F1 2012 Skipping Wii U In Favour Of Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Versions

Codemasters has confirmed that they are planning to skip a Wii U version of F1 2012 so that the development team can concentrate on delivering the best version possible of the game on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Codemasters hasn’t ruled out the possibility of using its external Brighton-based studio to develop a Wii U version of F1 in the future.

133 thoughts on “F1 2012 Skipping Wii U In Favour Of Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Versions”

    1. Hmmm… somehow Project Cars is the game thats on my radar and not this. F1 will not be missed on the Wii U. Plus graphics and gameplay mechanics makes Project Cars the better choice.

    2. wow!!!! because f1 is on the ps3 and 360 , this means the wiiu will not sell!!!
      hang on this is minor news. who cares about f1 ???

      project cars and dirt 2 are confirmed for wiiu .

      codemasters are douchebags for this. they can screw themselves in the pussy.

    3. ”Codemasters says that its “tight deadline” has forced the studio to decide against making F1 2012 for the Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Instead, the company wants to “keep maintaining the quality” of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.”
      this article is misleading. codemasters dont have time to make a wiiu version.
      thats perfectly understandable as the console isnt even out yet.
      . this article is misleading and negative.

        1. No it doesnt, if you actually READ the article, the whole reason they arent bringing it the WiiU, and a Vita, is due to time constraints

          1. yeah sure they do. They just dont want the poor nintendo fanboys crying and insulting them.

            dont worry… least you’re going to get casual Mario Kart sooner or later :P

            1. Well that comment was pointless, i basically proved you wrong, again, and you responded with non sensical jibberish, again.


          2. No, they could put it on but they’d rather make a good game on two platforms (to act as a base for future F1 games on Wii U) rather than a shitty one on three platforms.

            1. It doesn’t matter what games they represent, the point is they’ve seen the hardware, they can compare it to other hardware available, their word is pretty reliable.

        2. Idiot a console that runs unreal engine 4 is not underpowered. Don’t forget for one second Nintendo is Japanese technology. You never go wrong with them ever. So drink some tea or coffee and awaken your latent gray muscle.

        3. It confirms they want to keep working with what they know and what they’ve already built so they have better focus on developing just two games instead of three. You’re extrapolating incorrect information.

        1. You just cant say that Wii U will be less powerful than PS3/Xbox 360, developers (not anonymous) already said that Wii U has a lot of RAM and a good GPU, they not too excited about the CPU, even if the CPU is the same as Xenon on Xbox360… then tell me, how would it be less powerful? you are obivious a troll!

          1. Is that way every developer is saying the step up in next gen will not be that great? Gee, paying $400+ for a console thats hardly better than the original 360. Least with Nintendo the step up your getting with the WiiU is vast. And the “Durango” will barely be a gaming console, it’ll be a media hub that forces you to purchase more microsoft products, not to mention, it’ll inevitabley be part of the Window 8 range, which is a complete disaster. But stupid people will still buy it, because microsoft proved that people are stupid enough to buy a inferior console compare to the ps3, and charge for online that isnt better than the online on the ps3, and the only people that’ll buy it will be Americans, because they believe that’ll somehow make their patriotic country stronger, when even though it will, they will gain nothing what so ever from it, and the only people gaining wil be the microsoft employees pockets. (No offence to Americans, but your politicians and large businesses are arseholes)

              1. That’s only because of the ps3’s poor start.It’s catching up and will soon surpass it.It far better than xbox 360

          1. I am a tech nerd. Fear me.

            I am here to tell you that CPU is less important than GPU, which the Wii U has more of than Xbox and PS3.

            “It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal. You lose. Good day, sir!”

      1. So many Aeolus posers, I have no respect for any of them. No reliable source has reported the specs yet, and the leak that happened a few days ago showed that overall the WiiU has more power than current consoles, according to the leak anyway. Get your facts together.

    1. The next generation hasn’t fully started yet. Microsoft and Sony still need to release more (or in Sony’s case any I do believe) info on their new consoles. Then the developers can make informed decisions on what they want their game to be on.

    1. Eh,even if it was for Wii u I wouldn’t buy it since i am gonna try cod black op2 and ninja gaiden and eventually super smash bros and nsmbu

  1. /\ Worldwide???

    The XBOX360 is the worst selling console EVER in Japan.

    Do your homework before posting rubbish again. You stupid Microsoft fanboy!

    1. Japan is not worldwide ROFL LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and I am not a MS fanboy actually. I love Nintendo but you have to admit ps3 bombed badly, the psn hack, overpriced console etc

      1. BTW, unATION… my bad for judging you. You’re cool that you’re one of us… not only as Nintendo fans but as gamers.

      2. 360 only sold more worldwide due to USA sales, the ps3 beat it everywhere else, despite the hack, despite the terrible first 2-3 years, despite the loss on the console, and despite its overprice

          1. I neer said the ps3 sold more worldwide, im just saying it beat the 360 everywhere else, but the american 360 sales still beat the 360, just about, although the ps3 is catching up.

      3. I don’t think the PS3 bombed. It had some good exclusives, the price wasn’t as bad as everybody seemed to think it was and the slim came out after with a price break. And hey, PSN might’ve gone down, but it’s not like anyone was losing money from a subscription they paid, so no big deal. Call it an incentive to play single-player games :)

  2. Geez I guess I won’t be buying a WiiU because the F1 won’t be coming out for it. Ha ha haha ha haha like if that shit was on my to buy list.

  3. So a boring generic racing game isn’t coming to a console because the devs want to focus on the versions they’ve already got… Uh, this is news?

  4. Too bad their schedule won’t allow them to put the necessary effort into making a Wii U version of this game. Oh well, we still have Project Cars coming to the Wii U for all you car racing fans. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. I’m not a big fan of realistic car simulator type games, I find them pretty boring so this news doesn’t dissapoint me much at all. I think it makes total sense that they would decide to miss a Wii U version so that they can focus on the PS3 and Xbox360 versions. Making a Wii U version would mean having to port it and all, and finding uses for the additional screen and that, and that would just put strain on budget and time anyways.

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