Developer Says Wii U Is The Strongest Console With Tons Of Potential

Shin’en developer Manfred Linzner has told N-Tower that he believes that the Wii U will be the strongest console in history due to its future potential. Linzner then went on to explain that the console offers developers, such as himself, a brand new way at looking at video game design. He then concluded that with development teams such as Retro Studios, and Nintendo EAD, the console could well become unstoppable.

“Well, right now, the Wii U is the strongest console with a lot of potential for the future. You should not forget, that the Wii U GPU is from a different generation than the ones from the current competitors. Because of that, there are many new ways of approaching things. Which, on the one side, are easier to implement than special hybrid solutions that are currently used on the other consoles, and on the other hand, which brings with it a much better performance. In cooperation with the generous working storage you have unbelievable possibilities. You should not forget that you need developers who can actually max out the potential of a console. And with teams like Retro Studios and EAD, Nintendo has an unbeatable advantage.”

Thanks, Nintedward3dswiiu

199 thoughts on “Developer Says Wii U Is The Strongest Console With Tons Of Potential”

        1. And that’s coming from an asshole who rapes foishaw in the ass while fingering Aeolus’ poontang at the same time. Get a life, shit for brains!

    1. And this is just for First party. Third party support isn’t doing well for launch day. The day Wii U gets COD: MW4, THEN I’ll give in. But guess what? IT WON’T HAPPEN. They said to not expect COD games for Wii U.

        1. If you gave Call of Duty a chance you would see how addicting and amazing it is. I’ve gone days without sleep or food playing that amazing game!

          1. Black ops is more a “True” Cod then MW is now, The talent of Infinity ward has moved on and left behind a group of hacks. Take MW 2 and 3 as an example, terrible games IMO.

            1. Who died and made you MrSpaghetti12? Modern Warfare isn’t a true CoD. It’s merely a follow-up to the CoD series like the Black Ops series 1 AND 2. Get your facts straight!

            2. How old are you? MW is a spin-off of COD, do you remember the game called “Call of Duty” or Call of Duty 2″? Here is a list for you:

              Call of Duty
              Call of Duty: United Offensive
              Call of Duty 3
              Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
              Call of Duty: World At War
              Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
              Call of Duty: Black Ops
              Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
              Call of Duty: Black Ops II


                1. Um, united (2) was made by infinity ward. 3, waw, bo, bo2, and a few last gen spinoffs were made by treyarch, not 2 though.

      1. What the hell are you talking about? Nintendo’s Launch is mostly 3rd Party with most being multi-plays (Not old ports).

        Who the hell cares about COD and who the sack said COD wasn’t being made for Wii U lol.

          1. Many would agree the Black Ops is a better series than MW so don’t be so quick to write off Black Ops as a real COD. You’re opinion isn’t fact (Remember that).

          2. I think that you will find Black Ops 2 is coming out for Wii U at launch due to the fact that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are also getting Black Ops 2…. Modern Warfare 4 (or whatever they will call it), will be released for the current consoles and Wii U NEXT year.

          3. Halo is 100 times the game ANY CoD game will ever be.

            Please. CoD is lame campaign, terrible 1-shot kill multiplayer that takes NO strategy or skill, and the graphics are shite: everything looks brown and gray. All the time. Always.

            CoD wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Halo, little kid. Learn your history child.

            1. Icy… as much as we don’t share the same view. But I have to agree with you on that one. Not to mention the fact that I truly missed playing the Halo series on the X360. Freaking red ring of death!!!!!

              1. Although Reach is really badly balanced, I do love to play Halo every now and then. Luckily I’ve not got a RRoD yet.

              1. You’re contradicting yourself, graphics puta. You need to quit getting your ass raped for every bullshit you’ve posted. It’s not healthy at all.

                  1. Anubis is right… you are in denial. You’re an inferior pathetic piece of shit who gives head to the president of SCEA and hates Nintendo due to their innovation of making games and hardware. You can’t accept everything except being proud as a graphics whore, sitting your fat ass on a computer typing shenanigans and bullshits like a virgin that you are today. You’re fucked… and still a remedial graphics whore. The game developer at Shin’en as well as Randy Pitchford, Cliffy B., Ken Levine, Martin Tremblay, Yves Guillemot, etc. Nintendo has an unbeatable advantage. Time for you to throw in your towel in defeat because you’re through. Good day sir.

                    1. I find it hilarious how much effort you put into replying to my posts, as I am obviously a troll looking for a reply. There is no point in showing me any proof because I’m OBVIOUSLY just trying to get everyone’s attention. You’re a fucking turd.

