69 thoughts on “Nintendo Claims “We Haven’t Solved The Unified Digital Account Problem Yet””

      1. It is not like it is a new thing in technology. MS and Sony did it 7 years ago, for a technology thing that is alot of time.

        1. And they struggled all the way while doing it, only 7 years later getting to a very robust framework. Microsoft had the most resources to begin with since they made an OS.

          You can already see a few areas where the account is Unified (i.e. club purchase are tracked on both eshops and the info is deposited in the same area), just the 3DS is pretty much behind. But as all things with internet they are either way too far ahead (internet browser, news feeds, weather channel, wifi -all in the first year of the Wii) or really far behind (friend codes being switched to gamer tags just last year).

        2. Eh, it’s not like they’re perfect.

          I re-downloaded Ocarina of Time and all my other Wii VC purchases on to my Wii U on launch day for free, yet when I get a PS4 I’ll be saying goodbye to all my PS3 digital purchases like Trine, Braid, Limbo and many others because they aren’t supported.

          1. That’s not an account issue though. That’s a hardware issue. They may still get around it with Gakai (Unless they go money hungry on us)

    1. why dont you develop the account system yourself, huh? can you? since u have all the answers and are almost almighty, go ahead do it, people thinks that stuff get done over night they are fucking delusional like you

      1. Yes because nintendo is one person that has not been developing at all, you fucking idiot, it is a multi billion company with thousands of employees that has been developing games for 25 years now

        1. that’s not the point assbutt, it takes time to researchto develop to implement to test to fix bugs to depureto a lot of freaking shit! it isnt just “oh lets copy paste the things this account has purchased”, they cant just implement it and wait for the best, i cant be done over night soo fuck you

          1. It takes time to research what has been done on other consoles for several years?

            Pinky mate, Nintendo dun goofed with there account system, just admit it.

            1. of course they fucked up the account system!, but as i said, they will not fix it over night! it’s impossible, and you say “what other consoles have done for several years” it’s not like, they can go to sony, excuse me can you tell me how you do that?, also, MS and SONY are conglomerates they obiously got much more experience on other things, nintendo console were for only Games until last generation

        2. Hah! While I agree with your overall opinion, I have one complaint. Nintendo has been developing games for a bit longer than 25 years. Try 125 years (give or take.) Look it up :)

          Also, Nintendo has been given plenty of time to develop their own account based system. When did the Wii come out, 2006? I think 7 years to develop a rudimentary (at least!) account based system is plenty, if not a surplus, of time. Instead we get the 2DS. Cool, thanks.

          1. yeah look at all these pathetic nintenpuppets who are getting so mad at the truth, its in front of there faces but they will just stand by nintendo and stand by complete bullshit like how they think its still the 1900’s. go puppets get mad at facts.

        1. Iceazame is one of the only ones here with any since. It’s gets super old reading the same copy and paste opinions on here over the past years. I don’t care that you love nintendo unquestionably. That’s boring and plain and not the least bit useful to anyone. At least he speaks his mind instead of just being a sheep.

            1. There are far more fool than there are sensable ppl. You you listen to the crowd then you’ll foolish decisions. Carry on.

    2. “Scott Moffitt: If you look at the account system, the network ID system that exists now on Wii U, that’s an effort for us to move beyond a device-centric approach to an account-centric approach.”

      This means they are working on making an account system where you can buy digital software from Wii U and it will be saved to your account like Steam. However, it is only limited to Wii U, not 3DS. So right now they are focusing on making the Wii U’s account system better first in my understanding.

  1. They really need to. It’s one of the things that keeps me from buying digital titles on the 3DS and Wii U now. I spent a lot on Wii and my first 3DS in regards downloads; but after what happened with them, not anymore.

    Unified accounts that keep track of our downloads and allows them to be redownloaded if we ever upgrade or replace. Digital downloads should be linked to accounts, not systems. Also, it would be nice if I could just give my friends one name and they can add me on 3DS and Wii U at one time.

  2. Sony has it for the Vita right? It’s not impossible, but they would have to somewhat overhaul the friends list so that you don’t have to exchange codes, and you can link accounts with online purchases. Does sound kinda confusing.

    1. well to stop the friend codes they just have to change it to NNIDs and put in Miiverse like they have on the Wii U

      1. I believe they would have to make the 3DS “always online” or change the entire OS of the 3DS and then have the users make a new ID, but im pretty sure that would permanently erase any digital content they have dl.

  3. Its not a huge problem, but Nintendo should work on it. N fans shouldn’t have to get used to not having what the competition has had for years.

  4. That’s not that encouraging… I have a lot of stuff downloaded on my 3DS, and I’m painfully aware that if anything happens, through my fault or otherwise, it’s gone.

    I just hope they really are trying to solve this, because it would be a big deal for a lot of people

  5. Nintendo will never solve this, they make millions by selling the same games over and over and over and over. How many times has super mario bros has been released ? 6 times they have done it and they will do it another 6 times again

    they will be doing this with the next home systems and handhelds, stop fooling yourself thinking they will ever make a unified account system, They are bankrolling MILLIONS

    Nintendo needs to pull there asses out from the 90s and step into the 21st Century. Sony and Microsoft, Steam have been doing this for years now. There is no excuse ..

    1. +1

      This is exactly what they have not solved. They are trying to find a way to keep selling the VC games over and over. They are experimenting/researching with the WiiU VC by charging people again for the games they already own. This is how they will do it in the future.

    2. Quall, how far have you gone? When can we expect everyday life to be like the Jetsons? Will Miley Cyrus ever be right again? You’re in the know on future events, so…

  6. But I think it’s great. All content and games are shared on the Wii U despite having different accounts. The 3DS is personal and good the way it is. I dunno maybe I just don’t get it.

  7. that’s not the point assbutt, it takes time to research to develop to implement to test to fix bugs to depure to a lot of freaking shit! it isnt just “oh lets copy paste the things this account has purchased”, they cant just implement it and wait for the best, i cant be done over night soo fuck you

  8. As with everything else, Nintendo is 7 years behind. Explains why the Wii U is a 7 year old technology behind underpowered baby console.

    1. Probably have to wait until the release of the functionality update they have planned in Oct for the WiiU to know for sure. So far though, it doesn’t look good, they are still making local coop only games.

  9. While this would be a huge help for those buying digital games on both, there are other solutions. Try to use a credit/debit card, even a pre-paid one, and share the money from the card on both systems. If they are working on this, I can wait.

  10. I like how they answered the question by not really answering it.
    Unified account system for ALL systems is what we want, but the truth is the 3DS was released before the Nintendo Network was officially launched, so now including that back to the 3DS systems out there is a though one. But I think they really should start a project to convert all 3DS systems into the network. Slowly but steady.

  11. I suspect they will finally make a move on this issue towards the end of this year and throughout 2014. Nintendo did say they were working on a way for consumers to purchase digital games from eshop on their pc, right? Maybe the road to unified accounts will happen then.

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