Arkham Origins Dev Responds To Season Pass Backlash And Says It Includes A Lot Of Value


Online gaming publication IGN caught up with Batman: Arkham Origins producer Guillaume Voghel to discuss the backlash that has occurred regarding the recently announced season pass for the game. Fans were disappointed with the reveal of the season pass as it mainly composed of costume DLC and the like, rather than extra levels and content. Here’s what Voghel had to say about the season pass.

“The costume DLC is going to be available with the Season Pass and it’s basically a bonus right? There’s going to be a lot of value in that Season Pass. One of the items we can’t talk about yet…we’ll just wait for the gamers to really see what the entire package contains. It’s going to be a big deal.”

137 thoughts on “Arkham Origins Dev Responds To Season Pass Backlash And Says It Includes A Lot Of Value”

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      1. Lol i’m not down playing graphics, Microsoft is. I’ve got games for my Wii U. Since when was I a fanboy? I’ve owned and played all three systems before. The only system that I’ve never played was the original Xbox.

      2. P.S. I’ve traded in one of my wii games once for the 360 version of the wii game. The game in question was Sonic Unleashed

      3. Graphics do nothing for overal gameplay, if anything they remove space for other things in the game.

        You obviously don’t know what “next-gen” is.

        1. True enough but we still need good graphics. Not one of us can’t say that we haven’t looked back at a game that was on say the ps1 or gamecube and wished for it to have a complete modern hd rebuild

    2. Rich is pretty cool. He does well at being fair and calling BS where it is, and giving credit where due. Love how he is a “fanboy” when sticking up for a console, dev, etc – and a “fanboy” for the other side when calling BS on a real fanboys team. Trolls be Sventroll’n Son. Good link Tysamu

      1. Thanks friend. I just happen to see the video on my youtube feed and since the majority of anti nintendo users on here claim microsoft, I figured this’d be appropriate.

  1. DLC announced before a game is released will always result in backlash no matter what content it includes.

    There is really no point buying this game until the Complete/Ultimate/Directors Cut/Game of the year/Actually fucking finished and complete edition that will inevitably come next year.

  2. I want real Batman costume as a bonus, i dont do anything with some virual costume that i cant sell on ebay for 200 dollars. I dont like this dev he is stupid! Batman arkham city was overhyped piece of shit, no one should not spend money on these lame games.

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        1. Quake…err Doom. Just kidding, actually all first person shooters own allot to Xybots, or even more Faceball 2000. Also, you can see some influence with Electrocop. So really all of those first person shooters go back on a long line of building off one another.

      1. Halo released for Atari 2600 in 1984.
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        Halo for atari was cancelled thats why its unknown, but miyamoto stoled the game and replaced halo characters with metroid characters.

              1. Luigi was originally intended to be marios boyfriend. But Nintendo was afraid of Queen at the time. Queen told them that they will release a new console that plays we will rock U, so nintendo made mario as italian and not british.

          1. Oh, I get it, you guys are like from a parallel universe where things happened differently and people are generally dumber than ours.

            So… were you lucky enough not to have Russell Brand exist in your universe, at least?

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          1. Dont lie. Zelda was developed as Ultima adventure but Miyamoto beated the ultima creator on street and stoled the game and released as The Legend of Zelda.

                    1. I do, I was using the “All americans are dumb” stereotype with American Idiot, i was called racist, so i pointed out his mistake.

    1. WHAT? Um, Metroid first came out in 1986, with Halo first coming out in 2001. That’s impossible. You can’t even argue that Metroid Prime was influenced by Halo, as it began development based on a FPS engine Retro made in 2000. Prime was being developed along with several games, before they were all cancelled and Prime became the focus a bit later, launching just over a year after Halo. Considering Halo 4 has different visors now, I’d say that’s a rip off of Metroid right there. Might want to research more before you decide who is copying who. The Conduit, however, IS a Halo rip off, but was done so on purpose.

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  7. I believe there was a single person who worked on nothing but Batman’s cape of (one of) these games for years. So the fact that you get more costumes should be a luxury, not a disappointment. Right?

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