Zynga Releases Pokemon Clone On App Store

Zynga, the popular video game developer for social platforms and mobile devices, has announced that its unabashed Pokemon clone called Montopia is now available to download on the App Store. The game casts you as a trainer battling other monsters which come in three elemental types – fire, wood and water. There’s a total of 400 of them to catch and enter into your Monstapedia. The game is available now on iOS and Android.


104 thoughts on “Zynga Releases Pokemon Clone On App Store”

        1. ”mean which ass hole would buy this and waste his or her precious time playing this ????” you ??? this thing does NOT affect the sales or success of pokemon . It’s just a little joke, Pokemon will forever remain king , nobody want’s to play a shit clone apart from tards….

          1. No one said it would effect Pokemon sales but people will download it. Heck if it’s free I’ll probably see how exactly they copied it.

          2. “Nobody wants to play a shit clone apart from tards”

            Only tards call every “clone” they haven’t played “shit” while trying to speak for others. Which dumb Nintendorks like you only know how to do.

                1. They are a hell more original than Xbox, PS3 or iOS games. Basically only violent shooters are now available on Xbox and PS3 and every other game on iOS is a clone of another.

          1. Yes it fucking does. Anything on the App store that catches a casual’s eye will sell. You must fucking stupid if you think developers like these are doing this for nothing. Time to do you research, because you’ll find some alarming high sales figures on shovelware like this.

            No digital store owned by Nintendo would ever generate the kind of revenue for third parties that iOS’ App Store does. That’s a fact whether you like it or not. And frankly I don’t care if you don’t, since nobody really gives a shit about Nintendo gamers.

            1. Then why the hell are you on a site populated with Nintendo gamers?! No point just coming onto a site you don’t care about to be a troll. And to be honest, the hundreds of thousands of people who view this site do give a shit about Nintendo gamers because we all are them.

      1. Nintendo has EVERY right to sue them. It has nothing to do with whether you like it or not, this is a blatant rip-off. I mean, Playstation All-Stars whatever is a copy, but at least they respect Nintendo enough to alter it. But come on, this is a blatant rip-off.

        1. If there was anything to sue for, they would have done it.

          They clearly aren’t going to, and especially because some fantard thinks they should.

  1. The sad thing is it’ll be the people who shit all over pokemon on websites like this that will be first to download this. This is known as PASBRsyndrome.

      1. You’re an idiot.
        This is the apple app store and so far this website has reported on TWO pokemon clones BOTH only on the APPLE app store.
        Hence my comment.
        You’re not very smart, so don’t try and act like you are

          1. “On myandroidnews.com
            TITLE: Nintendo exclusive coming as a clone to the Androind market.”
            Perhaps I meant that that was the title of myandroidnews.com. But only perhaps. Dumb as shit.

        1. “The game is available now on iOS and Android.”
          Hey Mr.supersmart (I am not trying to act smart): The game is available now on iOS and Android.
          and Android.
          and ANDROID!!!!!!
          I wont take your comment serious. Was it a joke. Really cant tell. Are that stupid or are you acting?

          1. Nope, definitely stupid. If you don’t even look up the title in question before spouting bullshit about it not existing, then you’re just a fuckin dumbass.

  2. I am going to away from my mirror and use thunderbolt if they do not take it down. *PIKA*
    Nintendo just sue’em. GOTTA SUE’EM ALL!

  3. Seriously? I think only the ones who’re going to download it are those who don’t realize it’s not Pokemon. And erase it after they realize there’s no Pikachu in it. Seriously, they should at least try to make it look different from Pokemon!

  4. Another Zynga clone? Big deal. And then I saw the cover art… THIS IS POKEMON! GAME FREAK ARE BEING PUBLISHED BY ZYNGA (sarcasm!)

  5. Don’t worry, this game looks really bad.
    Its nothing like pokemon at all. There is no real battle system. You just press a button and collect things.

    1. That is just crap, shit to be exact. I had to stop watching at 4:48 Exactly… Wouldn’t have watch that much, but wanted to see would the battling looked like lawl.

  6. Are people confusing this with that “Little Monsters” thing or whatever it was called? Because that game looked to be a way more blatant rip-off of Pokemon than this thing is. This looks different enough so that I’m like “eh, whatever,” but that other one had me going “WTF, sue them!” That other one WAS a blatant rip-off, this one just draws a lot of influence from Pokemon, I think there’s a fairly big difference between the two. But I haven’t personally played either, so who knows?

