EA Source Says “Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly” After The Wii U

CVG has spoken to an EA source that wishes to remain anonymous who has told the publication that “Nintendo was dead to us very quickly.” The source then went on to say that the company felt that the Wii U was becoming a platform for kids IP and that they weren’t interested in bringing future core titles to the struggling platform.

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly,” one EA source told me when asked about why the publisher fell out with Nintendo so soon after committing to the system.

“It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”.

203 thoughts on “EA Source Says “Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly” After The Wii U”

    1. ME3 was a solid effort LOL.

      Around the same time, mass effect TRILOGY was released on other platforms for the same price OR LESS…. Did they really expect the Wii U version to sell??

      BUNCH OF HATERS! I hope they get the worst company award again!!

    2. Funny how they had no problem spewing shit out for the Wii, which was much more targeted at children than the WiiU has ever been.

      1. Ikr!!! Did they forget EA Sports Playground ever happened!!? And comparing the business to Activision… The Mass Effect port was killed by EA itself when they released ME Trilogy at the same time too. Honestly, this “source” does not know what its talking about!!!

    3. and i present to you nintendo, a company that has no third party support… and has one of the worst consoles ever (yes, wii u failing for a year makes it one of the worst)

      1. I find that your comment is wrong. The worst console commercially I would agree with but to say that the console is horrible or bad is just a incorrect statement. The Wii U has a solid lineup of games available that can challenge even the hardest core playerswhile also appealing to a broader demographic. Also the lineup of games Nintendo will release are going to be of the highest quality. So to say that it is the worst console is just plain dumb.

        1. Do you actually think that wii u is the worst console commercially? Because it’s not. There are consoles that sold so badly, they didn’t even sell a quarter of what wii u has so far.

      2. Wii U still had a better year than PS3 ever did, in a worse economy and in a market that thinks smartphones and tablets are more interesting.

    1. nintendo games are for everyone, X anyone, bayonetta 2, hell give a 5 year old a zelda game and see how far they get

        1. Wait what? That is a very weird thing to say, he can bring up games that aren’t out because we knew about them all at the SAME TIME

        2. and just cause a game looks kiddy doesn’t mean a kid can play it easily, donkey kong anyone not to mention f-zero, metroid, star fox, zelda, fire emblem (which is getting a crossover with shin megami tensei), sin and punishment, give a 5 year old these games and see how far they get

        3. Says not to bring up games that aren’t out yet. Makes an assumption about games that aren’t out yet… you are a new kind of stupid.

          1. People usually bring up games that aren’t out yet when suggesting people to just “Wait and see” when PS4 and Xbox One launched with their flaccid lineups. “Wait until [game] comes out!” (in like the spring or summer).

            So yeah, naming games that are on the horizon? Valid.

        4. OK, then Resident Evil: Revelations. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, James Bond 007, and so on- man even Cabelas Dangerous Hunts is NO game for 10-year old guys, what about ZombiU? There are much more games on WiiU, which targets the “coregamer”-fraction, then there are games like on the Wii. So what? Take off your fanboy-glasses!

      1. Agreed. I first played OoT on the N64 as a kid, and while I had a blast running around the market and sneaking past some castle guards, that all I pretty much did. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know you could become adult Link.

              1. I think it’s possible for Nintendo to buys some of Capcom’s IPs or just Capcom itself, then they would secure the Resident Evil and Dead Rising franchise :P

                1. they already bought fatal frame just so they could not port it to NOA

                  come on Nintendo, drop region locking or give us the gaaames

              2. I believe you’re right. Actually I believe Nintendo should get a few more studios and just go it alone on titles. Do their own non-Mario centric sports games, their own FPS, more RPGs, etc. Bring back the seal of approval which would mostly be on Nintendo games (ME3 wouldn’t have gotten that seal at all if the seal still existed) and keep trucking.

      1. Right? I have 2 children, I bought the WiiU for several reasons:
        1) so we could play games together
        2) so we could play something besides a FPS
        3) that they wouldn’t be called “@#$#@ @#$$#@!!!” online

        1. Nailed right down, lol ;) And yeah, EA gets another “Worst Company of the year” award for 2014, just wait for it… It will be funny this time to hear the excuses…

  1. It doesn’t matter, does it EA? People is always saying Nintendo is for kids even though there are countless mature games that aren’t on other consoles. Just something you say just so you can stop releasing games and blame it on this!!! There is a reason you are nominated for america’s worst company you know ;)

      1. In which planet do you live, clown? Do the mainstream media corrupted your mind, brainwashed prick?

        Do a f**** research for yourself. The Wii has as much mature games as other platforms.

