Banjo Kazooie Grunty Land Coming To Xbox One?


I was sent the above image yesterday and automatically assumed it was fake, however you will notice that Halo Spartan Assault is listed which was confirmed today by Microsoft as being in development for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Microsoft has previously said that Rare is working on a historic franchise for Xbox One, so Banjo Kazooie makes a lot of sense. Consider this a rumour for now, but we should know more on June 10th.

Thanks, Ahmad

139 thoughts on “Banjo Kazooie Grunty Land Coming To Xbox One?”

          1. Lol really? So your experience is instantly ruin by a single word? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds is bro?

              1. says a guy called Troll. What the fuck is your problem people? is it really that big an issue? Its not like this doesn’t happen in every other thing that has a comment section

    1. We need to make an altar to praise you! Quick fellow people of the internet! Help me make this guy a god, like he deserves to be!

    1. Really? After nuts and bolts? We’ve seen how terrible the new Rare is. Pluse the Xbox One has sooooo many cons, this is nowhere near enough of a pro to justify this crapy system.

      1. I agree with you, but it would still really suck to miss out on a great Banjo Kazooie game. So, I’m really hoping that this next one is just as awful as Nuts and Bolts.

      1. But the Halo : Spartan Assault was just announced a day after this picture appeared on the internet. This picture wasn’t up until 6/2/2013 so who confirmed this my nonsourced friend?

        1. Spartan Assault was a domain registered by MS before this picture went live. It also has a different logo than the one shown on this image

    1. No, it does still look really bad, is just that some of those game look so tempting that it may be worth to jump in that pile of troublesome console.

      1. With these games, looks leauges better than the wii u that i havent touched in months. Nintendo needs to get its shit together

        1. Pretty much. I’ll be the first to eat a big ole’ slice of humble pie if anything useful comes from Rare, but I know better than that.

            1. Exactly. I hope that Retro’s new IP is a NEW fighting game to replace Killer Instinct since Microsoft is selfishly holding onto the rights to keep Nintendo from buying it back. That’s fine. Nintendo did it once, they can do it again. Especially if they have original Rare people working for Retro.

              1. or maybe, it’s a spiritual successor to banjo tooie? im pretty sure they could pull off creating another memorable character and have plenty of nods to the banjo games of old

                1. Nintendo doesn’t need that. They have too many cutesy mascots as it is. Many they aren’t even using. I would prefer it be something totally dynamic that has more of an appeal to the core gamers. Not another FPS or 3PS game, but something different. Maybe some type of action-adventure game. Or perhaps a beat-em-up in which you could use Killer Instinct’s auto-double combo style.

                  1. who said it has to be cutesy? all i want is another great collectathon. and the only one with in eyesight right now is a hat in time. and who says you can’t make a dynamic, different banjo kazooie like game? if you play either of the first two banjo games today, you’ll see that they hold up extremely well. you dissmissing a banjo kazooie spiritual successor because you assume that the characters would have to be cutesy, is just like all of the people dissmissing nintendo games because of the more cartoony astetic.

                    1. Nothing you said has anything to do with the fact that Nintendo does not need a spiritual successor to Banjo because they literally have dozens of games just like it if not better that accomplish exactly what you are referring to, BETTER.

                      YOU want Retro’s game to be a spiritual successor to Banjo. There is nothing wrong with hoping that, but trying to justify what you WANT to happen as what SHOULD happen and insinuating that people whom don’t have your line of thinking are somehow wrong is pretty silly.

                      It doesn’t even make sense to ASSUME otherwise of a “spiritual successor” to Banjo to not have cutesy characters. Banjo’s hook was the cutesy characters. Without that it makes no sense to call it a “spiritual successor” to Banjo or to draw any parallels to the series at all. Retro could be working on a new platform game. In my humble opinion, it will be something brand new if they are. But that is just my opinion. No one knows what they are doing.

                      I’ll be happy with whatever the produce because a lot of the people from the REAL Rare (that had a hand in games LIKE Banjo, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, etc.) are working there.

                      Personally, I WANT a “spiritual successor” to Killer Instinct. Since Nintendo doesn’t have any fighting game other than Smash Bros, they could use another. But I’m not about to say that anyone who disagree with that is wrong or insinuate that they have ulterior motives. It’s just a difference of opinion. One of us might be dead-on come next Tuesday, or all of us could be dead-WRONG come next Tuesday. We’ll see.

              2. Maybe, but rumor has it Retro’s working on a shooter. I’m thinking on the lines of Perfect Dark-ish.

                1. That wouldn’t be a bad idea as long as it has more going on than just another FPS or 3PS. Even though the market is overrun with them, it would be nice of Nintendo to have a signature-shooter not named ‘Metroid’ and well as a signature-racing title not named ‘Mario Kart”.

                  1. They do have a racing title other than Mario Kart. It’s called F-Zero and someone needs to get into Nintendo’s heads to make a new entry for this game.

                    1. Well that too, but what I meant is a racing sim. Microsoft has Forza, Sony has Gran Turismo, Nintendo needs something. Project C.A.R.S. is a multiplat so that doesn’t count. Nintendo needs it’s own racing sim. Maybe bring back Crusin’ USA.

            1. there was a rumor saying Nintendo is trying to get the series back, and would of been on Wii U. This proofs that the rumor was wrong, so it kinda does.

  1. As long as it’s not Battletoads I’m fine. I don’t want them to destroy or if its good make it at all since I’m not buying this crappy machine.


  3. *shrug*
    Let us remember 3 things
    1. It’s on Xbox One. I don’t need to say anything more than that.
    2. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.
    3. “Rare” are shit now.

