Nintendo Wii: Game Save Problems


Shocking news has been unearthed via the Nintendo forums that suggests that gamers wishing to transfer in-game save data from one Wii to another via their SD Card will inevitably come across a few unexpected, and unwanted problems.

The initial problem arose when one unfortunate forum member received the devastating Wii internal error code : 205927. This in turn warranted a new machine from Nintendo, but before returning the aforementioned system the user instinctively copied his save data from both Wii Sports and Zelda: Twilight Princess onto his SD Card, for use with the future system.

Once the hapless user received the new system, he procedded to insert the SD card which contained the saved data of the two games he’d previously been playing through, but the ecstatic look on his face instantaneously turned into a grave sombre one, as he realized to his surprise that data saved onto an SD card cannot be transferred between other Wii systems. Ouch…



  1. It has come to my attention through a number of reports that this story may be inaccurate. Though nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo so far, I will keep you updated on the situation.

    As it stands here’s the latest reports from the forums that posted the original news item

    Read Here

  2. Uhh… That’s been disproved my friend. It turns out that if one console has the updated firmware and the other doesn’t, then the saves won’t work. If the two systems have the same firmware, then it’ll work smoothly and perfectly.

  3. It hasnt been disproved because it doesn’t work!
    i just got my new wii in the mail and tried to transfer the info from my original wii with error code 205927 to the new wii that works and it wont copy the info from an sd card, even on the same firmware.

  4. yah its killing me. I lost alot of work :(

    Now i started saving my backups. I gave some of mine to be uploaded at wiibrew. Feel free to download my game saves ;)

  5. just bought a nintendo wii and i,ve bought a spyro game on gamecube which works just fine however cant seem to get this to save can anyone shed any light on this

  6. Hey, how do I return my wii. I’m getting error code 205927…. what does that even mean.

  7. help……

    i saved Zelda twilight princess..

    and now im stuck because the door is locked. but the place to have the key the chest is open and no key.

    this is the door after using the monkeys (7) to get to the other side.

    ive got boomerang… and the fairy is available outside but im now not able to go thru.
    i dont have any other saved game.. and it took me a lot of time to get here.



  8. Ok hi, i got a wii for christmas and i have been on sonic vs mario at olypics, you know the one, and when i won an award it had a award ceramony and stuff and i got a wor ld Record on somthing and got a medal for it and it saved but now when i get a w/r it is not saving and i dont get the ceramony and advice why not?

  9. when my sd inserted in wii it says”the device inserted in the sd card slot cant be used” the sd is a 2.0GB and is compatable but for some reason will not work. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

  10. ive had the same problem….. and i got the sd card made for wii but when i first stuck it in it worked but then it said that i cant use the card…..PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

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