Super Paper Mario Wii Bound


In an alteration that many expected to take place, Super Paper Mario which was originally in development for the Gamecube platform has now made the transition to the forthcoming Nintendo Wii.

When the game was first revealed to a captive audience at this years E3 event in Los Angeles, many were surprised that the sequel to Paper Mario was infact due to be released on Nintendo’s redundant Gamecube format, rather than its successor the Wii. It now appears that Nintendo have had a clear change of heart and thankfully decided that the title would be far better spent making its debut on the Wii.

This move was announced via Matt Casamassina, to whom a reader wrote to asking just what had happened to the anticipated Mario title as it had disappeared off release schedules worldwide, Matt responded with:”Hmm. How should I write this? Have to be vague, you know? Let me just say that yes, Paper Mario will be headed to Wii and not Gamecube. Now read between the lines, damn you! Wait. That was a terrible hint!” That should help clear up any confusion then.



  1. Personally I think Matt meant that Paper Mario for the N64 will be playable via the Virtual Console on Wii, but Super Paper Mario is still a cube game. Notice he doesn’t say Super Paper Mario.

  2. I personally think it was pretty much a certainty that the Super Paper Mario project would eventually be moved to the Wii, after all Nintendo needs to muster up all the ‘big’ titles it can to ensure the Wii’s success.

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