Nintendo Minute: Super Mario 3D World New Levels And Power-Up

Kit and Krysta from Nintendo explore two newly revealed levels from Super Mario 3D World, as well as new power-up, the double cherry. Nintendo’s latest 3D Mario title is due for release on November 22nd in the United States and November 29th in Europe. Will you be picking up the sublime Super Mario 3D World for Wii U?


      1. Can’t wait to get this. Looks like a nice blend of throw backs and new ideas. Keeps looking better with each update.

          1. Yeah!! I hope that more people start to realize it too! Also, haha, maybe they should tone the 1ups down from Super Mario 3D Land, haha. It was so easy to get tons of 1ups in that one….

            1. I was skeptical about the game until I saw the new trailer. Now it’s the game I’m most excited about the is season. Many in blogs are saying a similar thing after watching the new trailer.

              1. Oh yeah? Cool! People also didn’t like Super Mario 3D Land, but it is one of my favorite Mario games!

                1. I didn’t like 3D Land because it felt too easy. In fact, I can’t even remember anything about it now, because there wasn’t anything particularly special that set it apart and caused an impact.

                  1. I agree, it was easy. But I loved the gameplay. Plus, did you play the second “story” after beating the first one? The difficulty is knocked up for it.

      2. I don’t know I’m sure it will be great fun just as 3D land was. However, I can’t help shake the feeling that this game represents Nintendo in a desperate state of trying to pump out quality titles as quickly as possible as they are severely lacking 3rd party support which means they have to pick up the slack themselves. To me it looks like they’re using the same basic game (perhaps even the engine itself) as 3D land, upping the native resolution and textures and then putting it out on Wii U. Again, don’t get me wrong, I think it will be great fun, but I just can’t help feel that Nintendo would have gone with a game bigger in scope if they weren’t under such huge pressure to prop the Wii U up practically by themselves.

        1. Yeeeaaaah, probably. And the lack of third party support makes me so upset… Lets just hope that it all picks up when the next few great titles come in…..

  1. Wii u sucks.3 mario games this year omfg.Nintendo lost it allready nothing new is comeing beside 4 3third party games.

              1. Reggietarian mad because someone dont like 3 marios a year.btw n-dub already broke. next nintendo.

                1. You’re fucking pathetic, Mister. You’re not even a gamer… just a poser who wants to bring hatred like the Ku Klux Klan. U mad because Nintendo innovates video games while Sony imitates. Cut that shit out, you’re making me laugh. Keep sucking on Kaz Hirai’s dick. I’m done feeding your fucking fat ass. Go back to your grandmother’s basement and fucking dwell there.

                    1. mr.lesarion… N-Dub Nation is right. according to my rage-o-meter, you are indeed mad and should go outside and smell the hummus.

                    1. after your temper tantrum jellybean bitch I thought you would be to embarrassed to come back to mynintendonews.

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    1. And everyone complained about how there were barely any Mario games around the launch of the Wii….

  2. sublime? hahahaha. are you serious. you can’t just throw a word like sublime out there for a game like this. even great is pushing it, but sublime I’m afraid you’ve lost me. that was a good laugh though.

          1. Wii U games for next year–

            * Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
            * Mario Kart 8
            * Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS
            * a new Xeno game from Monolith Soft
            * Bayonetta 2

            Stats don’t lie… the Wii U WILL have games next year as well as MORE indie games.

                    1. What does that even mean? You sound like you’re projecting….
                      I hope sales do improve so Nintendo can attract some more third party support. They can’t keep going on their own like this forever

            1. your so pathetic n dub. is this your purpose in life, to be the most hilarious pathetic nintendo fanboy. you go humping plastic boxes for a living.

  3. Epic just epic……Nintendo is the best and still the best, this game is 25 year old, and they still come with fresh and cool things. This game got more new things then, cod battlefield gta together………keep be the best Nintendo! !!!

              1. You’re still a fucking pathetic loser. You’ve failed to realize that Nintendo has billions of dollars in their bank account. They have enough to afford new technologies for their next home and portable console.

                    1. allways angry replys from you are still mad?Hope they bring more games for the scam U.

                1. yeah the money that they failed to outbid sega on atlus???? they are irrelevant and are going to vanish into obscurity with their wii u that cant even get any games on.

                  1. Are you that fucking blank about the 3ds? Wii U has been doing bad but if that’s ALL you troll about, everyday, on a Nintendo site, you need some new insight on life.

                  2. sega is practically a 2cd party Nintendo Company… bet u money, u’ll see exclusive atlus games on Nintendo… infact, Nintendo let sega purchase the company so atlus wont tarnish Nintendo family friendly image. BTW why couldnt Sony or even Microsoft purchase Atlus, because they cant even turn a profit off their super powerful hardware.

  4. This game looks right on the fucking money and I’m extremely excited.

    Except for one thing………. WHY NO ONLINE, SON?!

    Don’t try and justify it to me that somehow local only is better than local AND online. This game would be unthinkably good with online.
    It would only make it better.

    That being said the game still looks very very very good.

    1. Ninteedard… did you know that Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is gonna be online? However, Super Mario 3D World will be online… except it’s connected to Miiverse.

      1. The fact that the Olympics has online but 3D world doesn’t just rubs salt into the wound.

        really though I don’t care I just wanna play 3D world real bad :D

      1. Indeed. Just seems silly. I mean why doesn’t Nintendo try to match what other people in the industry are doing with online and go all the way. Put voice chat in it and everything!

