Microsoft To Reveal A ‘Historic’ Rare Franchise For Xbox One At E3


Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer has told Polygon that the company is preparing to reveal a historic Rare franchise for the newly unveiled Xbox One at this year’s E3 event in June. Spencer wouldn’t give any hints regarding which franchise he is referring to, but Rare clearly have a legendary back catalogue of games. Which Rare IP would you like to see revitalised for the Xbox One?

“Fans of Rare and Rare IP I think will be pleased with what we’re going to show at E3. We had a limited amount of time today and a lot of story to tell. But Rare remains an incredibly important part of our development capability. That historic IP that they’ve built I think can play a real important role on Xbox One.”


151 thoughts on “Microsoft To Reveal A ‘Historic’ Rare Franchise For Xbox One At E3”

      1. The last time they made a Banjo Kazooie game on the xbox, they blew it. And besides, all of the old members that worked for rare are gone now anyways.

        1. they could give some rare IP that made nintendo like back. I wish microsort give some good ip back to nintendo

    1. It will be, most likely, Killer Instinct. Microsoft announced they renewed the Killer Instinct License a while back, and they fought for it against Fox and the rights on the name for the killer instinct show. Rare already said they’re working on a mature game, as well. Now Microsoft says it’s a historic franchise.

      Calling it. Rare will be back to its former glory and Retro will show their next masterpiece, and then we’ll have an epic Rare vs Retro battle. Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker levels.

  1. After the butchering they did with Perfect Dark and Banjo I’d prefer nothing.
    The talents left the building.
    Hopefully it’s Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2.

    1. any) over this boring shit. I don’t unsendtard what this has to do with Christmas. Just a bunch of models prancing around. There was nothing Christmasy. Seriously, it’s time for another crazy Japan video.

  2. All the good Rare Staff left ages ago to form Retro Studio. The only thing that means is that they’re gonna disgrace yet another of your nostalgic franchise.

      1. Most of the former – Rare staff went to Retro, that’s why Rare now kinda messes up Ip’s but we all look forward to what Retro has.

        1. Most left to form Free Radical, a few left to join RETRO. Crytek then went on to buy free radical a little after the 3rd Time Splitters.

            1. If HAZE was for the Wii as opposed to the PS3, Free Radical would probably still be around as they used to be.

      2. Yes, and at that time it was formed by former Rare developpers.
        The reason why Nintendo had no problem selling Rare to Microsoft was because it basically became worthless.

        1. You’re wrong. Don’t believe everything the internet says. There’s still a lot of talent on Rare, as evidenced by their “Rare Life” blog posts. A Lot of people featured on that has been with Rare since the old days of the Zx Spectrum, and they’re still there; also, most of those people say their favorite games that they worked on were either Donkey Kong Country or one of the classic N64 games.

          There’s a few faggots who started there with kinect sports, though. But few.

  3. Rare isn’t the company that it used to be, all the good talent that they had is gone, so I could care less for what Rare is doing.

  4. Tell them to let rare die. Everyone worth anything left the company already. Just sell the old IPs to Nintendo.

    1. Now why would the do that. They bought rare specifically so Nintendo doesn’t have the great ip’s that go with it.

  5. When I looked Rare’s resume, it made me sad how Microsoft butt raped them.

    Great games, until Microsoft devoured them.

  6. Rare lost their entire set of employees who were the reason of Rares epic games. This was 10 years ago when M$ bought them

    I’m not worried

  7. They’d better not do a second attempt at Banjo.
    They’ve fucked up once already.
    The last thing I want to see is to see the series revived, with a possibly good entry, on a sinking ship like the One.
    Sell Rare’s IP’s to a third party besides EA or Activision, Microsoft. If you’ve got anyone left in your company who really understands just how badly you’ve been treating Rare, you’ll let their games go to someone who will use them better and more often than you have in the past…..

    1. Once Nintendo is willing to put forth what it takes to get something like this.

      They just don’t have the interest because of their own IP.

      1. well its been rumored they tried. do you really think Microsoft will say “OH HERE NINTENDO HAVE A NUKE YOU CAN BOMB US WITH!” because if Nintendo gets that its horrible for Microsoft cuz Nintendo will revive it and make it good, completely thrashing whatever they’ve got.

    1. As much as I wanted that game in the past at this point I don’t want Rare or Microsoft anywhere NEAR Killer Instinct. Especially based off of the fiasco a couple of days ago. You’ll probably have to call out your combos on Kinect or something stupid like. Stick with something simple.

      I’d go for an R.C. Pro AM remake.

  8. I don’t want Rare to bring any ‘historic’ franchises back on any other console that doesn’t belong to Nintendo. It doesn’t belong there. Microsoft have screwed them up. Give Nintendo the rights to Conker, Banjo Kazooie, Jetforce Gemini etc.

    1. agree, microsoft lacks creativity and talent. there like that person who is super boring and has a personality of a FPs… dull. give them to nintendo and keep killer instinct or perfect dark if they want but the rest give back to nintendo.

      1. who said if it is jet force, it will be good. Microsoft kills rare franchises. don’t get hyped dood I don’t want you disappointed.

