Tales Producer Says No Plans For Tales Series On Wii U


Tales producer Hideo Baba has revealed that he hasn’t any plans to bring the popular JRPG series to Nintendo’s latest console, Wii U. Baba also said that he has no plans to bring the Tales series to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Baba says his policy is to release Tales titles to the console which the fans want to play on. Recent Tales titles have appeared on the PlayStation 3 and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

 “Same as the Xbox One and PS4, I don’t have any plans to release titles for the Wii U.”


    1. Obviously they’ll move over to the next gen when the time comes, but current systems still have a large install base and still sell. So there’s no reason to take a franchise to the next generation immediately.

      Sony has the PS3 on a 10 year plan, so expect the support to go on a few years into the PS4’s life.

      The same way they did with the PS1, PS2, and are still doing with the PSP.

      1. Sony HAVES to support the PSP.
        The Vita is giving them the greatest pain (or was it the go?) they can handle

  1. that’s not fair, first you take nintendo’s exclusives and then say there are no plans for new titles? thats total dick.

      1. Tales Of Symphonia (In English) was a Gamecube exclusive. Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of A New World was a Wii exclusive. Now theres an HD version coming to PS3.

              1. Same here. I would have gladly picked up the tales HD remake day one on Wii U. Devs need to learn that the touchpad is a delicious feature that could free up a lot of their RPG menu clutter.

    1. Tales of the Abyss was a PS2 exclusive. Now its on the 3DS, fair game I should say because it gave me a chance to play Abyss.

  2. Certain Japanese devs (although awesome) have their heads shoved right up their ass.

    PES is on PSP , but not on 3DS or Vita ? lol what ? The PSP is long dead in the west.

    1. Typical Sonyan extremists…

      They always support extinct things or things that are about to become extinct…

      But aslong as the Xbots don’t get it, I don’t really care what the Sonyans are up to…

      Although we do know since they are just copying our culture in a misguided erronous way…

  3. ….how can you have no plans for any of the 3 next generation systems?
    “Sir, the console generation is about to end”
    “….erm, any plans for the next gen systems?”
    “B-but how will we make money”

    1. Namco is working on Smash Bros with Sakurai so in a way they have plans for Wii U its just not their Tales games…

  4. Loosely translated it means that they cannot afford to make game so all those consoles. That’s fine by me. It’s rough out here.

  5. Tales of Symphonia was the best RPG (imo) on the Cube. I hope he changes his tune before I hit him with a Rising Falcon!

      1. Path of Radiance and Symphonia top my favorite GCN RPG’s. I can’t really tell which is better though, although Symphonia has possibly one of the best stories in the history of RPG’s.

        1. Hopefully both of those come to VC in the future. Haven’t played either of them (heard good things about them though).

      1. FUCK THE BAITEN KAITOS GAMES!! SKIES OF ARCADIA IS WAY BETTER!!! lol JK! I’ve been watching a Let’s Play on Skies of Arcadia so I can know how the game works when I play it. And I haven’t heard of the Baiten Kaitos series. Is it any good?

        1. there made by the people who made xenoblade,uysysdsyuyuybhsbvsbhv!!!!!!!! also skies of arcadia ive been wanting to play but its to expensive , so im hoping for a re release on wii u e shop.

  6. Wow, so he’s steering clear of next-gen altogether for the time being?
    That’s…..I don’t know whether to call him brave, admirable, or foolish, so I’m going to go with a mix of the three.
    Well, here’s hoping he doesn’t take long to change his mind and make some plans, for the Wii U if nothing else.

  7. Chances are we may get metal gear im not to kind to football games since isss 64 and delux im still going to support the wiiu.

  8. TALES OF SYMPHONIA 3 FOR WII U! Also is this another lie? “No Tales Of Smyphonia HD isnt coming to PS3″…few days later…”Confirmed its coming to PS3″…

  9. Didn’t the same guy just say that they were looking at Wii U when sales pick up? And if that’s the case why aren’t they making for the 3DS!? It’s already outsold the PS3 so surely more sales are to be had on that.

    This same guy also said last week that Tales of Symphonia HD isn’t gonna happen….2 days later….

    1. The 3DS has a slew of giant IPs launching throughout 2013, 2014 also but not yet aggressive as this year. It’s better the wait until Mario and Luigi dream team, Bravely default, Pokemon X and Y, and the beautiful monster hunter 4 release. Tales would have no chance against those marvels. Let us wait patiently :).

  10. Let me add some knowledge here. He has stated that where there are the most fans the tales games shall go. At the moment the PS3 is the leading market for tales. MiiVerse is your tool Nintendoans. Let your voices be heard.

    The Wii U is in the best place and position, with a 4 million about install base we shall increase that as soon as Nintendo’s IPs start arriving here soon. So smile and be patient :).

  11. Baba also said he didn’t know anything about ToS HD on PS3. if the Wii U gets a large enough install base Namco will do it. they’ve said as much. write Namco, maybe they’ll port Vesperia or Xilla.

  12. Well hopefully Tales of the Abyss 3DS had good sales, otherwise it isn’t surprising hearing stuff like this.

  13. No problem. I still own the original copies. The Tales series is all over the place. It’s foolish to think the franchise is bound to one platform.

  14. Okay, sorry, I just have to say one thing that bugs me about the picture on this article… the children (at least I ASSUME they’re children) are just drawn like scaled-down adults. They have adult proportions, they’re just… smaller. Sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

  15. It doesn t make sense ! what does it mean to “release Tales titles to the console which the fans want to play on” we r almost in the next generation console and everyone want to play Talas titles on the new consoles ! i don t think in 2015 some one will say ” i want a tales game in my xbox 360 or wii and you (Namco) will release a tales game on 360 and wii ! SO PLEASE I WANT A TALES GAME ON WII U AND XBOX ONE !!!!

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