Pachter Expects Wii U Price Drop This Year


Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter says that if the Wii U doesn’t gain momentum by the end of the year, third-party publishers will decide to not bring their games to the console. According to Pachter, if the Wii U doesn’t become more popular, it’s possible for Nintendo’s console to be a first-party-only platform. Pachter expects Nintendo to slash the Wii U console’s price by $50 by the end of the year. Pachter’s opinions on Wii U’s third-party situation can be read below:

“In addition, if the Wii U’s popularity does not improve by the end of the year, many third-party publishers may pass on producing games for the console. We note that EA recently announced that it had no Wii U games in development, and it remains a possibility that the publisher will abandon the platform entirely. Should other third parties follow EA’s lead, the Wii U could be relegated to a first party only platform.”

Thanks, Pheedy.

140 thoughts on “Pachter Expects Wii U Price Drop This Year”

  1. what an idiot. EA said they do have games for Wii U, but they’re mainly focused on PS3/4 and Xbox 360 (see what i did there?)

      1. well no shit theres going to be a holiday season and permanent pricedrop. who couldnt have told u that, and everyone knew that going into this thing. nintendo wont be a first party only platform who ever heard of that, they have a surge of games coming in the next year, and like 3ds things will pickup and spread like wildfire.

    1. He’s just being his usual Ahole of a self trying to get hits.

      the Wiiu becomes first party only just because of EA’s horrible , broke ass ? lol no.

      Nintendo has never been the console to go to for Multiplats. but it has always had some amazing third party exclusives and games on top of the first party stuff.

      1. Good point, and I also note the fact that E3 has not started. The momentum was slow to arrive, but it will certainly come this year!

      1. (bumm psha psh bumm bumm psh a psh)
        mikey p can eat a d
        cause he dont see the power of wii
        and what it can do
        yeah its nintendo tried and true
        if they dont get third parties theyll make do
        killin it just like they have before
        mario zelda and smash bros who could ask for more
        if you dont like it theres the door
        cause they didnt have much support back then
        but their lightweight machine swamped the last gen
        i got no doubt they can do it again

        (lay it on me lil cal)
        on top of that its just not true
        we got capcom sega and ubisoft too
        when you say ea i say e who
        bitch i dont need you
        dude talks like ea is the second coming of jesus
        but i think not havin them frees us
        other engines work so i ask why
        yours wont run cause you wont even try
        so we kiss your lazy ass goodbye
        if i dont get shitty sports games i wont cry

        (beats so fresh you could cook some borscht with them)
        some advice for my nintendo news
        mikes dickery is all just a ruse
        like regigigas wii u started slow
        but watch after the big e 3 show
        before you know
        up outta the snow
        wii u pulls a crush grip
        boom thats a critical hit
        ninty aint takin nobodys shit
        they held back admittedly too long
        but by years end theyll be comin on strong
        droppin big hits like donkey kong
        so to bring this full circle mike can choke on a dong

        i dont mean to act like this blind fanboy frothing at the mouth but im just so sick of mr pachters stupidass opinions being proclaimed like fact

        this is me getting off my soapbox


      1. I don’t understand why people read this articles. They know what they’re going to read, and that it’s going to be negative, so why give it their time?

    2. I agree, not only that , Why did he even say that wiiu will have first party games only when SEGA is 3rd party?

  2. I usually never agree with patcher, but maybe he’s right. And EA (Elephant ass) dose have a few games in development for the wii u, although I don’t think a $50 will hurt Nintendo much…. Will it? 8)

    1. Are you saying, with the games coming this fall, that the Wii U will not gain momentum? Imagine what WW HD alone will do for the Wii U. Plus all the games coming out mid-summer, early fall.

      1. Pachter didn’t say it won’t gain momentum. He’s giving a scenario of what will happen IF it doesn’t gain momentum.

        1. Exactly, I’m stating that the guy above believes it will not gain momentum. I have nothing to say for Pachter, just the other guy doubting Nintendo.

      2. ww.. is a remake..not a new game everyone is waiting on,..majority of people are stil not gonna buy a wiiu for this..

    2. They are already taking a $50 loss per system. Though Nintendo could stop making money all together and lose $257 million every year and last till 2052 but the point is Nintendo does need to make money or there was no point in making the Wii U. $100 loss per system only 1 year into the Wii U’s life? lololol not happening.

    1. issac is gay. the 30 cent program IS the ambassador program for the wii u. think about it, now go make me a sandwich

      1. we dont want to pay 30 cents for old games a lot of us have already bought on the nes/snes/64/wii …phuck off with the re-releases nintendo.. and to call that an ambassadors program…pathetic.

