Nintendo Wii: Factor 5 Are Not Impressed


Factor 5 the developer behind the critically acclaimed Rouge Squadron franchise which spanned both the Gamecube and the Nintendo 64 recently spoke out against the Nintendo Wii in the latest edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Whilst being questioned about the company’s latest opus Lair for the PlayStation 3, the developer stated its discontent at Nintendo’s controversial decision to produce a console which lacks the advanced graphical, and audio capability’s of its competition.

Whether this means that we can count Factor 5 out of Wii development for good depends on the overall success of the console, but as it stands it certainly appears as though it’s going to take some convincing for these guys to produce a smash hit franchise on Nintendo’s next generation offering.



  1. “I can’t name any US publisher games that are going to launch on the Wii that are going to make a difference,” Pachter said. –

    Hmm, well that is true, but that basically means that Ubisoft has a nice big pile of cash to reap in. And to be honest, US Publishers are not exactly the most amazing when it comes to new products now are they? *cough*Goldeneye Rogue Agent*cough*

    As to Factor 5, well, it is their loss if they choose not to get a Wii game out there in the future. And if the Wii does as well as some other analysts are saying then a nice healthy console base should be enough to convince them. Hopefully.

  2. I’m sure Nintendo are eternally grateful for UBIsofts integral support for the Wii. After all most of the launch comprises of UBIsoft developed or published titles.
    Like yourself I also agree with that comment from Wii-gamer, as thus far I’m yet to see any US publishers launch titles that are set to change the standards of video gaming.

  3. A developer such as Factor 5 has always tried to push the potential of the machine it’s developing on, whilst also providing entertaining gameplay. It would have been great to see what results their labours on the Wii would have harvested.

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