Exciting New Pokemon X & Y Information Leaks


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication CoroCoro has leaked onto the web. The magazine contains a ton of new exciting information for the forthcoming Pokemon X & Y on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is due to be released worldwide this October. Here’s the details.

  • There are now “Mega Pokemon”, which are forms it seems, which the revealed Mewtwo Form is part of. Blaziken, Absol, Lucario, Ampharos, and Mawile (Steel/Fairy) have them. MBlaziken has Speed Boost, MLucario has Adaptability, MMawile has Huge Power. MAbsol has Magic Bounce. MAmpharos is Electric/Dragon and has Mold Breaker.
  • Mawile is also re-typed Steel/Fairy (which was part of WPM’s rumors)
  • Gogoat’s Pre-Evolution is Meekuru.
  • Electric/Fairy called Dedenne. Antennae Pokemon. Knows Pick-Up or Cheek Pouches.
  • Normal Rabbit named Horubii. Digging Pokemon. Knows Pick-Up or Cheek Pouches.
  • New Waifu Material, Koruni. Blonde chick with Rollerblades and skull helmet, Gym Leader who holds the key to Mega Evolutions.
  • Torchic being distributed with Mega Stone allowing it to become Mega Blaziken, October 12-January 15th via WiFi.

Thanks, Tobi

123 thoughts on “Exciting New Pokemon X & Y Information Leaks”

        1. I hate old gamers like you seriously. Don’t expect developers to cater old geezers like you all the time. Now is the time for us youngsters, and we like their games. If you don’t fuck off.

          Skyward sword rules!!

          1. You must be retarded, son….i do appriciate good new games from old franchises, like 3d land, mario galaxy, but wtf happened to zelda, it’s like bethesda says “new elder scrolls”, and it has a hub and levels to choose from there…that is pretty much what ss did to zelda, it’s so god damn linear, anouma did great with majora’s mask and the wind waker, even twilight princess, but then he took a 180, and fell into a bottomless pit, stupid motherfucker

            1. What made me dislike SS was the stupid motion control moves. TP was fine because it was just swinging around with no care in the world. SS brought it way too far bringing precision and precise movement into it. It killed the game for me. I played one dungeon and part of the second “chapter” and I had zero interest to keep playing.

              1. WOW, just… WOW? REALLY?!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH poor idiot, the next time, we should just press A to win : D!, that would rock!

            2. If youre gonna be an asshole and complain then dont buy the fucking game dickhead!! no one forced you too! all above its your own personally shitty opinion as if you actually played all Zelda games you wouldnt give a shit and play it. having played every single one from NES to Wii / GB-DS. i have no regrets.

              1. It’s called “having an opinion”, you monkey…..you mangaloid, i will confess, that i was trolling about pokemon, but zelda skyward sword…no, it is the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen, and to take into account they have been making it for 5 years is pathethic….skyrim had a 5 year development, and it can be seen why, but zelda skyward sword should’ve taken them like 4 months tops

            3. @Themonet,
              The only one who is stupid is YOU. Skyward Sword was AWESOME! I’ll never be able to figure out all of the people who bash it. It was a heck of a lot better than Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask.

            1. SKYWARD SWORD WAS AWESOME! I don’t know what the hell people like you were expecting? Maybe it was missing a few things that are usually in most Zelda games, but it certainly did NOT suck! I had more fun playing Skyward Sword than I have in a VERY long time, with ANY games.

              And for the record, NO Zelda game ever sucked. At least, none of the traditional series of Zelda games. Some wasn’t quite as good, but NONE sucked (though I never played Zelda II: Adventure Of Link).

            1. I’m 25. Played all the major console Zelda. With Zelda 2, SS was one of the biggest disappointment ever. Fuck motion controls.

          1. @mattkbyrne,
            I agree. I LOVED the story in Skyward Sword. I loved how Zelda had feelings for Link, and how she was just a normal girl.