        Someone who’d buy a wiiu now and is getting a much better deal then a lot of us 6 months ago,can also wait on new vc releases and buy them for 30 cents.. is he an ambassador..?

        The early adopters have all the right to be upset, with nintendo’s bad system fw’s, lack of games,lies about release window games (i bought it anyway cause pikmin was “around the corner”), big pricedrops in england for example, some stores arent even carrying wiiu, the list goes on..and nintendo is to blame..

      2. I think this is just a rumor, but you may as well try since you are definitely far enguoh along that you don’t have anything to worry about. I wouldn’t eat more than a serving or so every few hours. Personally, I think walking is more likely to help than anything else

      1. That might be true, but believing what he’s saying are two different things. People who believe that the Wii U is due to gain momentum should have the right to call him an idiot. Other’s like you(I’m guessing) don’t think it will gain momentum. Besides, the Wii U hasn’t had any major game come out yet. Give it time before deciding whether or not it is doomed.

        1. Not at all. I think it will gain momentum but in the case of what Pachter said: “In addition, if the Wii U’s popularity does not improve by the end of the year, many third-party publishers may pass on producing games for the console” I think he’s right. Pachter didn’t say that third-parties WILL stop producing games, but he says it’s a possibility, and I agree with that.

          Regardless of whether or not third-parties stay, I think Wii U will gain momentum (I own one).

  3. So he guesses the same price thing as others a long time ago.
    He says something about EA which is up to date.
    He is a Xboy drone.
    Ladies and gentlemen, watch out(!) we got a professional analyst-ass over here.

    1. But one thing that is an actual problem is the loss of support. 3rd party wouldn’t matter much when there are enough games BUT Nintendo’s staff is not enough to match the rest of the world’s staff. 1st party only is also problematic considering that Nintendo is releasing almost everything within a year. That would.mean no games for about two years.

      1. You seem to be forgetting about the excellent second-party studios under Nintendo’s control, as well as the wealth of indie games on both the Wii and Wii U E-shops.
        Not to mention the backwards compatibility of the system, which gives people the chance to catch up on any Wii gems they missed.
        Having a few third parties like EA skip town won’t kill off Nintendo. You can bet on that.

        1. the last game I bought from EA was need for speed underground 2 on game cube. and I hardly even play it. why are people acting like their relevant when they only make boring or generic games and shit on whatever they touch.

          1. Because people still like EA games? I’m still a sucker for there battlefield franchise. Plus they’ll be making the Star Wars games now, they have my money instantly.

          2. Mass Effect, Shadows of the Damned, Dragon Age, Mirror’s Edge, Dante’s Inferno. EA has published plently of great titles this generation. Although as of late the quality of there games has gone down, if you ask me.

            1. Mirror’s Edge, that game is AWESOME.
              Not to mention EA Sports games sell to a lot of casuals. Especially FIFA.

      2. heres an idea for nintendo, RELEASE ALL OF YOUR FUCKING GAMES OUTSIDE OF JAPAN SO YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOME FUCKING GAMES!!!!!!!! they probably wont though just another typical drought of no games. fatal frame??????

    1. If I’m correct, they’re not making a loss on it anymore. It was only going for a loss for about the first 2-3 months. Same as the 3DS when they lowered its price.

      1. No its as long as they sell 1 game with a system they make a $10 profit plus tax lol. If someone just buys the system its a $50 loss for Nintendo.

        1. I know that’s how it was at launch, but with how fast the costs lower, it’s likely to have gotten better.

  4. Dont make a price drop. Instead bundle the basic with ninendo land and have the deluxe come with mario kart and a nintendo land download code.
    Also, and ambasador project would be cool.

  5. While I believe the Wii U is priced reasonably, I wouldn’t mind a price cut (preferrably with another Ambassador Program), plus it would help against the competition. Doesn’t stop him from being an idiot, though.

  6. Ahahaha this guy still hasn’t called it quits yet! He is the laughing stock of the industry and. nobody cares what he has to say. He is the punch line for sooo many jokes it’s getting ridiculous and old. Give it up man.

      1. In my case, it’s less about caring for his opinion, and more about looking for reasons to consider him even more of an idiot than he already is.
        And for things to add to the growing list of things he’s been wrong about.
        Keeping tabs on the predictions he has been wrong about has kind of become a game in and of itself at this point, actually.

  7. Lol pachter momentum its cleat its a 3ds like re price re releade and it will be new bundles and price drops and big game releaees just as xbone and pc4. Arrive THIS WAS CLEARLY ALWAYS THE CASE

  8. Just take a look at this guys track record. The man oughtah be embarrassed to call himself an analyst. He’s Paid to Wrong the biggest part of the time!

