Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii Wont Support Gamecube Controller


Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, George Harrison stopped by at this years Camp Hyrule event and subsequently shattered many Zelda fans thoughts of being able to control the Wii version of the game via the Gamecube’s controller by stating:

“The GCN controller will be able to play the GCN version on the Wii console, but will not be able to play the Wii version.”

When Nintendo first announced that they were going to release two versions of the game; one for the Gamecube and one for the Wii, many were skeptical at just how much change the addition of the Wii’mote’ would bring about to the actual game. Many of those who played the Wii build of the game at this years E3 continued to remained unconvinced that the addition of the Wii’mote’ warranted two separate version of the title.

Both versions are still set to be released simultaneously later this year, and it shall prove to be interesting to see just where consumers hearts lie.



  1. I’m with you on that one, though I’m only skeptical of the inclusion of the Wii’mote’ after reading some of the online reports of journalists who played the title at E3, and have mentioned that its inclusion almost seems ‘tacked on’.

  2. Yes, I’m worried about that, which is why I haven’t decided which one to buy yet. Although I’ll almost definitely end up with the Wii version, due to the fact that my store no longer stores GC titles. :?

  3. I’m almost definitely going for the Wii version as it’s the game I want to kick start my Wii ‘love affair’ with ;). Plus I’m crossing my fingers for some online options with the title…

  4. Definitely.

    I mean the Wii has the capabiltys, and it’s currently very hard to differentiate between both the Wii version and the Cube version of Twilight Princess obviously minus the control schemes. I think Nintendo would be silly not to include it, as we’ve seen how well downloadable online content can work on a console via Oblivion on the Xbox 360.

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