.
        i have mgs hd collection. but i dont regret buying snake eater 3d either. its the best version of the game. and its thrilling to see metal gear rendered in stereoscopic 3d.

  2. I hope nobody buys this overrated dung! I´ve played it for about 10 min and can´t see, why so many people are addicted to this game! Sorry, my opinion :/

  3. Angry Birds doesn’t NEED cut scenes, animations, surround sound support, and 3D support. The entire appeal of Angry Birds is that it’s a quick and cheap “instant gratification” game you play for five minutes at a time on your mobile device while waiting in line at Walmart.

    Publish each of the series’ installments on the eShop with a simple 3D coat of paint and I’ll pay $2 each for them. Or $10 tops for an all-in-one collection of some sort.

      1. What Do you mean u don’t understand what’s going on with activision? They are greedy fucks. I hope this shit flops so hard.

    *kicks $40 Angry Birds down a well.*
    When you’re reasonably priced, let me know, and I’ll throw you a rope.

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  5. if you are soft enough to buy this, wait a few months after release. it will bound to be reduced to pennies, because nobody will buy it.

  6. I was fully expecting to see this when I opened this page “Activision’s CEO tried to justify the price by saying, “we are activision, you people should be used to this.”.”

  7. Betting the only people to buy it are people of whom are ‘casual’ gamers with no knowledge on what to expect in terms of quality:price.

  8. This game should be on 3DS since it started on the DS it was a free game with other mini games, that came with Mario 64 on DS

  9. If it was a eshop game for $9… maybe, considering the 3D effects and that there is 3 games with new levels. But with that price? No, thanks.

  10. If this was supposed to get the tablet/casual gamers, it’ll probably do the opposite. That crowd is used to playing dollar games- what a horrible, horrible mistake.
    Upside: seeing you guys’ disinterest in the game pretty much confirms Nintendo is not in trouble from these kinds of casual/tablet games.

  11. surprisingly i might actually consider getting it. it would be at the very bottom of priorities, but the only device i can play it on currently is slow and always crashes. i’d like to see how they do it with the 3d. would have been nice to be an eshop download

  12. im definatley not going to get this for 30 bucks i mean common, they just put like 30 new levels onto angry birds seasons and space and angry birds, id get this for like 5 dollars on craigslist or ebay or sumthin

  13. aw sh*t really? and then at an unnecessary price. Give it something other than it just being a time consuming app turned official game.

  14. This game is OK. Played it a bit like that on my aunt’s devices… it’s a time waster but I don’t think it justifies 30$. If I see a 5-10$ deal, I might get it but otherwise, I pass.

  15. It’s insanely sad that Angry Birds is released on anything that’s not a smartphone or pad. Really, this is not video game console material. The line between easy to control throwaway titles and console titles should not be blurred. I respect AB as a brand, but it is already suffering from oversaturation. Somewhere there is a landfill filled with Angry Birds shirts, toys, and stuffed animals. What they did with this franchise is something free flash games have been doing online for years.

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