      2. Resident Evil: Revelations, Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2013 (crazy game, but is fun to Play), then there is bayonetta 2 to come, absolute hardcore, and ZombiU! And then there was a “James Bond 007″-Shooter too.

      3. I suppose your definition of “mature” is running around with an assault rifle killing people over and over. That’s REALLY fucking mature.

    1. Can’t deny EA is one of the biggest publishers out there, and dropping support for Nintendo is/was a turning point for the Wii U. And what do you know, they’re right – Nintendo is obviously aiming all marketing at kids.

      1. Who cares, EA is passing up a opportunity to take hold of the adult side of nintendo. Who gives a crap if nintendo targets kids, truth is they would have a monopoly then but for who knows what reason EA would rather shoot themselves in the foot.

        I smell another rare business here, EA goes out of business, Microsoft buys them up

        1. Its funny that they want Nintendo to be close minded and ignore kids and parents. That’s not how Nintendo became rich and successful unlike EA. Want Nintendo to being mature…remember their love hotels? Didn’t work well did it…

  2. What a load of rubbish from EA. Nintendo does stuff for everyone.

    They just know their stuff will not sell because its the same stuff over and over again. Ubisoft have put a better input than this clown-like company….

    Nintendo’s stuff is just unparalleled.

    1. This^ Nintendo’s products and games are made for EVERYBODY. They’re for kids, teens, adults, and even elders. Nintendo just focuses on the kids games the most because it selld the most.

      1. Again it’s not kiddy stuff, it’s stuff for anyone to enjoy. I’ve enjoyed 3D World more than any other game for a very long time.

  3. They should know better than to talk shit about another company, especially one like Nintendo, when they’re considered one of the worst themselves for 2 years in a row.

  4. Whats with these anonymous twats?
    If they have something to say, they should say it with their names, and stand behind their words.

    1. I stand behind the honorable name of Ham Dangler! Nintendo is floundering in the marketplace and the Wii U sorta sucks.

      TAKE THAT!

  5. ” we don’t really make games for kids”

    They tried, though, didn’t they? Remember MySims? What a spectacular failure that was.

    1. the new sims 4 is going to fail some day too. I know a lot of People in my City who are not longer going to buy this shit of Software. So, what do you do then, EA? We`ll see then in august/September.

  6. Do Wii U and 3DS owners care anymore? Weve managed without their broken IPs for a while now, plus something tells me they are still mad about that ORIGIN ordeal.

  7. “EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”

    And there we have it, good folks. Typical corporate sellout bullshit.

  8. i blame both. even if you denied it fifa games could have help boost the wii U in the west. most of the west doesn’t care about the wii u because it doesn’t have sport games.

  9. Bahahahaha “We don’t make games for kids” I’ve seen more kids playing your yearly spewed out sport game shit than I have adults EA. Hell you even marketed Dead Space 2 as “Your mom will hate it.” God damn idiot hypocrites.

  10. I don’t care at all about EA just about some of their developers like Ghost, Criterion or in some cases Dice but that’s about it.

    If you’d wanted ME3 to be a success then you should have either released only the Trilogy for it or the Trilogy not at all.

  11. You people really are stupid. You think pointing out that kids play mature games is something. It’s why Nintendo is a joke for actually making kid games when kids want to play mature games.

  12. I know several kids who enjoyed EA’s Sports games, and I was one of the. The GamePad could have been used all all sorts of ways, and the balance board things like Snowboarding.

    I hate when they get all like “Video GAMES aren’t for kids”

    Not buying their products after this statement, ever.

  13. I think we’ve all heard consumers who are biased against Nintendo products spout “LOLOL NINTENDO S 4 KIDS!!1!”, but I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve heard a company representative say it.

  14. Lol. My nintendo news is still trolling nintendo fans. You would think that the regulars here would have figured this out by now.

  15. EA is a publisher I would love to see disappear. They killed BioWare and Dice, two of the best studios you could find, full of talented people who don’t even have the time to make good games.
    Those guys are obsessed with money and don’t see shit around that, Poor dudes really…
    Funny how the “source” quoted Activision. The two worst publishers in the world gathered in one sentence. Some may puke.

    1. Oh, and not EA on Nintendo platforms would be great BTW. It hurts enough to see their games on PC. Just stay on Xbox or Playstation.

