Nintendo Wii To Launch In Europe December 8th


After a substantially large wait Nintendo have finally revealed the pricing and the launch date for its forthcoming Wii console in Europe at today’s press conference.

It was announced that the Wii is to retail for the higher than expected price of £179.99 which will include a copy of the now infamous Wii Sports. The console itself is due to make its debut in Europe December 8th which will prove the perfect time for Nintendo to tap into the frenzied pre Christmas rush.

At the event Nintendo also stated that it expects 15-20 titles to make their debut alongside the machine when it launches this December, the games that were mentioned include the highly awaited Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Steel and Rayman: Raving Rabbits amongst others which are all set to retail for around £35-£40.

Another topic that was also brought up by Nintendo was the announcement that the Wii Virtual Console will also appear at launch with 15 titles available for download via the Wii Connect 24 service. Demonstrations that were shown in video format included classic titles such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong and Super Mario 64.



  1. I have to say I’m relived that we are getting it this side of Christmas. What I’m slightly dissapointed in is the pricing as I believe it’s slightly too high for that impulse purchase that it was widely expected to be, especially here in Europe.

  2. I disagree. I think it is the right price for what is going to be an amazing innovative console.
    You can’t play games like this on any other console – that is its selling point. You don’t need to spend more on memory card or anything like that, its all there out of the box and a bargain.

    The only thing that I find strange is that it does not have an ethernet port – apparently you can buy one. They are assuming everyone has wireless. This is a very strange move and may alienate some customers especially when ethernet is probably the cheapest component they could have added.

  3. Don’t get me wrong this is indeed going to be a fantastic console with limitless posibilitys, but I do believe that the long suggested £130-£150 price tag would have suited the machine better, and would therefore tempt more non-gamers or impulsive buyers to purchase the machine than the current £180 price tag. Yes you do get Wii sports but it’s generally regarded as a novelty game, and is seen as an excuse for Nintendo to bump up the pricing.

  4. I suppose it’s good seeing as Wii Sports comes with it. I expected it to be €220-225 without WS, and with
    WS it’s €249, so I’m happy enough, even if December 8th is miles of…

  5. Lets not forget the opposite end of the scale, if something is too cheap compared to others on the market that can actually have a negative effect on sales. People see a console £100 cheaper than the others and will immediately ask why its so cheap and assume cheap is crap.

  6. Indeed, hence the reason why I believe that £150 would have been the perfect price point for this console. That’s not to say £180 is over priced, far from it, like you said for what you get it’s great value for money.

  7. I was also expecting £150 as $250 translates to £133 however having it £30 above the Lite seems a little silly so I reckon 3150 was… well, perfect and pretty round. Can someone answer me this: is the Wii region free? two days ago I read that it was and yesterday I read that it wasn’t. Please, please, please can it be?

  8. In the rest of the EU it’s equivalent to £160~170 isn’t it? That is low enough for an impulse buy there, now if only we didn’t have these stupid taxes…

  9. I think the price is fair, and I have a Wii on pre-order from Game as I want one as a christmas present to me! lol. I wonder if we will see the same xbox 360 frenzy we saw last christmas? It would certainly be good for the e-bay sellers!

  10. I got a call from my store on Tuesday to say that we are finally taking pre-orders therefore I rushed out of class ran to work and threw down my £20 deposit to secure myself a unit. It’s a good felling huh? ;)

  11. I got a call from my store on Tuesday to say that we are finally taking pre-orders therefore I rushed out of class ran to work and threw down my £20 deposit to secure myself a unit. It’s a good feeling huh? ;)

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