EA Issues Warning To Sony


EA one of the dominant forces in the video gaming industry has issued a word of advice to Sony in regards to the company being far too complacent in light of Nintendo’s lead in the handheld market.

The head of development for EA, David Gardner told industry trade magazine MCVI don’t think Sony can afford to sit back. They still have things they can do with the price and performance of the machine, things that they need to address.” He also went on to say “We must never forget that what we need to focus on is fun and so EA is putting more effort behind DS games, and creative ones that really take advantage of the hardware“.

All this does not bode well for the future of Sonys handheld device, as EA was once seen as a prominent figure in PSP development, but of late the company has “shifted its handheld priorities since DS began pulling away from PSP”. With sales figures for the Nintendo Ds currently on the up, it appears as if we shall be seeing even more support for the machine than we have previously seen. Though some gamers are reasonably weary of EA dominance of the market, and its reliance on yearly updates and sequels, this move can only help but strengthen the appeal of the Ds to a wider audience.



  1. Bad news for Sony. Although its good to see a company as large as EA switch to more innovative titles. And then perhaps the rest of the industry will follow.

  2. Ha, or it could be bullshit PR speak.

    But nonetheless this is set to be a major blow to Sony, and EA are right Sony do need to do something to counter the success that the Ds is currently enjoying. As I’m sure you’ve seen, Internet reports suggest a price cut for the PSP is imminent.

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