    2. oh man, demkin – you doesn`t know how right you are! But don`t Forget- EA is responsible for most bankrupt companys. E.g. they bought Westwood => command & conquer for PC and consoles died in a few years, they killed bioWare & dice and the good series of games from them ended. EA killed so many funny and cool games. in my good times ~2000 – there were so many strategy-games out there. nowadays you can search for them!

  16. It’s true EA doesn’t make games for kids. It way to hard for EA to get childeren to spent money on microtransactions. This is just a case of poor marketing from EA. And trash talking other company’s because you can’t develop for them is just lame

  17. sometimes I feel bad for nintendo. if only they listened to devs and gamers. they would be thriving with their home console right now.

  18. “Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort” hahahaha
    You’re voted the worst company for a reason ya know.

    1. your Name says everything, Troll!

      Get your Facts right:

      #WiiUhasbetterGamesthanPS4 (Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Mario Kart, Fast Racing Neo, X etc)
      #DEAL WITH IT ;)


  20. This is why Nintendo should make an IP for other audiences, third parties companies just act as if Nintendo is a “baby company for baby people.” I just saw the comments and I already see people being ignorant saying stuff like “EA is the worst!” Or.. “Nintendo makes games for everyone, like Bayonetta!!” Nintendo does make games for kids, you can not deny this. 98.9% of Nintendo’s franchise are for kids (or teens.) aged 3 to 16. Nintendo rarely does games exclusively for the older audiences. If Nintendo made an IP for the older audiences, it would create a whole new fan base from which Nintendo can actually trust to buy their console. Do you really expect kids to buy their own console at launch day? Likewise, third-parties will actually trust Nintendo’s consoles since Nintendo has brought the older audience to Nintendo’s console.

      1. Are you telling me that? I disagree, just look at Miiverse, seeing a place invested with those childish, idiotic comments. There is no clear evidence that states there are more adults playing Nintendo games then kids. Give me an evidence or news article or whatever that states that more adults play Nintendo games then kids.

    1. Exactly, but when you are in a drone infested site what do you except ?? The kiddos here can’t be taken serious lolzzzzz


      1. your Name says everything, Troll!

        Get your Facts right:

        #WiiUhasbetterGamesthanPS4 (Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Mario Kart, Fast Racing Neo, X etc)
        #DEAL WITH IT ;)

        oh and dont Forget, sonydrone:

        #PS4BLOD2.0 = equal to 10-15% dead consoles
        #PS4SalesGetWiiUNiveauTooCause NO Games cause thirds are delaying their games ;) Even Watchdogs won`t come before june!
        #PS4-Games-are-having-funny-errors-like-E2.xxyyzz which destroys savegames after 24-50 hours of gaming # and no solution in sight! All games are bad! #hardware-failure

        Discontinue 2014? What? Are YOU mad Boy? Oh why did i even ask?

        Donkey Kong going to flop? Are you so sure about that? If yes, then lets get it on. BET ON IT if you have balls!

  21. This is why Nintendo should make an IP for other audiences, third parties companies just act as if Nintendo is a “baby company for baby people.” I just saw the comments and I already see people being ignorant saying stuff like “EA is the worst!” Or.. “Nintendo help make games for everyone, like Bayonetta!!” Nintendo does make games for kids, you can not deny this. 99.9% of Nintendo’s franchise are for kids (or teens.) aged 3 to 16. Nintendo rarely does games exclusively for the older audiences. If Nintendo made an IP for the older audiences, it would create a whole new fan base from which Nintendo can actually trust to buy their console. Do you really expect kids to buy their own console at launch day? Likewise, third-parties will actually trust Nintendo’s consoles since Nintendo has brought the older audience to Nintendo’s console.

  22. Oh you mean kid franchises such as Pokémon? What is even funnier, is that these “kids” IP such as Pokémon has become so profitable for Nintendo, that it has created a franchise for so many years, even a card game is based off of the game.

    I do not think EA can successfully make a proper franchise without even ruining it anymore. Mass Effect 3 was such a debacle, they lost key players from Criterion. Origin is easily hackable. People at Maxis are not happy with the recent release of Sim City that the possible franchise is probably dead.

    They lost majority of the ability to create new innovations, that each sport game has such minor upgrades from the previous games and still charge the consumer full amount. These minor upgrades should be downloads and no more than $5 maybe $10.

    There ports over to the “Wii U” was such a hack and slash and at the same time screwing over the consumer for those who purchased the Wii U by releasing the ME:Trilogy for cheaper on other consoles than Mass Effect 3 for the “U”.

    Then wonder why it did not sell?