          1. Yep, they’re the best developers on earth, yet they insist on making some really stupid and controversial decisions…

      2. maybe u people dont learn ur lessons about online yet.. Look at Simcity… sucked, look at GTA 5 sucks… and R* had two whole weeks to get that shit right after release. Only thing online works good with is FPS…

      1. Precisely. I mean this game is way more focused on multiplayer than LM2 was and they managed to tack a cool online mode onto that…

        It just seems like a missed opportunity.

        1. Exactly. But hey! I’m starting to like the Mario series again thanks to this game. There’s a ton of new elements that could possibly make this game fantastic!

  5. Wait shouldn’t the shadows get bigger as they near a light source? It stays the same or gets taller if the caricters go up. Other them that looking weird I’m getting this game for sure.

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  7. N-dub nation fanboy still mad because nintendo dont bring more games to the wii u.such a clown.

    1. my database indicates that you are a complete waste of time and should get laid instead of cyberbullying.

    2. You do know that their are more unnounced games coming to Wii U. After all 48 hours ago, you didnt know about a Wii U direct or an upgrade.

    3. “N-dub nation fanboy still mad because nintendo dont bring more games to the wii u.such a clown.”
      They could release and rush their games like Xbone and get up to 900p 30fps if that’s what you prefer.

  8. The game looks awesome :) but… :( nintendo please just add online it would make the game 10 times better to me and then make updates for all the games that deserved online smbu,pikmin3,nintendo land, wiiuplay, game an wario, and this one for sure please i promise u all nintendo fans and the core and all gamers around will turn back to u because real online play is wat we have been waiting for please nintendo u and all nintendo fans need u to do this i know most every one will agree with me.

    1. Nintendo dont listen.Dreamcast u 2014.No games no hope for 3rd party games.Nintendo keeps behind.

      1. “Nintendo dont listen.Dreamcast u 2014.No games no hope for 3rd party games” Wow 8min you saw this video and forgot 3D Mario World was a game. And less than 24 hours ago and you forgot AC4 was coming to Wii u.

  9. Wow and yet another Mario game in about a year. Nintendo sure is the king of “innovation” isn’t it. And yet the babies say that Nintendo isn’t milking their franchises, what a joke.

    That piece of crap looks like a Wii game. Look at all those environments, they just awesome, those low polygon trees look like they came out of one of their old N64 games. And those impressive sound effects, just wow, the same ones they been using in all their games for over 30 years. This Nintendo company sure is working really hard. I guess this is pretty much what this underpowered baby console is capable of.

    1. You must be a dumbass if you think this looks like an N64 Mario game. This looks better than Knack. Unless you want to tell me Knack’s visuals are groujdbreaking.

  10. snooze fest direct and a terrible game

    this game is going to get stomped on by the real next gen consoles. only nintendo fanboys care about stupid Mario anymore.

    1. “snooze fest direct and a terrible game” Terrible game? How many worlds are in this game? What’s the fairy’s name that was kidnapped this time?

    1. Anyone who knows what a “fun” game is would get excited over this. Unlike all of those pitiful people like Adarazz.

      1. Sadly, some “gamers” think gaming is sitting alone, gaming boring games for hours, then rage-quit. It can’t be that hard to understand that gaming is all about fun?!

  11. “And those impressive sound effects, just wow, the same ones they been using in all their games for over 30 years” 30 years ago mario only had two power ups, flower and mushroom. Mario couldn’t do wall kicks or do a long jump. Mario didn’t talk. Mario couldn’t pick up turtle shells or grab Bowser by his tale and rotate him and toss him off a platform.Yet all these new ideas added from the last 30 years and you want to play dumb as if these no innovations have no new sound effects.

  12. This game has quickly become my #1 most wanted game. The only thing that could make this game better is online multiplayer with voice chat. Please patch it in NIntendo!

    1. Online multi-player might have potential. But MAN, didn’t people’s parents ever tell them not to talk to strangers? I don’t mind simple text chat like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but I feel that talking out loud on a headset is going too far. That’s stepping out of the comfort zone for me.

        1. LOL! I know that. But I just have this weird phobia (I guess you can call it that) of talking to strangers on ANY device. Even on telephones. I never talk on the phone unless it’s something VERY important, or just a family member. It’s just me. Besides that, I get sick of people on the internet making fun of my voice. That’s a road I’ll never travel down again. You know, talking on the internet (or making YouTube videos). Sorry for blabbing.

      1. That’s what options are for. You should be able to mute voice chat anytime, and you should be able to choose between friends, random, local, or any mixture of the three. If done right, there is no reason to dislike it. Online Multiplayer can be nothing but a wonderful bonus.

  13. I ask for only 2 things in games. A great story (something that most Mario games fail at providing) and a good challenge (good play control too. But that’s beside my point). And I don’t consider a good challenge to be “collecting every coin or medallion” etc. I want the challenge to be the game play. Not collecting every item to unlock extra stages. My example: Super Mario 3D Land was too easy for a veteran gamer like myself.

  14. loving the game, preordered ages ago…but man i hate those two guys. fake, unnatural, annoying…always have to turn down the volume.

        1. You mean these Nintendo Minute hosts? If so, they’re a lot better than those hosts from the “old” Nintendo shows that used to appear on the Nintendo Channel on the Wii. That Gary and “evil Gary” had the most annoying face. Couldn’t stand looking at him. I was glad when they chose different people. And that blonde, I never could take her serious as a gamer.

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