Sony Reveal Dual Shock Features At The Last Minute

It has now been revealed that Sony added both the PlayStation button which takes gamers online, and the tilt function features on the Dual Shock 3 controller, at the very last minute.

Journalists and gaming press suspected this when they noticed the controllers on the show floor were noticeably absent of these features.

Why would they do this? Well they obviously feared that their current control system for the console would appear stale next to Nintendo's revolutionary freehand controller for it's Wii system. Not wanting to be outdone by its competitor the company added those new features.

A senior EA source has revealed that even he was surprised when Sony announced the features at E3, stating "The Sony conference came as a shock, we didn't expect that". This reinforces the point that these features were all added at the 11th hour by Sony to try and counter Nintendo's revolutionary gaming experience.




  1. Well they did have one game (Warhawk) that apparently utilized the tilt features, so it couldn’t have been 11th hour… maybe 10th hour though. Pretty obvious they they are grabbing at straws to take some of the air out of Nintendo’s tires (if I can mix metaphors).


  2. Exactly.

    If a senior EA source (one of the biggest publisher and developer) basically implies that Sony added the function to the controller at the last minute then you know its true.


  3. Now i’m usually a playstation fan but i have to say, it don’t matter what features sony ‘borrows’ from other systems, the Wii will beat it hands down purely because of the name sound so much better (even if it is a little unusual) and also because the price of the PS3 is above $500.

    Very cool feature tho, especially for all those gamers who tilt the controller when playing


  4. Of course.

    If the Dual Shock 3 lacked this feature then I believe Sony’s control scheme would have looked positively prehistoric compared to the Wiis innovative controller.



  5. you’re right there I know that on occasion i have a bit of PSX nostalgia but it is thinning because of the same old same old con-troll-er these guys are dishing up, it’s like, say, spaghetti, you would hate it if u eat it all the time, basically nothing but spaghetti.


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