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Mario Party Island Tour For Nintendo 2DS & 3DS Box-Art And Release Date

mario_party_island_tour_box_artNintendo of America has announced exactly when eager gamers can get their hands on Mario Party Island Tour for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS. Consumers in North America will be able to purchase Nintendo’s latest Mario Party game on November 22nd. European gamers will be able to get the game sometime this November.



    1. I think plenty of people will buy a 2DS. Everyone who wants to play the new Pokemon or Zelda but doesn’t want to fork out a huge sum of money for a new handheld they otherwise don’t want, for instance, this gives them a cheaper option to play those games with. Just because YOU don’t see the need for something doesn’t mean it’s useless.


      1. I think you mean the normal 3DS.
        This is built with budget and kids in mind. It’s harder to break, cheaper, and it’ll open up even more customers to the 3DS market, which will only mean good things for Nintendo.


  1. From the cover I can see that they’re actually going to use proper items again, not stupid sweets or dices, this makes me happy.


    1. Mario Party 10 will be the Wii U Mario Party Game. As for Online…we all want it but Nintendo doesn’t like doing obvious things lol.


    1. The whole goddamn point of Mario Party is connecting to people that are around you. Playing with strangers online (or even friends online) is not nearly as enjoyable as playing with friends in person. Just because a game is multiplayer doesn’t mean it should have online multiplayer. Get it through your skulls.


      1. …and thats your opinion, not fact. When are you going to get that through your head?

        I have much more fun playing against other gamers I don’t know. The competition level is higher, change of strategy etc etc.


      2. I have friends that live really far away. Talking to them on the phone or webcam would feel the same as playing with in person


      3. What the hell are you talking about? Everyone has friends who have a 3DS and sit in a room together to play? Playing against people anytime anywhere is something that should be overlooked? Bad post dude.


      4. That was true IN THE PAST. While Local is more fun then Online, when it comes to Mario Party most people play it for a month then forget about it. Adding online would INCREASE play time. And not many people over the age of 18 hang out every few days at each others houses anymore. We are kinda busy with life. So Online makes things easier.


  2. hearing lil kids brag about their 2ds is going be hilarious specially when I know it’s gonna piss alot of gamers off lol ^_^


  3. Pretty cool I guess, I hope it is more like the older Mario Party games were, like the N64 ones, those were brilliant. This is also one of those games that could be really fun online, and I usually hate playing online.


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