                    2. No matter how many times your ass gets anally raped, you STILL can’t underestimate everything Nintendo does in the past, present, and future. And unlike most of the gamers, including Nintendo supporters like myself. You have no future. You’re nothing but a remedial, cock sucking, cum guzzling, yeast infected, graphic whoring, pussy whipped, can’t get laid ’cause you’re a virgin, intellectually inferior piece of shit who needs to get a life and get the fuck out of My NINTENDO News. You don’t fucking belong here, whore. Either accept Nintendo as a video game company… or stay the fuck out of this blog. Because if you stick around, we’ll rip you a second asshole.

          1. Do you ever get the feeling that some people don’t know what “COD” stands for? It seems like they think it means “YES! HARDCORE! YEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! >:D” or something like that. :/

            1. as much as i dont really care about COD. but there is one thing you should remember. in the next 2 years. COD would likely be running on 4K with 60fps. And that is not going to happen on Wii U. It would be like Wii vs PS3 and 360 all over again like the current gen. And it will take another 3 – 4 extra years before Ninty can come up with something that match / better (that’s provided if console still viable by that time) Nothing is forever…. At least this is how technology is. No i am not bashing Nintendo. As much as I like some of Ninty’s product. But this is how it is.

      2. What are you talking about? COD comes to everything. I’d say there’s no chance of it NOT coming to the Wii U.
        Its pretty strange that you’re already looking forward to the next iteration in a series with so few changes from game to game before Black Ops 2 is even out yet.

      3. If COD MW3 came out for the Wii (and that’s an inferior system in terms of power), why the hell would the next MW or whatever the hell Activision’s next COD not come out for the Wii U, which is the most powerful system on the market right now? You’re stupid, and that’s a fact.

      4. lol, the Modern Warfare series is done. I swear, if Infinity Ward decides to make another Modern Warfare, they dropped the ball.. they can’t do it again after the shitstorm that was MW3.


      5. While COD is trash and cant even be considered a game. MW4 will be on Wii U. 720 and PS4 wont be out when it hits next year. So once again it will be a Wii U, 360, PS3 game.

    1. Sucks to be you, constantly worrying and being skeptical of Wii U despite all the ratio of positives over negatives about Wii U. I certainly don’t know how I could be extremely skeptical when so many big and small developers have been giving Wii U praise both for hardware and software potential.

    2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

      Nope, it does mean one thing – indie’s are impressed.

    3. 2 Gigs system Ram. on the Wii U. PS3 and exbox360 have 256 MB, because the other half of their Ram help to run the sound lol. Wii U has its own independent Sound Chip.

  1. If you say so. lol

    We still don’t know what the other two next-gen systems will provide. Too early to make these predictions.

    I’m getting the Deluxe regardless.

    1. There you go. No blatant fanboyism in this guy’s comment. He actually expects to see what the other two systems can provide before making some ludicrous assumption.

      1. Who made you the judge?

        Are you saying it’s impossible for Wii U to be unstoppable with PS4 and 720 still doing fairly well?

        You act like that can’t possibly happen.

      2. Need I remind you the rumors of the Xbox 720 using a HD 6670 are sounding like they could come true.. oh by the way.. a HD 6670 is pathetic so don’t be crying when the 720 isn’t what you hoped for.

        PS4 is the same, I’ve actually seen a game, Whore of the Orient and it looks.. the same as PS3 graphics and its on the PS4..

        1. First chip used in the 720 had a POOR preformance. Microsoft has to send a new one. 720 wont be a powerhouse it will be slightly stronger then Wii U due to it being out 2 years later. As for PS4….After the Vita failure and Sony’s situation I dont think another new console is on their mind.

        1. Yeah it is a little early. Retro Studios and Nintendo EAD are amazing, but this “unbeatable advantage” as he puts it was on the GameCube and that didn’t sell very well. But I have a feeling Wii U will be different and will do a lot better than the GameCube did.

      1. Yeah, but the quote continues by saying, “Nintendo has an unbeatable advantage.”

        We really can’t claim that. It is impressive. Unbeatable? We can’t jump to these conclusions right now.

        1. This is just implying that , Retro and EAD are so good at making impressive looking visuals , that their know how combined witht the wiiu’s graphical potential may match or even exceed what third and first party company’s will be able to do with 720 and ps4 .

          At least thats what I’m interpreting . Its plausable that the ps4 and 720 won’t even be noticeable more powerfull than wiiu , like the way gamecube and xbodx were significantly more powerfull than PS2 , but in most cases the graphics were almost identical.

          Except games like Metroid prime shat all over the ps2’s graphics.

          1. And the fact that none of the other next-gen systems have been revealed even in the slightest, we can’t make those assumptions. As likely or unlikely as they may be.

        2. You’d have to be a moron to take his quote literally.

          You know, unless you’re the kind of person who really doesn’t want anything good to be said about Nintendo.

          Just come out of the closet.