    1. Tfw 3D World and Skyward Sword are both great games (to the majority at least) and X and Y are looking to be amazing. To each his/her own opinion I suppose…

    2. Skyward Sword is the most beautiful and emotional Zelda. it is also the most fun. 3d World looks cool and Mega Pokémon are freaking amazing.

    3. Everything you named has been made better because of their new games. Skyward Sword was amazing, Pokemon X and Y will be the best in te series and Mario 3D games are amazong! Your just butthurt. 💋

          1. And so you think you’re right, i guess all of you here think zelda should be more like ss and less like tp,oot,mm and ww

            1. Totally agree with you on the zelda comments…I had huge expectations for Skyward sword, I’m 27, I grew up with Zelda from day one…and really, Skyward Sword is the worst of all the Zelda games…it’s a good game, yes but for Zelda…meh. Super easy, super linear and totally missing the exploration part. The beginning of the game gave me high hopes…and then…bam…the rest went downhill from there. So props to you Themonet! :) For the Pokémon games…I won’t say anything till I have it in my hands…black and white was kinda let down for me…1 and 2…not for the story but the pokemon themselves..oh well, we’ll see. Peace!

    4. skyward sword was a beautiful game, obviously i wont even compare it to majoras mask or ocarina of time,but it was really good

    5. Skyward Sword was good. My 3rd favorite infact. No it wasnt my first Zelda. I may have missed 1 or 2 Zelda games….Spirit Tracks…and Oracle Of Seasons I never played. But I have played the others. Mario cant be ruined, but 3D World is terrible lol. As for Pokemon…I dont know what to think about these changes…

    1. I have always wanted something like “mega evolutions” from Pokémon for a LONG time! Can’t wait to have a speedboost Blaziken and an electric/dragon Ampharos!!! 💋

    1. its me :) I got it from Nintendoeverything.com, they have Corocoro scans there. pictures of mblaziken looks awesome.

  1. Wow, this is really awesome, and might I say that all of the Mega Evolution revealed so far look really badass? Oh yeah, I am even more pumped for X and Y now!

  2. Mega Pokemon, I wonder what’s the connection between the Pokemon that got these “mega evolutions” . I hope mega pokemon is just a useless gimmick.

    1. connection=Mega Stone
      Maybe it is a form changer like Giratina’s Altered and Origin form
      Also, consider this just a “Special forme” for Dream Pokemon(most of them have Dream Ability)

    1. Well it is because it isn’t really a new “evolution” it is just a “form” like how Meloetta and Giratina have forms. They had to add something to the name that could apply to all Pokémon and “Mega” fits the bill. They could have done “Super” or “Legend” or something, but for one reason or another they chose Mega. 💋

  3. If you don’t like games changing, you aren’t a true fan. I’m so sick of hearing “You ruined the franchise of my childhood.” You were never a fan. You just liked the old stuff because it’s what you know and you’re afraid to try something new.

    This isn’t directed to anyone specific, really.

    1. I like the whole Mega concept, but for the most part I’m not impressed with these particular examples. The new Lucario doesn’t do it for me right now, but it could grow on me. No strong feelings one way or the other on Ampharos, Mawile, and Absol. But new Blaziken looks beyond awesome. I just hope they do Mega modes for Swampert and Sceptile, or this would be like a slap in the face to two-thirds of Ruby and Sapphire players.

      Still hate the new Mewtwo. It’s not a matter of “they changed it, therefore it sucks” so much as “they turned my all-time favorite Pokémon into an ugly toddler with its ass on its head.”

      *Fingers crossed for Mega!Smeargle.*

        1. I think if it were going to be part Fairy, they would’ve said so in this batch of information, if not sooner. They mentioned Mawile and Ampharos’ type changes, so why would they leave out Mewtwo’s?

          Lo and behold, I’m already starting to like Newcario. I just wish its arms and legs weren’t so thick.

          1. Well they haven’t “announced” his type yet either…. why would they withhold his typing if it wasn’t anything new or special?💋

  4. This isn’t such a bad idea and I hope there are more Megalutions!
    As long as it doesn’t end up overdone like with the evolutions of some digimon then I’m cool!

