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Metroid Prime 3


As many Nintendo fans anxiously await to get their hands on this feverishly wanted game, members of the AOL gaming team have apparently seen the mighty Metroid Prime 3 in action.

The senior editor of the AOL games team (click number 5) even goes so far as to claim that the game is practically complete, and in a finished state.

If this is indeed the case and the game is near enough complete, then the rumour of the Wii launching earlier than expected is a very distinct possibility, and one that will hopefully be settled come this weeks E3 gaming event in Los Angeles.

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4 thoughts on “Metroid Prime 3”

  1. You know, that could be one “secret” right there… it does have nothing direct to do with game play, and it would really surprise everyone. But according to Kaplan’s comment in January, there’s still something unique about the Wii.

  2. There is certainly a distinct possibility that the Wii will launch earlier than expected.

    Nintendo of course do not want to directly compete with Sony in November, thats for sure,

    But yes, I’m still very intrigued and mystified as to what the final secret for the Wii actually is.

    Thank God E3 is just around the corner huh…

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