    2. My thoughts exactly. Even if they made a great game I wouldn’t want it. You screw Rare and gamers over by cutting off Rares IPs with a few exceptions that weren’t good like the new Banjos, and now 10 years later you think you can wow us by bringing back what you killed off? Nice try but long time gamers who actually know the history know you are more full of it.

  9. It will be an outrage if it turns out to be Banjo or Jet Force Gemini…

    These Xbots must be stopped before they desecrate more of our lost artifacts!

  10. stay away from banjo kazooie rare dont insult that masterpiece. Stay away from jetforce gemini too.

    make a killer instinct game that will get all the the H4rdc0re players to buy your system right microsoft?????

      1. Eric Sellers, the chances are that it is in fact a killer instinct game, since Microsoft did recently try to renew the copyright license for killer instinct but got knocked back, because of some tv show with the same name, but i suppose they could just call it K.I 3, everybody would know what it is, or possibly they are making a new banjo kazooie game, because i remember the original xbox launched with grabbed by the ghoulies by rare which was a epic fail, and then the 360 launched with kameo, which in my opinion was a great platform game, i enjoyed it, dont know why it gets so much hate, it was good for a launch game, and so historically M$ has launched hardware with a rare game, and so this should be interesting, it could even be a perfect dark game, but i doubt it!

    1. Honestly, best case scenario? It’s Killer Instinct, and it’ll be pretty decent, but we have enough fighting games.
      Everything else, Banjo, Gemini, Perfect Dark, probably going to be utter shit.

  11. Rare is nothing more than a walking corpse these days. If I remember right, everyone that made Rare worth anything has long since left.

  12. Xbox One sucks. Also, how could they make a Banjo-Kazooie game? First of all, the entire team is divided, Grant Kirkhope (the musician) is on his own and the brothers who created the series left Rare along with most of the programmers. Second, Microsoft players aren’t asking for a Banjo-Kazooie game, they keep crying for Killer Instinct. Third, Microsoft already paid for the rights of Killer Instinct, so yeah.

    1. The last thing I want is to see Microsoft defile Jago!
      Let them stick to Mortal Kombat and other games like that, just keep them well away from games that used to be glorious before Rare fell into their venomous claws!

    1. I’d actually like that. Wizards and Warriors was an awesome IP. Especially Ironsword: Wizard and Warriors 2

  13. And why this is news here? I can understand putting specs comparisons and stupid quotes of how people think the xbox is the second comming of christ but this?

    1. Can I just say how amazing that comment is?

      Probably right about the Kinect inclusion, too, since it’s MANDATORY for all Xbox ones.

    1. Yes commander, as annoying as Sony drones and their skirt wearing wannabe god, they at they least show up on mynintendonews because they (Sony) are nintendo’s child. Xbots and their atrocious contraption of a system have no moral campass. Really, how does one pay for Internet services that are free on nintendo and Playstation ?

    1. This is the first I heard about it.
      I don’t have time to surf the net and visit various sites, so I for one appreciate the occassional news on developers that once developed great titles on Nintendo platforms.

      It’s not a fucking crime for mynintendonews to post general gaming news sometimes.

      There are sites, where EVERY OTHER POST is about random, off topic shit.

      I’m not saying this blog is perfect, but it’s run pretty damn good in my opinion.

  14. Nintendo is gaming itself. Final fantasy helped drive Sony Playstation. It’s first started on nintendo. xbox one sucks even before it leaves the gate. Let it not be killer instinct, I shall be mad I tell you. Only two instincts were ever worthy. They should stick to epic’s gears of greyscale.

  15. How does Rare new game has anything to with Nintendo? It has been 10 years since Nintendo sold them off, it’s time to move on and accept the fact that Rare is no longer a part of Nintendo and just move on. Beside Rare is dead inside since Microsoft brought them.

  16. fake rare… Real rare left the company a while ago… Now fake rare can ruin all the amazing franchises that real rare created

  17. If it is Killer Instinct 3 then I’m going to be extremely pissed off. I’m sorry, but that series does not feel very right on a Microsoft console as the series was clearly created by both Rare and Nintendo. At least Nintendo should have it back as much as they should have the Banjo-Kazooie franchise back.

  18. Interesting….I totally forgot about Killer Instinct, so it could be that. It’s ripe for a comeback though the beat ‘em market is pretty tough these days. I was thinking more along the lines of Sabrewulf or Jetpac.

    1. I like it. IMO something along those lines would make an amnaizg first/intro track before you surprise everyone with the heavy. Things are looking bright. Thanks for the update, your words on all these posts are always entertaining too! And damn I need to learn me some banjo, but alas I suck at fingerpicking (yes I know practice practice practice, but to me sweeping is easier to pull of than fingerpicking lol)

    2. This speaks to me, ttalloy. I’m jamming to it now. On your 8tracks you added this bit “because she had no talents only hobbies” along with the rest, I’ve always felt that way really (in the most moronic way). But also, I’ve been meaning to watch Toyko! for a while, what’s with your impeccable film taste eh? 21 yr old me is ecstatic, 16 yr old me would be jealous beyond belief, boo!

