Check Out The Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Box-Art, Plus Release Date


Nintendo of America has just uploaded the glorious box-art for Wii U exclusive, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. As well as providing us with the box-art the company has announced that Donkey Kong’s latest game will be swinging its way onto Wii U on December 6th at a suggested retail price of $49.99. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will be coming to Europe sometime in December. What do you think to the box-art?


      1. Oh :< is he really gone? Well then… I.. I must become. ..I must become something else… I must become………

    1. Shut up! Guys the Zelda bundle is also at 299 in gamestop and is avalible fro pre order so run now!


    1. If Nintendo made their games 50$ and the wii u 250 I think they could maybe be first this gen, it really seems like it will be the game cube, great games the best but not a lot of con soles sold

      1. So the $50 price drop coming in September isn’t enough? I think the Deluxe being $299 with a game, is a great deal, and with Nintendo (and their 2nd parties), Ubi, Activision, and the indies – I really don’t see this being a Game Cube. It most likely won’t be a Wii, but it will do much better than the Game Cube, and I think the sells will end up being equal to Xbone and PS4. PS4 will most likely come out on top, but this gen has only begun, so we will see in time.

  1. Can’t wait. I absolutely LOVED Returns on my 3DS, and from what i’ve seen and played this game is even better.

    1. Also, if Nintendo doesn’t go for the extremely obvious 7 eleven tie in to promote this game it will truly show how much their marketing sucks.

      1. Technically, Donkey Kong as seen here *IS* DK Jr., and the Donkey Kong from the original game is now Cranky Kong.

    1. Well if you had noticed the release dates on that previous thread, they basically switched SM3DW and DKCRTF…

  2. I really like Donkey Kong.
    But I do NOT LIKE: the impossibility of switching characters….

    Ohhhh, I miss you Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 for the SNES.

  3. Awesome! A baby game! This is exactly what this failing underpowered excuse of a console needs. Now get out there in drones and buy this baby game ASAP!

    1. my same exact thoughts :) ill probably be leaving DK stand for a while in a beach level while i stare at the wind harass his sexy fur ;)

  4. 40-50 bucks should be the price for ALL games at launch. Fuck 60, I’m not a millionaire. Handheld games should be 30+ at launch, 40 at the very most.

  5. What happens for those who bought the Wii U before the price drop? Will there be an ambassador program like on the Nintendo 3DS ? At least ONE free game ? :o

  6. Looks really good. I swear that Nintendo has some of the best box art. That box art alone is enough reason for me to preorder this game!

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