Nintendo Wii: Banned From Wikipedia!


It appears as though virtual vandalism is the latest weapon in the next-generation console wars if the vindictive actions on Wikipedia are to be believed.

The virtual vandals have dispatched a torrent of juvenile abuse, which has subsequently resulted in the closure of the collaborative web encyclopaedias entry’s relating to Sony’s and Nintendo’s next-generation consoles.

The sites usually informative entry’s have been hacked in favour of what Wikipedia refers to as ‘funny’ edits. These edits include revamping the Nintendo page with the ‘informative’ phrase “Nintendo Sucks!!!!!!!!!”

Wikipedia have vouched to online gaming publication Gamespot that the aforementioned pages will eventually return once the virtual vandals have lost interest in their fairly pathetic, and infantile tirades.



  1. I was reading somewhere that there is a bigger problem on Wiki these days that involve tricking people to download trojans and all kinds of viruses.

    Hopefully they can beef up security, but I think it should be made mandatory to sign in and register.

  2. Evidentially not. It’s certainly worrying that a small part of our society get pleasure from vandalising an open source application such as Wikipedia.

  3. Pretty shocking to say the least. It sounds as if wikipedia is allowing the fanbois to win their war of attrition towards Nintendo. =(

    Hopefully they’ll have their security beefed up seeing that if it could happen to a Wii entry, god knows what they could have done on a much more important entry.

  4. WOW, 2 Years ago, they would not give a crap, but in the BLOG age, they have committed Suicide with 1’s and 0’s…

    I love it.. The Nerd’s and Geek’s (Myself a early member) have the Power, maybe not all the women, but the pwr.


  5. Sycho4u-
    Definitely a good idea… registration could solve many problems with it, IMO, and how much trouble would it really be for people to sign in every time they used it?

  6. Ohnoes, why can’t they rant on fan forums? This stupid banter has been heating up for ages. Why not admit to all consoles being great in their own regard :P

  7. Wow what losers. I really don’t not see why they do this kind of thing as there has to be something better that they can do with their life other than ranting and raving like totall fanboys.

  8. Indeed, it’s quite sad that this imbeciles have to take their immature playground banter and destroy a perfectly good source of information. There is just no need…

  9. Maybe they should think about playing their consoles more than vandalising a public information source in the name of fanboyism.

  10. People are all ways saying that of all fanboys nintendo fanboys are the worst but now it seems the tables have turned and its the sony fanboys who seem worse than ever. I guess its all because of the PS3 ad that it isn’t doing as well as they had inticpated.

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