    1. I think instead of adding new evolutions to pre-existing Pokémon like they did in Diamond and Pearl, they are doing Megaforms for either Pre-existing Pokémon or ALL Pokémon. I am soo okay with that though. 💋

        1. YES! I would love to see MegaUnowns. Don’t know how I feel about cursive letters, but they deserve something good. 💋

    1. I’m thinking every Pokémon is getting a Megaform and some megaforms are changing Pokémon types and abilities.. kinda like eviolite, the mega stone changes Pokémon and makes them stronger. This is sooo awesome… I am wicked psyched. 💋

      1. oh, I totally agree. I love Pokemon. but it just scares me cause the reason i stopped caring about digimon back in the days is because the evolution is out of control. I just hope Pokemon doesn’t end up like that that’s all.

        1. I also hope Pokémon doesn’t lose it’s appeal like Digimon did. I don’t think it is a bad idea to take some of the Digimon ideas though. But, your right. I hope they don’t go overboard. 💋

  5. It’s Official!! Pokemon X and Y will be the BEST in the series!! All you 1st geners can SUCK IT SO HARD! Pokémon is changing for the better and your all crying “Pokemonss is ruined now boo hooo!” :D …Gamefreak is awesome.💋

        1. My point is that it is not a very good insult. But again those 1st generation gamers should start buying new Pokemon games if they want get their voice heard.

          If they are not giving them money then why we would care for changes?

          1. hahaha! Well I wasn’t trying very hard to insult them. I just wanted to rub it in their faces a little bit, because the drive me insane with their stupid comments.

            “Gen 1 is the best and it just went downhill from there”

            “Why are they making Pokemon based on inanimate objects?! That’s stupid.”-**cough cough Voltorb, Electrode, Magnemite, Magnetron**

            Stuff like that. 💋

  6. They should REALLY consider creating some sort of “Fuse Stone” that when used with two certain pokémon makes them fuse into something awesome.

    1. I have had the same idea for years! I was thinking more along the lines of going to a scientist and giving him your pokemon to fuse together in like a “fuse chamber.” Tht would be awesome. 💋

      1. I was thinking Dragon Quest Monsters style only with wayyyy better fuse forms and individual fusions for every single possible Pokémon combination. 💋

        1. I know I going fuse Jynx and Machamp since Machamp is very strong and have four arms. Jynx got powerful ice moves! That would be… awesome… Oh right you are Jynx… Umm… forgot everything what I have said earlier… Yea… Sorry about that.

  7. I hope this is false. don’t want one of the best handheld rpgs to be ruined. mega pkm = mega garbage. they should stick with giving older pkm new evos and call it a day.

    1. I have mixed thoughts about this. It really depends on which Pokemon will have these Mega Evolutions. I don’t want random Pokemon getting Mega evolutions. Especially the starters…..

    2. Its from the CoroCoro magazine, its not false thankfully. They are changing the formula. Whether you like it or not, pokemon fans want this.

        1. How can you know, you are not a pokemon fan. Pokemon Fans love all pokemon games for what they are and dont complain like wannabe fans.

  8. This sounds awesome! It just takes pokemon to a whole other level…and I have been a fan since the beginning (so to all those gamers who complain; would you really be satisfied if they brought out a pokemon game like the old ones? I know I wouldn’t, I haven’t played them for years, and probably never will again).

    I do wonder why there are only certain pokemon who get mega evolutions, and why Blaziken?? I understand can understand why Lucario, Mawile, and Absol (they just never felt like fully realised versions of themselves) but Blaziken was a starter pokemon…
    Personally I’d like to see Dunsparce with a Mega evolution!

  9. Ok, that’s it! I just can’t keep up with Pokémon anymore. There’s FAR too many Pokémon now, and too many types. I lost track after the first few games. It makes my head spin. I think that’s why I started getting tired of the Pokémon series. Back when there was only 150+ Pokémon, it was SWEET. Now it’s just CRAZY!

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