    1. 4. None of the old Rareware members work at the “new” Rare anymore.
      I would NOT get my hopes up.

    2. Nuts and bolts was pretty good though, just because it wasn’t exactly the same as the old games, doesn’t make it a horrible game. There were a lot of good, fresh ideas put into that game and it was good to get a fresh take on the series, I much prefer banjo 1 & 2 but I’m not stupid enough to rule out a good game because it didn’t follow the meta.

  4. It’s hilarious how out of place Banjo Kazooie looks on this image. Definitely doesn’t belong with MS. Fake or not (which obviously it is)

  5. It’s already been disproven as a fake. If I weren’t stuck at work, I’d grab the forum post where they basically tore apart the whole leak.

  6. I find it funny how Banjo looks so out of place on that promo. You should’ve stayed with Nintendo Rare. You should’ve stayed with Nintendo.

    1. Indeed, Mike. Microsoft could at least let the Banjo-Kazooie franchise go.
      I usually don’t like generalizations, like the one that I am about to do, but let’s face the fact that the majority of WiiU owners would simply pre-order a decent and honest Banjo-Kazooie game (by decent & honest let’s say a BK game developed by Retro), whilst I doubt if even a small percentage of Xbox owners know what BK is all about.

  7. BK Nuts and bolts, and perfect dark are one of the reasons i bought a second 360 (first one red ringed) I will not be fooled again, sorry Banjo :(

  8. I’m more excited about the pic in the middle, Fable IV, but yes although XBox news could mean the title may come to Nintendo as it is the home of Banjo Kazooie.

          1. True that, I tried for like 30 mins but couldn’t get into it, Fable IV will be amazing until I start to playing it but I’m still looking forward to it!

  9. If “Halo: Spartan Assault” was confirmed today, then no, nothing’s been proven fake here guys.

    1. This kid just took notice that exclusives sell the system lol…..yup this gen of gamers is by far the worst….1st gen to 5 gen was it…everything beyond those years does not even come close, kids these days and there knowledge

  10. I thought this was myNINTENDOnews not myXBOXONEnews!
    ppl act like if BK still with nintendo. can u realize its been a long time since Micro bought that ip?

    1. The IP could’ve been bought by MS eons ago, but neither of us costumers (Nintendo or Microsoft “followers”) are happy: Nintendo fans miss a beloved franchise, and Microsoft ones had a game in the past, and may have a next one in the near future, that doesn’t fulfill their expectations for yet another “hardcore” game.

      So, in my opinion, this is still an open matter, which clearly can be considered “myNintendonews”.

  11. How is this a “Nintendo” news? Rare has nothing to do with Nintendo, nor will Banjo Kazooie Grunty Land affect Nintendo in any way. I am getting sick and tired or Nintendo fans refusing to accept that Rare belongs to Microsoft now and has nothing to do with Nintendo.

  12. I hope this is fake. Or if it’s true, that it will be horrible so Microsoft will drop the IP and be willing to sell it to Nintendo. Then Retro can make a Banjo game.

  13. Xboxone is done. Fable IV hahahahaha really. Banjo Kazooie or killer instinct nothing is making me buy a spy glass lol.

    1. How is that proof of the logo being fake…? Just because it’s been floating around the internet for a while?

  14. Change the name of the site to my gaming news cause half the stuffn u post is not nintendo related. And most of it isn’t even worth posting

  15. I bet that game will suck if it were true. Besides even if i bought a One, I would want to try it before purchasing it. Oh wait I can’t!

  16. Forget Halo 5. Forget Banjo. Forget Halo Spartan Assault. Forget Forza 5. Forget Quantum Break. ITS FABLE MOTHERF**KING 4!!!!!

  17. Wait.. B-K Gruntyland??? Please don’t let this be another carnival Kinect game! I will seriously shoot myself!!!

  18. Let us… take a moment of silence for the long dead Banjo-Kazooie series…

    Such a shame… if there actually is a new Banjo game coming out… we all know that it’s going to be shit, because RARE is nothing more than a shadow of its former self. Microsoft stripped them of any credibility they once had, to the point that none of the original RARE employees are working there any longer. A lot of them went to form a company that we all know as Retro Studios.

  19. Oh please no!! Stop ruining Banjo-Kazooie Microsoft!!! If they do this I will become disappointed to furious!!

  20. Microsoft just announced or teased fable one remake. This image is promoting a new fable. Might be fake. But then again Nintendo are doing the same thing with Zelda. Hmm. And at the end of nuts and bolts grunty was making her own game. I wish Microsoft would sell bk or just let it rest on peace

  21. Grant Kirkhope just needs to use his godly powers and bring together all of the ex-Rare employees so they can reclaim all of their old IP’s and rescue Banjo-Kazooie from the clutches of the sick and twisted Microsoft! lol

  22. Wow, we banjo’s fans must be feeling a little crappy inside. Setting that aside, we can all come into conclusion that Rare is dead since almost all their previous teams left the company. Who would actually play banjo in a Xbox One, considering that almost all of the people who played Banjo were Nintendo 64 Owners.

  23. No just no…they already screwed up with Nuts and Bolts and slaped original fans in face with that first teaser where you thought it be all adventure like original games,just to later find out it has nothing to do with the original gaming concept and was turned into building cars???? Seriously??????? They couldn’t make there own original characters for that game,they had to take Banjo and Kazooie and ruin it.

    To me microsoft is just like 4kids when they screwed up with One Piece..good thing that ended quick…just seeing sanji with lolipop >__< insted of his cigar…

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