Nintendo To Acquire Atlus In Parent Company Bankruptcy Auction?

atlusNintendo could be shaping up to purchase Atlus after their parent company hit serious financial trouble, according to a rumour. It has been previously reported that Index Corporation is moving to sell off its subsidiaries in an auction taking place on July 28, with Atlus as one of them. But a new report from International Digital Times suggests that Nintendo could be a forerunner into acquiring the Shin Megami Tensei developer, due to both companies working closely together on new titles such as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and the recently released Shin Megami Tensei IV. Is this a likely deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

“The single most likely bidder for Atlus in the Atlus bankruptcy case is Nintendo.  As a matter of fact, I’d like to suggest that a Nintendo-led acquisition of Atlus may actually have been in the works for some time. That’s because Nintendo has been working unusually closely with Atlus lately, treating them practically like an in-house studio. That may be because Atlus is about to become one.” – International Digital Times

129 thoughts on “Nintendo To Acquire Atlus In Parent Company Bankruptcy Auction?”

    1. Is not a 100% false you retard. Is called a guess about the industry thing like this happen all the time in businesses.

        1. Actually, the question mark at the end of the headline shows that it speculation.
          You don’t state facts by asking them.

          1. No, when I said the headline in the article i wasn’t talking about the one on this site, I was talking about the one that this article links to “Atlus Bankruptcy: Nintendo Will Buy Shin Megami Tensei Developer; Persona 5 Wii U A Serious Possibility”

            1. So! Your quam with the whole article is that there is a great possibility that if nintendo squires Atlus then Persona 5 will be a WiiU exclusive exclusive ? That is actually a beautiful thing. With Shigeru and Aunoma’s talents that series shall forever be epic.

  1. It was pretty obvious. Nintendo’s going to get Atlus to sell the Wii U with SMT x FE, Persona 5, and a remake of P4A with sprites animated at 60fps instead of 30.

        1. Hell yes. Still have the original for the N64.

          …maybe the original could be released on the Virtual Console as well?
          Not that it’d be of much use to me, I still have the original N64 Game Pak around here somewhere.

      1. I thought everyone forgot about that game… all the memories… most of them based on the TERRIBLE controls, but still… memories.

  2. If Nintendo realy wants atlus they should not wait for auction. Microsoft could buy the company that way and run it to the ground.

    1. Impossible. Microsoft would have zero interest in buying a japanese developer and Index/Atlus would know better than to accept working under then, as Xbox is not a viable market in Japan.

      1. why would microsoft not want atlus, a japanese company that could potentially help them take over the japanese console market and make Xbone relevant? …in Japan…

        1. Because their target is, has always been and will always be American gamers.
          …and people who like sports and guns.

            basically is what Microsoft is
            Nintendo and Sony probably have business trips with executives to laugh at how they are not reaching the japanese market. where they spend more money on games with there STABLE economy and legendary game developers lol

        2. Microsoft would cripple Atlus. There’s a reason Microsoft has never made a game themselfs. They don’t know how to. They are as blind as a bat.

  3. I noticed by checking the games Atlus have done, they made more Sony than Nintendo but Nintendo had more in the good old days so taking them would be a good decision because it means a crap load more games and since they are about to become one, it could be quicker development on Nintendo titles.

    1. They could also buy do what Sony did with square enix cause Sony does own part of square but they let them be a bit independent.

    2. Actually they made more games on Nintendo systems…but barely. Like not even 10 more. So they’re basically equal. Though if we’re to only count games that were made after the release of the PS1…

  4. Nintendo, I will buy a Wii U if you can give me a new Snowboard Kids. Until then, we’re all not buying it until we get a zelda or smash bros.

  5. That opinion piece was horrifically written to gain activity on the website. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that such a buy will take place.

  6. Wow, ATLUS. I recognize that logo/name from many of my old SNES games etc. Classic company. But I can’t think of any titles of games that they made.

      1. I never heard of those games before, except they only vaguely seem like familiar titles. I’ve been out of the loop for many years. And if those titles are Playstation or Xbox games originally, then I can understand why I’m unfamiliar with them.

      1. Like Skyward Sword? Oh….

        Stop flattering them, no-ones perfect, saying they basically are is retarded

        1. care to explain why a game that won TWO prizes on VGA 2011 isn’t considered “absolutely amazing”?