            1. Not hard since every person with half a brain see’s he’s just purposefully creating bait articles for the media. He basically just seeks the attention and gets it with ease.

              1. The way he loves to bask in his own smugness during the Pach-Attack videos shows to me how he loves the attention, I can’t fault him on how effective he is at getting it, he should start predicting how much attention he will get from his next prediction.

                1. Honestly, even though the guy acts like a douche. I got to give it to him, he certainly knows how to get noticed.

            1. Francis makes good points, but he doesn’t have the same industry pull.
              I’m talking about someone that the rest of the media out there, who normally look at Pachter, would look at with the same amount of attention.

  9. Patcher should just shut the f*** up! How the hell is the Wii U gonna become first party only when SEGA, Platinum Games, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Sqaure Enix(with Deus Ex Directer’s Cut if you don’t know) are currently supporting Wii U! And Timewalker(developer of The Last Story), the developer of Pandora’s Tower(whatever their name is) and Christopher Seavor(the Conker creator who’s now in 3rd party developer Gory Detail) are either thinking about Wii U ideas or are developing something for Wii U. Really this guy is wrong for saying Wii U might become 1st party only. When Nintendo realeases their big games and the Wii U starts selling well then 3rd parties will most likely start developing for Wii U. Just like the 3DS! And man how many times did I say Wii U in this comment? lol

  10. I’m hoping for a price drop AND a special edition Wii U. Possibly a green one? Perhaps, a Zelda edition? That would be SO cool!

  11. The Wii U already had a price drop!?! What the hell!? Pachter you moron! Wii U will pick up in sales when E3 comes and goes. 💋

  12. That is pretty bold to assume before Wii u ‘s heavy hitters. These games will take advantage of the gpupu. Also is pretty bold before the longest Wii U direct around E3. Also ignoring Sega, Activision, EA, Cap com, Warner Bros. and Disney.

  13. didn’t the wii u sell 875% more in the uk on amazon plus nintendo stock rose a bit so i think they are going to ok. Game and wario might sell some copies, all games are coming in aug so a spike sells will happen in time, plus a new mario game will get the publics eye and mario kart will sell.

      1. I see what u did HAHAHAHA…. but patcher is a asshole about every he states i will agree with him time to time.

  14. This means we won’t be seeing a price drop this year, and Nintendo will be the most supported by third parties of the three big companies.

  15. nintendo is selling the wii u at a loss and 50 may not be much but if it adds up then nintendo will be in the red, its not like the 3ds where it was expensive to began with, wii u is being sold at the same price as how much its actually worth. lets say u sell a 16oz pepsi can for $.50ea and a 24 pk is $7. what is the profit? $5 (in total its $12). now if that 24pk cost you $12 and u sold one can for $.50ea, what is the profit? its $0, in most cases you would up the price to compensate the loss but no one like that so if i sold the 16oz can for (previoiusly $.50) for $.25 then i wpuld loose money. that same this is happening with the wii u, lower price for the already low price that nintendo is not making money from would cause them to discontinue the wii u so your best bet is to wait like 2 yrs before that can happen or once they have meet their goal of either how many units they sold or financial goal so untill then stop being a b*tch about how “expensive” the wii u is. yes im a cheap bastard but even i have my limits, i got the deluxe, sure nintendo isnt making money from the console but im happy with it, cheaper would make it worth less in a negative way so stop complaining about the wii u and complain about the vita on how u can only get one carrier for the 3g/wifi model…..and the price

  16. I’m sure it’d be massive shame if EA never released another game on Wii U.


    Seriously though, the company has been so terrible recently; with departures, financial losses, generic cookie-cutter Activision-style games, and dimwit statements made by employees. Not to mention Origin and the elimination of Online Passes as a ‘favour’ to gamers (when in fact they no longer have to worry about such things with the Xbox One’s ‘helpful’ DRM).

    Nintendo are better off without them.

  17. No where in that Quote did Patcher say a price cut. 2nd He says EA said they arent making any Wii U games yet EA backtracked and said well…maybe we are or will…3rd Reggie already said people waiting for a price cut will be waiting quite awhile. Wii went 3 years, expect Wii U not to get an official price cut from Nintendo for 3-4 years. Plus They already lose $50 per system, not to mention Wii U will be the cheapest of the 8th gen systems. $500 for an Xbox One. $600-$800 for a PS4. If you have enough money to get a PS4 or Xbox One then you have more then enough to get a Wii U. Dont be a cheap bastard.

  18. Hate Patcher, but one thing is certain.
    This year games will come, right? ok.
    What if, Nintendo make a price drop of $50, along side those incredible games that will sell the system. Imagine that, with PS4/XOne on shelves. Don’t you think that will be a Boom in holiday season??

