There Are No Plans For DLC In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, Nintendo 3DS


It seems like every game nowadays offers downloadable content. Nintendo even started selling DLC in 2012, with Nintendo 3DS games Fire Emblem Awakening and New Super Mario Bros. 2. This makes us wonder whether the publisher’s next Super Smash Bros. games will offer DLC. Fortunately, for those who don’t want to pay extra to elongate a game they’ve already purchased, there are no plans for DLC in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

“At the current time we have no plans,” Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai told IGN. “I consider my job at this point, and my main responsibility, to make the Wii U and 3DS versions the best and the fullest experience possible. That said, once finished, it’s the type of thing we could take into consideration, but for now, you could consider DLC as not being in the cards.”

67 thoughts on “There Are No Plans For DLC In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Well, yeah.
        DLC is likely gonna be used as an expansion, you know, the way it’s supposed to be used. Maybe another story mode.
        Or some new stages.

  1. Well hopefully they’ll still opt in for dlc patches and updates
    Cuz that’s something that every game, especially fighting games need,

    1. I’m not convinced.
      Broken Steel was absolutely fantastic.
      But I thought the Stage Creator was free DLC….

  2. Good thing too. DLC shouldn’t be thought about until AFTER the game is released. The focus now should be a complete game right on the disc.

  3. To be fair if there was DLC it would probably be free. They’ve already stated that DLC is free in animal crossing because making you pay for DLC in that game doesn’t fit to mood for it. So my guess would be that DLC would be free in smash. As Sakurai doesn’t like giving some players advantage over another.

    1. Know what might have been cool?
      Letting players purchase that DLC with bells earned in-game.
      Not that I’m complaining about free DLC, but a way of earning it might have been appealing to some people who like working for their goodies.

  4. Works for me. This just confirms that once again, the DLC Nintendo makes for a game, will actually ADD to the experience! Pay attention Capcom and EA…

    1. Why? Cuz Link looks Hot as Hell? Just because Link is a pretty boy in Smash doesn’t mean his character design sucks. I like it and I am sure many, MANY others like it too ;) 💋

  5. Too early for DLC. We should hear about DLC plans, starting with pre-order bonuses, when the game is closer to release.

  6. Did anybody see the direct about makiing the character models current???? So is that what link looks like in ZeldaU???

          1. Other M suit is SOOOOOO much better than Prime! Other M Samus is much faster than Prime too, so it is better for Samus as a character overall. 💋

          2. The Prime suit or its more known name, Varia suit is definitely the iconic suit. But the Other M suit is more akin to Samus, sleeker and more rounded and it just makes sense, I prefer myself but I’m gonna miss that bulky iconic suit. Let’s just hope that we get another Metroid, StarFox and F-Zero game on the Wii U.

            1. I said prime suit because the other M suit and the prime suit are both the Varia suit, it would have been confusing if i said that. And yes, we definately need a new metroid game.

  7. theres a shit load in fire emblem so nintendo could put a shit load in its the perfect game for dlc and i hope there is to add more characters third and first party

  8. I’m glad they aren’t jumping on this bandwagon. I still have my old consoles like NES and Sega Genesis. I can imagine how much it would suck buying an old game at a thrift store at not being able to play it fully. What will happen in the future with these games? People will buy the used ones 10 years from now and never be able to play it fully. It’s not a good legacy to leave….

    1. What is it with this mentality that a game without DLC is “incomplete”? To use an analogy, if a game is seeing a live sports event, the DLC is the popcorn, completely unnecessary, but a nice addition to the experience.

  9. I dont even care about the dlc this is masahiro sakurai we are talking about that guy stuffs a game with everything and the kitchen sink.I will be playing this for years for sure.

  10. I wonder, what DLCs could be made? Costumes? Characters? Map packs? If its map packs I would love to see a Smash Bros 64 map pack with all the maps in it… Though it would be better if it was already in the game.

  11. of course they cant do anything good, they could add stuff later like a good company would do….. but instead they will not support the only good game they will have. well have fun with your wii usless, ill be playing the last of us while you wait for one good game forever then after that you can get all shovelware like usual!!

    1. “they could add stuff later like a good company would do”. Is your head so far up Sony’s arse that you can’t see that a good company wouldn’t have to add stuff to their games later?

      And why do you keep saying Nintendo fans only have one good game then saying I’ll be playing The Last Of Us – ONE GAME. Clearly a moron.

  12. I think they should at least implement what’s necessary for DLC to be available in the future. Smash Bros is one of those games that already has a ton of characters with numbers that grow with each installment. But at the same time, it’s a once-per-console game that’s played throughout that console’s lifespan and beyond (heck, I just played the original last night). It would be amazing if during that timespan, new content is occasionally released besides the fanmods.

    Make a full game before even thinking about what should be DLC or not. Push the 25GB Wii U disc to its maximum capabilities (50GB dual layered if possible), release the game, and then start coming up ideas for DLC. DLC should not be thought of as extra profit but rather as giving the players some additional content.

    1. What you suggested they do is terrible, terrible business sense. Like it or not, DLC is made for extra profit. Most publishers wouldn’t make it if they planned to give it away for free

  13. Holy shit! I dont wanna jinx this or anything, but holy Christ the day ends without a bastard troll? Can this truly be?

  14. ITS CALLED GETTING THE WHOLE GAME ON THE DISC CART AND NOT GETTing nickle and dimed by some industry derp


    Lol you are seriuosly deluded I want to download data ITS FUN LIKE EATVHING PAINT DRY

    Go seek medical attention

  16. maybe they are not doing DLC because there isn’t enough numbers of WiiU’s & 3DS’s sold to make any DLC worth doing in investment terms.

    1. Maybe it is because Nintendo doesn’t want to use DLC like some companies do to suck the money out of people. Also, if you need the DLC to get the full experience, why was it not in the game to begin with? -These are the reasons Sakurai has really nothing to say about DLC. DLC is something you SHOULD talk about AFTER you finish(and I mean finish) a game to make the experience better. 💋

  17. You know something is wrong with a game if they start planning DLC BEFORE the game is even finished… Why would people be askingfor it now? 💋

  18. I know I’d totally drop coin for yearly or even bi-yearly update packs. Smash Bros. builds such huge hype for any character or even any element that is featured, it would basically be like Nintendo selling us their own advertising! “Can’t wait to play X in 2014? Download the Smash 2014 pack and play as X himself or whatever we end up calling this character!”

  19. I would be really open to dlc for smash, dlc is not inherently bad in fact it’s a great idea (anyone remember oblivions shivering isles?) but it’s just easy to abuse, and that’s why everyone hates it.

    btw slight bit off topic but I really hope ghirahim is in smash, they say there making all the characters unique in this one well why not give ghirahim great blocking and deflecting moves like in SS, a great final smash would also be to turn into a sword and play as demise to wreck shit up for a little while.

  20. What shock me the most is those “gamers” who are ready to buy those DLC and therefore encourage publisher/developer like Capcom and EA to act like that. To be frankly honest we should as a consumer end that DLC culture/frame of mind. But giving what I just read here, the will be a lot of idiot (to be polite) who are ready to spend shit lot of money on those DLC which means those developer have found a good way to milk cow those people and screw the rest of us. Hum I think the game industry is just going down the loo and a 26 billions industry will be 10 billions in the next 5 years…. thank you morrons

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