          It’s because of ppl like you that Nintendo hardly ever tries something new with their franchises. Too many annoying “fans” complaining about minor changes

        2. You still don’t understand the idea of “opinions” do you. You may not have liked Skyward Sword and that’s fine. I and others liked it. Its my 3rd favorite Zelda game. Ocarina is my #1 and Windwaker is my #2. I hate Majora’s Mask yet I bet you liked it more the Skyward Sword. My point is opinions are different.

  7. Currently playing smt shinmigami tensie
    Never played yhe series beforw and just got it for 3ds to get ready for fireemblem x shinmiga mi and OMG1

  8. All things considered, Nintendo buying Atlus would probably be good for Nintendo…but bad for gaming as a whole.
    It would be much preferable if they were to be bought by a third party so that they’ll have the freedom to release their games on any system.
    Although Persona fans are most likely more mature than Bayonetta fans, I believe there would still be a huge backlash on the Internet if Persona 5 is a Wii U exclusive…or it could mean the Wii U will get the attention of JRPG fans such as myself.
    In any case, with Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem coming up, worst case scenario would be Sony…because then this game would get cancelled.

    1. I don’t think it would be bad for gaming in general. It’s not like all of Atlus games are multi-platform. In fact, most aren’t. Catherine and Persona 4 Arena are two exceptions. Most SMT games either go to Sony or Nintendo. When they handled Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre, it was split as well between Nintendo and Sony. Then you have gems like Snowboard Kids which was Nintendo exclusive. So all it would do is limit the amount of systems an Atlus fan would have to get. Any if “fanboys” cry foul that Persona 5 were to go to Wii U or 3DS exclusive, it would be hilarious…hilariously sad. If you’re really a gamer, it doesn’t matter which system it’s on, as long as it comes out. It’s like the Bayonetta fans crying about 2 being on the Wii U when if it wasn’t for Nintendo, there would be no 2. People like that make me so confused. They would rather have nothing (which means that there wish would kill any chance for ANYONE to have it), than something (which means anyone that wants to enjoy the game, can).

      1. Yes…the Bayonetta 2 situation was utterly pathetic. I’m baffled that, even today, there are STILL people who are salty about it.
        I see your point about Atlus not being multiplat, but while they have been working with Nintendo quite a lot lately, they also have quite a history with Playstation.
        Though come to think of it, I do see them making Wii U games more than PS4 games…Atlus isn’t the type of company that prioritizes graphics.
        Now, the question is: would PS3 owners be willing to buy a Wii U just for Persona 5 (because I feel it is much more likely for the game to be on PS3). Gamers should support games and not consoles, and if they truly are fans of the series, they shouldn’t have a problem saving up money for a Wii U…or at least that’s what I really want to think.

        1. Even though Sony has worked with them, as a whole Sony will not be able to acquire them, they are in their own financial troubles, and the video game division for them is probably not as important as their phone or camera. Also Nintendo, Sega and some other game companies gave Atlas parent company some money after the bankruptcy, I just want some persona games on Wii u, wouldn’t mind if they were on both the ps4, but it would be a huge win for Nintendo if they got atlas.

          1. On the contrary, if Atlus joins Nintendo, that brings many more exclusives for the Wii U, which they need desperately to compensate for the blatant lack of third party supports.

            1. would it really be 3rd party? Not knocking it, just my brain looking at the logistics… if they bought atlus, would any games they made be 3rd, or 1st? I mean obviously 1st, but could they swing it as 3rd, to maybe entice other 3rd parties?

  9. I hope they buy them! I wanna see the Sony fanboy rage again HEE-HEE-HEE!!! More exclusives the better!

      1. It would be good thing for both Atlus and Nintendo imo. Nintendo would have lots of new jrpg games and Nintendo would also handle publishing so that means Atlus games come easier to europeans, no need to wait forever that their games come here like SMT4. It makes sense.

    1. I don’t approve of the idea that they should buy Atlus ”just to piss off Sony fanboys”. Approve of the idea because it would benifit Nintendo, not because it would hurt Sony.
      See, saying crap like that makes you look like quite a drone…

  10. This plus the already announced Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei would be a huge ball in Nintendo’s court. However they have to let atlus continue to what they do. The deal has to be Atlus just with all nintendo titles. The games will have to be made in atlus’s hands and packaged as usual.