        3. You can’t just change the context of the quote though.

          Everything that was said is based firmly in the present. If the Wii U has an advantage over the PS3/360, then the PS3/360 aren’t suddenly going to become more powerful.

          Hence, unbeatable advantage over them.

          The PS4/720 are a different discussion.

  2. “You should not forget, that the Wii U GPU is from a different generation than the ones from the current competitors. Because of that, there are many new ways of approaching things.” Lizner’s quote is truly one of the best when it comes to Wii U and their lineup of games.

    1. They’ll probably copy Nintendo like usual and fail at it… I mean you seen the kinect, sure it was an interesting concept but Microsoft just fucked it up like usual.

  3. All credit goes to :) .

    On one side people will say ”well DUUUUHHHH its a 2012 console duuhh brains”

    on the other side , we Nintendo fans , for over a year now have been onslaughted by Trolls saying ”blah blah its not even as powerfull as current gen blah blah blah”

    So this is just obvious news , but important none the less.

  4. Well, this certainly may be an encouraging comment, but it’s one comment from a developer who may not be as widely known as others – and whilst there’s a good selection of positive commentary from recognised names too, there’s still plenty of the negative out there which should give people cause to not immediately leap for joy, but to continue to let their own eyes and experiences tell them which side is the most correct.

    Still, we are most intrigued to hear something this positive, regardless!

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

      Negative comments? What do you mean? As far as I know of big names having not so positive comments, Bethesda and Rockstar are the only one’s not completely on board. You can go back to their comments, they haven’t said anything bad about the console, just that they aren’t COMPLETELY sold.

      1. The only ”negative” comment I can think of , was when tekken producer Harada said ” the wiiu CPU is a little less than ps3’s” . But he didn’t mention the other specs (which are all very powerfull) , he was just pointing out simple porting issues , and having to use GPGPU to help and even maybe enhance the game.

        EVERY troll on the web , took that as confirmation that the wiiu’s graphics aren’t as good as the ps3’s , lol .

        1. The Tekken developer said that the Wii-U clock speed is a little less than the PS3/360’s. It’s the Orochi Warriors 3 devs who said it’s power is less than the PS3/360’s. My guess is that they’re only making use of 2 of it’s 4 cores and are still coding 1 code per thread, which will explain why they would have problems with it’s slow clock speed, while other developers got increased performance and frame-rate with the Wii-U.

          1. Yeh , but the warriors orochi also said ”make no mistake , from a graphical standpoint the wiiu is far superior” , remember that ?? . I think its the architechture with the wiiu thats the problem for ports and cross platforms . They are a different shape and dont fit the wiiu well , but developers have to change or manipulate that shape to make the wiiu version far superior as it rightfully should end up being .

            GPGPU takes weight off th CPU for example .

            1. Of course, the Wii-U’s GPU is at least 4 years newer, has more horse-power, etc. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. Yes, it’s the architecture that’s a bit of an issue with ports and cross platforms for certain developers such as the Tekken Developers and the Warriors Orochi ones because you can’t simply try and develop for it like it’s a PS3 and 360, you’re not going to get good results. The GPGPU definitely helps but it’s not going to take off the load as significantly as one would think. The CPU is still more efficient and overall more power and will have to be as such for the next-generation. The Flash may be faster (PS3/360) but Superman is more powerful (Wii-U).

              1. Yeh , We know aswell the wiiu has a dedicated sound chip at aparently 120MHZ .

                I think the CPU will be about 2.4ghz -2.8GHZ . but then you have the DSP and GPGPU to make it on par and better than current gen .

  5. Thats my Nintendo. giving me great games and experiences.
    just 1 more month people, its already around the corner to launch.

  6. Not really news in any regard, but it’s good to see Shin’en looking forward to the future of Wii U. I’m expecting some really innovative games this time around from them above what they have already worked on for the Wii.

    Would definitely love to see Jett Rocket 2 make it to the Wii U eShop and how they decide to utilize the Wii U’s hardware in the future. We need more experimental developers out there like them. :)

    1. Would you rather have news saying ” the wiiu is the same graphics as ps3 ” or news saying ”the wiiu has unbelievable potential and is the most powerfull console at the moment” ??

  7. Simply amazes me that people demoralise games so much.
    If you think they’re awful then make something that’s better.
    Wii U will be amazing from day one. Wish the release date came closer.

  8. While we don’t have any real info yet, I highly doubt the next Xbox and Playstation will be leaps and bounds above the PS3 and 360. They would cost way too much and once again Nintendo’s console will be the more attractive choice at a cheaper price. Plus I would like to see what happens when the console war is based solely on games rather than power. If i’m wrong i’ll be the first to admit it.

    1. Well we know what the controller for sony will be, just scratch off the Wii U logo on the gamepad and replace it with PS4.