    Tho’ I will admit Most Wanted for the U is great, but only because Criterion really put much effort into the game.

  23. aaaaaaaand I don’t care. Honest true, I wished for EA, once in a lifetime, helped Nintendo by releasing some of their games on the Wii U (Mirror’s edge 2, anyone?) not fucking ports…but that’s life. Not that their opinions are going to affect me. I’ll keep buying games from people who are willing to back up Wii U (Platinum games deserves more love).

    1. None of you dronez care about NON Nintendo products

      If E.A said “we will start developing many games for the Wii U” you all wouldn’t care in the slightest lolzzz


      1. bull I would care if EA did develpe I havnt bout an EA game since ps2 and wont start now I don’t even buy them on ps3 they suck :)

      2. Right, just like you wouldn’t care if any non-FPS game was released on your PS4 or Pissbox One.


      3. we care about good, Quality games. not rubbish ones like battlefield 4 in its current state full of bugs! we care about games with love in it. Not with Dlc and with “Please give me more Money” in it ;)

  24. wow sim city was so great NOT!!!! what a fiasco that was they don’t just hand out worst company in America for no reason. EA should just get the fuck out of the usa and do us a real favor :)

      1. wrong, they have been voted as the worst company on america twice, that is enough to even being dead and expected by Sony and M$

  25. Remember when they said they had a GOOD partnership with Nintendo…. yeah I don’t think they like Nintendo that much… but atleast we know Nintendo doesn’t pay people to say how great their games are (Even if some of them are mixed)… Seriously… fuck you EA

  26. Seriously, EA! You’ve done enough crap against Nintendo. Just STFU.

    Here’s hoping they become worst company in America again.

  27. the only thing that EA is good with is the Sims and they better put the Sims 4 on the 3DS and WIIU, make sure the PC game does not have any game breaking bugs in the main one and the expansion, and put the all of the expansions as dlc for the 3DS and WIIU instead of just putting pets on the 3DS as a retail game

  28. Game is crappy on console: blame the console, not the porters
    Game is crappy on all consoles, blame an specific console for their failure
    Game is good, milk it so the next is crappy and blame the console
    The violent cycle of EA

  29. I call bullshit on this ms teacher lady. EAs games are pretty much kids and teens 101. Especially if you’re from the south. Nintendo’s games bring out the youth in their audience, but there’s a difference between targeting kids and targeting the kid in people

  30. Nintendo better get its shit together asap! I didn’t buy my wii u only to look at other consoles with cool games. Freaking “Left for dead” hasn’t been announced yet and I have this horrible feel when it does it ain’t coming to the wii u. I been a fan of Nintendo since the 1st consoles and it sucks to hear this but I guess it’s their undoing. Personally the wii u might make a comeback, the game pad is great, with development costs going up I hope many developers consider that going in. Also what’s with nintendo direct why can’t Reggie do the American version with news about western developers and western news. What the hell is Nintendo of America doing right now anyway. I’m losing faith in this system and the only thing thats keeping me here are my preorders and ssmb and I have no idea when that coming out! I mean Jesus Christ why is “sakura” doing the coding himself !

    1. Agree with Reggie, dont agree with “get its shit together”
      Nintendo has been doing what they can to give support
      EA is just being butthurt, specially since they are doing bad on their main games(FIFA and Maden not included)

      1. Sorry bout my outburst just got done doing my taxes and was in bad mood…But I think its time that nintendo focus more on wii u instead of the 3ds which is doing great right now. Hell I even picked up the zelda/3ds bundle this christmas…and its my first ever handheld ever. 2014 should be great got games on Pre-order…screenshots of SSMB looks crazy and so does Mario Kart! But who else is craving like “Hero of the Obelisk” would be Pimp! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAS2aE7dNrg

  31. I`m fine with that cause i don`t buy any more games from EA. Criterion are welcome, cause Need for Speed was NO EA-Game and it was Good and Criterion is gone from EA (they fleed)! But EA? NO MORE! Go home, EA. DIE, EA! NO one wants you, thats why you deserve to die- that is why you get the “worst Company 2013″ Thing. Ist your own fault- i mean, Battlefield 4- what is that? Do you guys call this Thing game?

    What is with “Sim City”? The same Thing is going on. Where is Command & Conquer? So now you have to take consequences out of that and for accusing Nintendo or calling the WiiU “a Piece of shit”: Thats why my girlfriend now stops buying sims-games too. So better luck next time EA!