    3. Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an esbaslithed blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks

  19. read the last sentence. “it will be an important role for the xbox one, oh fucking microsoft stop,, that means gimmicked talking to the kinect and ruining a great game. nuts and bolts kicked me in the stamch when i played it. just it was sick and a middle finger. hope its killer intinct, thats the least i think that they can fuck up.

  20. Nintendo asked for Perfect Dark and Banjoo back, and Microsoft said no! Now they are thinking if Nintendo wanted this, we should bring it back! Microsoft didn’t give a damn about those ip’s until Nintendo recently asked for them back. Smh…

  21. Please be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or ConkerPlease be anything other than Banjo or Conker

  22. For fuck’s sake, everyone’s freaking out like this was the third consecutive xBox post.

    Settle down everyone. Gaawwd.

  23. Meh, nothing too exciting. It’s gonna be crap as the majority of Rare’s developers from the good ol’ days left the company a long time ago.

  24. Wasn’t it Nintendo’s fault for letting Rare go? If you ask me it sounds like they didn’t want Rare’s cast of characters to get too much attention, possibly eclipsing a certain moustachioed mascot. By then again, I’m only going by what has been said in forums. It would be cool if someone started something like E! Hollywood Stories but with video games ;)

  25. Since you’ve ruined one of my favorite franchises of all time, microsoft, no thank you!

    And seriously, Xbox One is a failure, it’s not even something exciting like the 360 was, I’m not even getting your console, you can keep your RARE game. At this moment they only have the old names, all talented people have left. Xbox, go home, you’re drunk.

  26. Whatever Rare shows, it wont be a match for what Retro has to show.

    Old Rare>Retro>>>>Shit>>New Rare

  27. Please Banjo-Kazooie died when Rare left Nintendo. Keep the bear and the bird. No one is going to rent the game then pay to play it after that. Hopefully Retro can come up with another plat former game like a 3D Mario/Banjo-kazooie or something.

  28. After the Xboxone was revealed, the New Xbox needs 500gigs of ram more than the Wii U needs 32 gigs. At least I can by a hard drive and not forced to download. I can also borrow someone’s Wii U game for free. Best all, I have the console with the best exclusives with or without Banjo-Kazooie. Besides we got Sega partnered with Nintendo! Fuck Rare and Microsoft! Sega could make a football game exclusively to Wii U. They made sports games before. Fuck EA too!

    1. and I was a huge fan of SEGA sports games! they were the best untill EA buy all the sports companie’s licences and turn it into a big big business… it was fun. I still play Virtua Tennis :)

    1. Compared to Nuts&Bolts, the originals were AAA PLATINUM TITLES.
      You can’t have played and compared if you think BK is half-assed compared to Micro$hit’s fuck-up of an attempt.

  29. It could be an IP from a popular Rare game, but it needs to be good. I only buy games if I look at it and think it will be good.

  30. I love all the bashing of MS just because they made a smart BUSINESS descision and bought a company. And also, the people bashing the XBOX ONE because they mostly revealed TV/multimedia stuff.

    You’re all incredibly naive: of course they didn’t reveal tons of games and IPs… E3 is just weeks away, why would they blow their load BEFORE hand?

    The ONE is not a sinking ship. The Wii U certainly is. There’s at LEAST a couple/few stories PER WEEK about bit-title games that are skipping the Wii U. The ONLY thing Wii U has that is worth ANYTHING is the upcoming few first-party games. That’s it. Their online offerings are WAAAAAYY behind what MS and Sony are doing, in fact Nintendo is BARELY at the level MS was back in 2004-2005. All the big named third party titles are coming to ONE and PS4, and they’re skipping Wii U.

    I hate to say it, because before it launched I was the Wii U’s biggest supporter, but the Wii U is going to end up just like the original Wii: nothing but gimmicky casual titles and a select few decent first-party games. In other words: only the hardcore-Nintendo fanboys will support it, and nobody else.

    It’s sad to see, but it’s true.

    1. Oh please, the Wii U already has core titles in its launch that the Wii lacked, and it’s focused on GAMERS.
      The One is not, and the PS4 only barely more so.
      Nintendo is also leaps and bounds ahead of either of them in terms of gameplay, despite the system being less powerful.
      The only ones still fooled otherwise are spec and pixel whores.

  31. So Rare will be screw up Banjo and Kazooie again? Oh great. They need to stick to making kid friendly Kinect games and leave the past in the past.

  32. Oh yeah I forgot, it could turn out bad probably even more if Microsoft made it.. Since a lot of workers for the good Banjo Kazooie games are not there or mostly. But if they used the idea of the first two games, but might use the Xbox 360 like graphics.. (Lot’s of levels, the good way of getting jiggies, collecting, etc) then I would love it. And if it was at least big as the first game.


  34. Like it matters. All the good people from RARE left long ago. Just cause you have a good IP doesn’t mean it will be a good game.

  35. All of the ex-Rare employees who worked for Rare while with Nintendo all need to get together and reclaim all of their IP’s before Microsoft ruins absolutely everything about them!! This sickens me like no other!

  36. Whatever franchise it is they’re sure to ruin it or ruin it more, we are talking about Microsoft of course.

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