    1. they’re usually good with that. They don’t tend to breathe down develpers’ necks that often. actually, I don’t think any 1st party company (sony, Microsoft, or nintnedo) do for that matter.

  11. oh I hope not, aren’t they responsible for pretty much alot of cartoonish looking games I think nintendo has enough cartoony games. the only game that I can see that even matters to me is trine2, and their name is associated with this title but all the other ones are very mediocre 3d-esk titles.

    1. Your opinion sucks, because there is nothing wrong with acquiring more “cartoony” games. I also wouldn’t even call all their games “cartoony.” 💋

  12. Yeaaaaaaaaa :D
    I’m so happy to hear that NINTENDO is trying to purchase Atlus. This will be a huge coup for the Big N

  13. Demon Souls/ Dark Souls Wii U. A new Maken X on Wii U and anything from the Shining series of rpg on Wii U. that would be awesome, go ahead Nintendo make it happen.

  14. I do hope that Nintendo purchases Atlus. Not to mention that Atlus (the publisher) are still working alongside Intelligent Systems, Inc. to develop Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem for the U.

  15. man this is great new I thank Nintendoshould buy this company because Nintendo need all the support they could get!!!! I’d love to see persona 5, Guilty Gears and a King of fightgers game on the Wii U…….that would be awesome!!!

    1. What enrages me the most about those guys is that some of them are like ”I WAS A DIE-HARD FAN SO THAT PISSES ME OFF”. Really? You claim to be a fan but you disregard the sequel on the grounds that you’ll need to buy another system for it?

      1. so what they are saying, is that because they are such diehard fans, they don’t even want a sequel at all? The game was SO great that a sequel is a bad thing… stupid stupid people with their stupid stupidity. If it weren’t for Nintendo, there wouldn’t be a sequel… I don’t care were the game is, I want 2, so f*** those “diehard” fans.

  16. I sure hope so! What will happen to Shin Megami X Fire Emblem if Sony buys Atlus? Also! What will Happen to Shin Megami V for PS4 if Nintendo buys Atlus!?! :O Go Nintendo go!! 💋

  17. These are just rumors!
    Why would you post rumors? if I wanted to read rumors I would’ve just visited to Go Nintendo instead. I’m disappointed.

  18. if nintendo does buy atlus then it will force people to buy nintendo consoles for atlus products and i get to say “u mad sony and microsucks”, till then im keeping my fingers crossed

  19. Nintendo NEEDS Atlus.
    Not only because of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.
    Imagine having Persona exclusive for Wii U. That would be something great for Wii U’s sales and popularity.

  20. So am I the only one who would prefer them stay third party just because I’m sick of “Haha, let’s see fanboys rage” from every side. And being exclusive when they don’t have to be doesn’t help anyone, all it does is mean consumers and developers have less choice. It’s ridiculous that people seem to actually actively want less consumer choice.

  21. Make it happen Nintendo. All the best Japanese developers love Nintendo…most of the west developers hate Nintendo…hmmm…lol

  22. Not very likely, i dont think. Wasnt Catherine supposed to be a tech demo of sorts for persona 5? persona 5 would be released on 360/ps3. if its bought at all it would be some japanese third party company.

  23. I really hope this rumor is true because I have been wanting Nintendo to buy out Atlus since I heard that it’s parent company was going bankrupt. Nintendo better not drop the ball on this because it will make up for all of the mistakes it has been making recently. Having Persona 5 and SMT V exclusively on Wii U or 3DS would have Nintendo dominating in Japan where no one will be saying Nintendo is doomed. Nintendo would have Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Pokémon, and finally the SMT series exclusively. The only other major heavy hitters it would not have would be Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dynasty Warriors and those series alone could keep Sony afloat. I really hope Nintendo digs into it’s wallet and buys Atlus.

    1. They don’t have to dig far. Atlus’ parent company is flat broke, and Nintendo has some deep pockets. Those two things together should just be enough.

  24. Would be interesting if the SMT and Persona games were Nintendo exclusive. If this is true, hopefully Ninty let’s Atlus do their own thing, and maybe Atlus might work on Nintendo games too. Nintendo could have some new IP’s under their belt, they kinda missed out on buying some of THQ’s IP’s, hope they don’t mess up.

  25. Nintendo will get Atlus, and it may also get an exclusive deal with Sega for Shenmue 1 & 2 HD, and the highly anticipated 3rd installment.

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