  7. Where are Aeolus and sigfried van racist devils child, Nintendo is so innovative and great even ios and facebook game maker copy them # exposed

    Tomorrow Sony and Ms realise why Neo Geo, sega, turbographix 16, atari, commodore, pc, the funny apple console of the 90s, phones bow down to Nintendo when it comes to gaming.

  8. This game looks like crap, but there is one way to save it. Port it to the Vectrex. There are great market opportunities with this game in the form of overlay variation. It would also allow such a great original concept to shine with the amazing graphics the Vectrex contains.

    Still not good enough for you collector nuts? Well have no fear, there would be hope for this game if the people at Tiger Electronics would port this the the game.com. I can guaranteeing you none of the crap released from the “big 3″ (seriously, who are these guys) have a black and white color system with FOUR LEVELS OF GREY!!! For the collectors out there don’t forget about the Compete.com CABLE. I find it absolutely astonishing that I can’t run into my local gamestop and pick up one of those things, it’s the greatest thing since AOL email.

    Not only does it have a better touch screen than all of this mumbo jumbo crap being released today, it also has a cable accessory to connect to the internet. Screw that “4G” or “Wifi” crap, there’s nothing like being connected by ethernet to the internet on a handheld system.

    Too long; didn’t read? Allow me to sum it up for you:
    This game benefit greatly with a port to the Vectrex, and only glorified with the connection abilities of the game.com.

  9. Apple, the same mother-fuckers who sued the shit out of Samsung for patent infringment, are being hypocritical douchbags and approving an obvious clone to a world-known game.

    Apple is nothing but a rich den of thieves.

        1. No they fucking don’t, you stupid fuck. What the fuck do they have to do about the development or existence of this game you retarded fucking retard? Approvals are A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MATTER, MORON.

          Every fucking thing Sickr/Alba sees isn’t a goddamn clone. And you’re a fucking idiot for feeding into his click-baiting. If it was doing anything wrong, GameFreak/Creatures Inc. would have pulled up. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

      1. You are an absolute moron.
        Apple approves their apps.
        They are responsible for the apps they sell.
        I’ve never known you to be such an idiot. Do you really not know how things work?

        1. Approval =/= creation. Your comment implied that Apple had something to do with this. Plenty of shit gets approved and plenty other companies who own online stores approve it. You just want to talk shit about Apple because they got all of the shitty casuals who purchased and oversaturated the Wii.

          Fucking dumbasses. Nothing more annoying than idiotic fanboys pointing figures like they know shit about anything.

  10. 1) This is a NINTENDO NEWS SITE, so why are you giving Zynga, a shitty “game” company that copies other developers to push crap content onto casuals, free advertising? You put their terrible game on the front page of your TERRIBLE site. That’s FREE ADVERTISING.

    2) The game itself sucks. Yes, I downloaded it to see what its deal was, and it is totally trash. Just like you, SICKR. You fucking suck at this.

    1. Sorry My friend. This is not free advertising for the likes of Zynga.
      This is what is needed to shut Zynga’s Copy-write infringing pie-holes. This will likely help get this app removed, just like all the others that intentionally try to rip off developers.

  11. Yeah I feel it’s best to download the zynga game (which is terrible by the way) to then give it one star and tell everybody to buy Pokemon black and white

  12. pokemon clones have existed for a long time it’s just that they were biggest in pokemon’s prime in the GBC days and now that pokemon black/white has had a huge success they’re coming back in droves. if you want an actual decent pokemon clone look up robopon it came out way back on the GBC by hudson soft/atlus.

  13. Wow man. At least take the most important element. THE BATTLING. Honestly what the crap. I wouldn’t say this is a ripoff but it ‘s like Pokemon with out it being Pokemon and to be totally honest it sucks. From a gameplay point of view I’d much rather take a Pokemon ripoff than a Pokemon wannabe.

  14. I played this game, it is nothing like Pokemon, it has the exact same format of every “rpg, monster” app in the app store. You guys are barking up the wrong tree, there’s plently of other game apps that look exactly like Pokemon. I just don’t see why this app is different from the rest, to me it looks exactly the same as all the other “rpg, monster” apps.

  15. I’ve played the game, and even though it is free, it’s not a good game. (My own opinion: so no hate.) I really don’t think this is going to do well, and it certainly cannot be compared to Pokemon which in itself is much better than any iOS clone-based game.

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