    WiiU + WWHD = $349 Bundle = Happiness in Christmas. =D

    PS4/XOne = $449,99+ = too much for my credit card =/

    1. lol neither the Xbox One or PS4 will be less then $500. Xbox One will probably be $499.99….then again it has 3 Operating Systems…A good computer that only has one OS is like $800 lol. PS4 wont be less then $600.

  19. Wii U price will drop just in the time for the arrival of the other systems. This is what myself and probably most everyone else expects.

  20. Nintendo should not announce price drop at E3.
    If PS4 and x1 release at competitive price, then they should consider it. But still rather have better bundles than price drop.

    Sony can not afford to sell PS4 at huge loss.
    Microsoft can, and it lacks the morality for fair competition.

    Though EU will fuck us up, if MS wants to undercut competition with loss.
    We will end up getting console, that is more expensive, and lacks most of its features, thank you MS.

    Then again, I do not care for MS or xbox’s.

  21. That doesn’t even make sense. This websites obsession with that fool is why I originally stopped using it for so long. I’m disappointed to see that you’re still posting every stupid little comment he makes.

  22. I doubt a price drop would increase sales…. Nintendo just needs to get the Wii U message across to more people….. I remember when the Wii launched, my parents were amazed by the technology. My dad decided to buy a Wii himself. But the Wii U…. If you ask my parents what a Wii U was, they would have no idea. Sure the Wii U has a big potential, but, on the surface, it’s not appealing at all.

  23. You know, personally I hate that there exsist games that are multi platform. I would love for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to just do their own thing. It used to be that way and it kicked ass. Woopdie friggin do EA is abbandoning Nintendo, they suck balls at games anyway. Look at how they pissed on Mass effect.

  24. i saw in Amazon UK that the pre order of xbox one is 599 pounds is about 700 euros, and this stupid asshole of pachter want’s a wii u price cut? go die alone donkey

  25. I didn’t bother reading Pachter’s comments, as he annoys me, but from a business perspective a price drop could be part of a well timed marketing campaign for Nintendo; that time being, the release of …the ONE!

    When…the ONE! is released, Nintendo should go all out promoting WiiU as the go to system for gamers, advertise tons of games, show lot’s of GAMERS enjoying it, and then slap a price drop on top of that (to show how much cheaper it is than …the ONE!), then they will surely be able to sell tons of consoles at the end of the year.

    But they seriously need to stop with the smiley, family centric bullshit advertising. I know for a fact that that is actually putting gamers OFF WiiU.

  26. $50 price drop is too much. Maybe a $20 one will do the trick:
    Basic = $279 with Nintendoland and Deluxe $329 with Nintendoland/Game n Wario
    PS4 $399 and XBox One $449.

  27. Is there really any need to say it?
    First-party software sells consoles. When consoles start selling, more developers will jump on board (with some extra input from Nintendo). A price drop can also contribute to hardware sales.
    Same thing happened with the 3DS. We only need a bit more patience.

  28. Doesn’t need one… ain’t even expensive. All Nintendo needs to do is let people know the Wii U actually exist and it’s a NEW console, not a controller for the Wii. Once Nintendo does that along with their First-Party titles, people will buy it, and then third parties will make game for it just like the 3DS. If Nintendo has to price drop then it has to be 250, which is way too cheap for a next gen console.

  29. Is it me or does this publication scramble to print anything this guy says? It seems they must have a reporter in a bush with a microphone stalking the guy waiting for anything negative about nintendo comes out of his mouth. As soon as something is said it is wirelessly transmitted to the editor to upload IMMEDIATELY for everyone to pour over and be concerned about. “What if he is right?” they think…”What if”…

  30. It bugs as to why gamers take Pachter’s opinions seriously
    as he’s basically…
    1. A Sony and Microsoft Consumer Whore (He kisses their ass on a daily basis)
    2. A supporter of squandering consumers outta every red cent via tomfoolery like “Day 1 DLC”, Online Passes, etc.

    He’s so stupid i bet he’ll support the internet tax that will make Video Games even more expensive

  31. And he also belive that the ps4 will cost 349.99 to .399.99 and the sames for the X1 with all the specs og 8g of ram gddr5 on ps4 and an ati 7xxx series and 8cores cpu pkus the X1 with all that tv crap it will be easy 449.99 to 500 dollars

  32. When Sonic Lost world and new 3D Mario are released Nintendo should bundle both of them with premium model and call it “Icons bundle” or “Mascot pack”. I mean who could resist that?

    1. and the fact that we’re essentially playing on old hardware technology from 2004 has nothing to do with it?

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