      1. Same goes for the 720 controller. Valve was using a Xbox Tablet controller and Microsoft did file a patent for a tablet controller 6 months after E3 2011 when Wii U was first shown off.

        1. Frankly,that’s sad.In my school,everybody thinks that sony is better than nintendo.They also think that sony and apple make all the money while nintendo is going bankrupt (they are COD fans so ya…).One of them think that wii u is a portable wii and an add on to it.I have only been able to get two people to like the wii u.

    1. Miiverse looks so amazing lol . Its gunna be a safe haven social network from trolls . If people want to troll miiverse , they have to buy a wiiu !! hahah . win win for Nintendo :) .

      Looks really really really epic . love the fact they put a voteing system on their aswell.

  9. Shin’en is a great developer. They brought out the graphical power of the Wii with FAST racing league, which is a Wii ware title and they’re showing us just how potent the Wii U is and have given us a look at the graphical prowess that the Wii U can achieve even at this early stage. Nano Assault Neo looks absolutely gorgeous and imo I haven’t seen a better looking Wii U game yet visually.

    P.S Some of you guys need to GROW UP! >.< You're making the comments section look like a joke -_-

    1. No we won’t . Because when fans get their hands on it at launch , the graphics will just look a tiny bit better than ps3 and 360 , with only things like improved textures , resolutions , framerates.

      We’ll see when retro studios or EAD comes out with their first proper wiiu game a la mario galaxy 3 for example ……

      1. Yeah, it takes a good few years for the full potential of systems to be unlocked. Launch games never look as good as the systems are actually able to put out.

        I’m sure we’ll see some real impressive stuff down the line.

        1. Indeed , things that may be outpeformed by competitors , But things that will blow us away regardless :) . The graphical gap between wii and 360 and ps3 is a pain in the ass . If that gap is made ALMOST unnoticeable , then I would be a much more happy consumer , even to the point where I wont feel obliged to buy other consoles to fill a huge gap .

  10. I agree on one thing. It’s potential is off the charts with the mix traditional controls + touch screen controlers + motion controls. Then on top of that you got 4x the ram and the wide range of interesting games that Ninten is known for. As far as it being the strongest console, we’ll see when the ps4 and 720 comes out. Sony and Microsoft gotta focus on the quality of games (game mechanics, how the story is crafted, content, replay value, and optional game modes) rather than the quality of the picture.

    My opinion is that they should only heighten the graphics for intense moments like when characters use extremely powerful moves or when there’s scenic/important cut scenes.

    1. Obviously consoles released later will be more powerful. That’s not particularly important, unless it’s a very significant difference in power and architecture such as with the Wii and the PS3/360.

        1. I wouldn’t say that. More power is only good BUT it shouldn’t never be at the expense of the consumer or themselves. Especially with Sony’s financial situation.

      1. if you consider launch prices the wii has better graphics than the hd twins cod proves that it’s a seventy dollar difference at Max imo

  11. You know what I love about this site and Nintendo fans in general?

    The maturity.

    Look at the first post and all of it’s following comments. That’s maturity and sophistication at its best.

    1. Please don’t generalise any type of fanboy . There is mature and immature fanboys for microsoft , sony and nintendo everywhere you go . The trolls who are MS and PS fanboys bring out the immaturity of this site.

      1. The only reason I can see a 28-year-old “web designer” visiting news sites for video games is because they need escape from their shitty lives.

        Probably the same reason he still plays video games.

        So instead of correcting him for being immature himself, we should pity him as his life must be pretty sad outside of this site.

        1. No, no, a web designer can still visit video gaming news site. Besides, playing video games is a form of mainstream entertainment so I don’t understand why someone has an issue or something like that if they play video games.

  12. While we know the GPU is strong, I fear the CPU is not, which is a disappointment. Had Nintendo designed the Wii U with a slightly more powerful CPU than Xbox 360 and PS3, I think Nintendo would put Sony out of business, but reports are saying that the CPU in the Wii U is slightly less powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, which is strange.

    1. Fear not, I believe the reports were suggesting the clock speed was slightly slower. However, if the cpu is designed with modern architecture the clock speed shouldnt matter much at all, in fact it will require less power and be much easier to cool.

    2. The CPU isn’t less powerful. It has more to do with the fact that the slow clock speed will lead to poor results if it’s treated like the PS3/360’s CPU. If a developer only codes for 1-2 codes of thread per core, a slower clock speed will definitely be an issue, especially if you only use 2-3 cores like the 360. BUT, when you begin treating it like a next-gen console, that will not be an issue, seeing as the Wii-U’s rumored CPU is rumored to code for 4 codes of thread simultaneously per core.

  13. It will be the strongest console when it launches, but we have to wait and see what the other two have planned before we can make assumptions about the future. I personally think Wii U will be the best of the 3, but that’s just an opinion. Leave luck to heaven.

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