  32. Uhh…Activison supports Wii U…they say they want to fully support it. Though all that’s missing from them is Destiny…someone at EA is forgetting that Skylanders and COD are kid IP’s. While Mario 3D World looks like a kid IP hardly any kid can 100% the game lol.

  33. EA keeps saying this like it’s a bad thing. Don’t think anyone going to miss EA who been named the worst company in USA 3 consecutive years.

  34. And EA quit Nintendo cause of the Origin temper tantrum. Then went on to win Worst Company in North America for 2 years. If they were partnered with Nintendo lets just say no company gets named worst company when partnered with Nintendo.

  35. Damn……… there needs to be some of those old trolls here right now to make you guys cry even harder, so much of you are fucking crybabies.

  36. Nintendo forgot about core gamers ever since Iwata got in charge. When they sold Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, broke the relationship they had with Factor 5. When they put Retro (the one and only western studio they have left) to work on another 2D side scrolling baby game. One only has to look at all Nintendo TV commercials. All of them are aimed at babies, casuals and grannies. The only ones happy with the output of games from Nintendo in the past years are babies. And babies will mention one or two “hardcore” games from Nintendo, one game a year is supposed to keep core gamers happy lolol. Only babies play one game a year lololol. Don’t forget about “Operation Rainfall”, if it wasn’t for that, games like Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower would have never been released in the West, as Nintendo had no intention whatsoever of releasing those games in the West as their target audience is babies. Thank you Mr. Iwata for turning Nintendo into the baby games company!

    1. First of all, that was Rare’s fault. It’s their fault for allowing Microsoft to buy them out.

      Second of all, that “2D side scrolling baby game” (Donkey Kong) sells more than any of Retro’s previous games combined.

      As far as I can tell, you’re the baby here.

    2. Iwata didn’t forget the core with the DS…He started to with the Wii…And now how fully CHOSEN to ignore the core fans. We say we want Starfox he says we cant give you that but what I can give you is CHIBI ROBO!!!

  37. “…and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”

    Because big franchises are real masterpieces, right? WRONG! Mass appeal games nowadays suck pretty quickly and lack any imagination. e.g. the run of the mill COD shooter

  38. EA are a bunch of wankers anyway, the only reason they’re still here is because of FIFA and the sims (animal crossing has kept me playing for months, I was bored with sims 3 after a few days).

  39. Whoa….EA definitely burrrrrrned Nintendo. Still, it’s just one employee. Let’s not jump on the anti EA bandwagon folks! One person does not represent a whole company by any stretch of the imagination. It may be different if this was the CEO….but he isn’t! Anyway, they’ll probably crank out some titles for Nintendo’s next console

  40. wii u is dead to ea because ea got ass hurt that origin was not integrated to nintendo’s eshop. we dont need ea, we got crapcom, sega, atlus, ubisoft, activision, krapnomi and crap-enix for 3rd party support

  41. I’m just glad that none of the actual GOOD companies are this moronic. At least, I don’t THINK they are?
    Looks like EA loves their “worst company of the year” status.

  42. You’re kidding, right? EA’s games are all meant for kids, that’s 80% of its sales. I think that’s why most families don’t buy Wii U, they don’t trust their brats with a Gamepad tablet even if more kids are ending up with a larger amount of tablets at younger ages these days. Games will lead to tantrums or stupidity and flying Wii remotes at a TV. EA go fuck yourself, getting as annoying as Patcher or whatever that old dudes name.

  43. no matter what nintendo gets the small side of the stick vita sales arnt great and third party support dosent melt away the ignore the vitas sales like they do the 3ds it dosent matter wii u selling bad nintendo doomed by the way is it me or when someone says something is doomed it sounds so illogical.

  44. And now, the unprecedented partnership was already ended, thanks to EA who destroys Nintendo’s life.

    Whenever I’m looking forward to The Sims 4 release, and you’ll stop supporting Nintendo already? Go to HELL!!!

  45. What’s an EA? Is that some sort of Battlefield or something?

    Seriously though, EA has lived long past their glory days. Now, they sound like Apple when ever they add a stupid feature to their phone.

  46. ea games fucking suck all there sports games play them selves you dont even have to touch the controller, the dumb down a.i does everything for you.battlefeild is just a glitched up piece of shit with frame drops lag and getting kicked from servers.e.a sucks @ making games and sucks as a company its sad when your two biggest money makers are the sims and simpsons tapped out.i really wish e.a ends up like thq!!!!!

  47. EA know that Nintendo will still let them publish on the Wii U even after all the trash talk. Wonder if they signed the same confidentiality agreement those Youtube people signed.

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